mr.blodberg - the unknown

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a mystery story about a man and he's dreams

Submitted: June 16, 2013

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Submitted: June 16, 2013




The Unknown

this is a true story.

It takes time too get used to it, first it felt as if nothing was real anymore, you do not know what day it is or month, and you do not know how much time has passed. they do not care that time is very important to us. you go to bed and all that you love is there and when you wake up their time is over, and it takes time too get used to it. in 2001 one night i went to bed and i start to dream and i see a tree and a deer and wild plants groving and i see damaged buildings and roads consumed by grass and flowing rivers and then i wake up in a car at full speed towards a cliff. i wake up two weeks later in a hospital ignorant and confused. there where people there who wanted to know my name,age and where i lived. and then they started and ask me questions about the usual stuff, but then they ask me what year it is and i answer 2001, but then they say it`s the wrong answer. they say that it`s the year 2011. they continue to fascinate me they sent me through time. is it an experiment ?, are they testing my sick ?. or is it all a big mistake and i should be dead.  night comes and i have a dream again. fresh breeze hits my neck, sore feets, the sun in the sky and the citys consumed by nature.  i wake up in a chair and there they are and then a mechanical arm open my mouth and another one pulls one of my molars and i scream in pain and then i wake up on the same filde i was running kites as a childe. and there is a man waiting for me, and while im dizzy and in confusion he screams to me mr.tom blodberg!, i can not belive that it was all true!, welcome to the year 2011!, i just cant belive it man, we all thouth that you where crazy,but when you told me to be here i did not understand why, but this  is crazy you are so young just like you said. i move my tongue to where they pulled my tooth and it`s gone, and i ask who he is, and so he just smiles and says tom, my good sir, they wil take you soon and you told me to give you this. it is a syringe that has gray liquid in it. what is it, i ask? and he continues, stick the syringe into your heart. what is it! i ask. it is a weapon mr.tom blodberg and you wil be the trojan horse mr.blodberg. the world you know mr.tom blodberg is about to end and you mr. tom blodberg wil be the weapon that starts it. my dreams are true. i take the syringe to my heart and hits it in and i pass out.

It has always been my dream,death,destruction it is my futur my goal. Our corrupt world

Will be destroyer, i`ve dreamed of this. Cities burning, death and panic it is for the best.

The world is ruled by sociopaths, bankers, politicians, police, bosses and foremen.

Economy wil destroy the world pice by pice , profit is the only thing that matters.

We over producer, and for those who do not comprehend are brainwashed, mankind

Has been brainwashed for generations and they wil never get past the idea that

Everything must be profit, but now i have a weapon that will cause us to forget.

I wake up in a car it is the same man driving, ah you have awakened our dream is abort to

Come true mr.tom blodberg we have no time to lose and we know very well what wil get

Them to take you. Then he turns the car into a truck at full speed. I wake up on a table i

Can not move and there they are. And then a mechanical arm With a syringe stick in to

My belly butten and i scream in pain, and then i start to laugh and i scream **** you and

I laugh and says you can clearly not read my mind because then you would have know

What will happen now. And then i wake up on a bench in an unfamiliar park and i start to

Laugh it has begun.

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mr.blodberg - the unknown

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