Save The Tigers...

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Save The Tigers...It's never to late...

Submitted: November 28, 2010

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Submitted: November 28, 2010



Save the Tigers

Listen out to the painful, ear splitting cries of our beloved tigers. Dying one by one in this treacherous world and we are the cause to this mass murder. We cannot point fingers at one another as we should all know that we are responsible as a species. It brings be shame to think how the human race could do such cruelty, taking advantage of the superiority among other animals. We could stop this within seconds. We have a choice and people are still willing to continue on this bloody rampage. Why use tigers as a source of medicine, food and dirty money put into people’s pockets. Tigers are one of us, may not be exactly the same species but we are all living organisms, fighting to live. Tiger hold no threat to the nation, besides their wild instincts to attack any enemies, but do you blame them? It’s not exactly welcoming to have people set up camp in your territory/home. How would you like it if I came barging into your house and claiming its mine. Tigers need space, and lots of space. We don’t need any more space then we already have, so why not sacrifice the remaining area to them, what harm could that do. We are not murders, we are born with intelligent minds to care, love, cherish and appreciate things that could possibly existed. And yet we are pulled into unbelievable and unimaginable things bride by the reward of money. The day we lost our dignity, was the day the first throat was sliced…

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