the different acts in life.

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just.. pretty much sums up of how i felt at one stage in my life
hope you guys can give me feedback n opinions :)

Submitted: January 23, 2011

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Submitted: January 23, 2011



Im 18 and although I am still 18 years young and have many more years to come to learn about many walks of life and what life has to offer me. I've learn how cruel life can be and in particular : love

I'm single but I've had 5 girlfriends , 4 of them stupid,short term relationships that costed me a whole range of things and one serious relationship that lasted just over year.

How should I put this.. for a few weeks I liked someone. Gorgeous blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, a smile to kill for and the personality that warms you up on a cold winter day. We were close and I somehow was in love with her and she was also in love with me.. it was the craziest stuff going on. I popped the question one night to her and this is how it went " You dont have to like it/ go alone with it. I want a relationship with you, im not going to be pushy for anything and onyl when you want to.  I would treat you like a queen . i think you are so beautiful n pretty n cute m funny, but thats me. If you dont want a relationsup then thats fine by me ". .I was embracing rejection but also understanding.

Her answer was :" Funny how things just fall into place huh? What im trying to say is I want a relationship too, I love your personality and just everything about you. I know youll wait and treat me like a queen "

" Great minds think alike then.. i guess thats a yes? :) I know things might be a bit shaky at first but i'll be giving you my all and ill try my hardest to be a good boyfriend" , I said, ecstatic but also relieved that we are going to have a good relationship.

The next day after work, she left me a note saying " Im really sorry but what we are doing is wrong, I've fallen for someone and it's not you. I hope you will understand and that we can work through this in the nearby future, I still love you and always will".

That note made me mad, but also sad and a tear came rolling my left cheek, I've been a victim of a dog act and a quick heartbreak. What was I meant to say or do? I dont know what i was meant to feel or how I am meant to look at her anymore now she is someone who she finds a lot better then me in so many aspects.

I guess I can't stay mad at her forever, I hope that one day she will come back to me and we can maybe have a working and loving relationship, but who knows . the future is unpredictable.

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