Penguins Research Essay

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This was a school essay I did on my research on Penguins.

Submitted: May 09, 2011

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Submitted: May 09, 2011



My Research Paper

Research Topic: Penguins

Many people think of penguins as those little birds that look like there in tuxedos in Antarctica, but they’re a lot more complicated then that. They are a very amazing type of animal. Penguins have lots of interesting things about them, like the big wonder of why penguins can’t fly, penguins habitats, and just the basic what are they like?

Penguins habitats are very interesting, and perfect for their kind. Penguins live in normally cold temperatures, most live in the cold ice of Antarctica, but some live in the Southern parts of New Zealand. They enjoy bathing in cold water, and being in very icy places so they can slide on there bellies.

It always seems like penguins are so safe in there little bubble in Antarctica, but is that really true? Penguins are actually very endangered animals. Penguins used to get hunted because each penguin has a little bit of oil inside of them, but that was outlawed. Penguins defense is very unique. In the water if a predator is attacking them, then they dive as deep as they can get into the water, and swim at full speed towards the shore to other penguins. If a land animal is hunting them they normally slide on their bellies (tobbogan) to get away at full speed. Some of the penguins predators are Leopard Seals, Orcas, and some sharks such as Tiger Sharks. A very unique predator is the Skua, which swoops down and takes the baby penguins. Surprisingly though, the penguins most hated predator is humans.

Why can’t penguins fly? A lot of people may ask this question, but there is a very reasonable answer to it. 65 Million years ago the ancestors of penguins were able to fly, they would fly over the ocean and dive into the water. Over time there bones grew more solid so they could no longer lift there weight in the sky. So, at the beginning of times penguins actually could fly.

Penguins are actually very social animals. They work together in most things they do. Penguins travel together, eat together, breed together, they are very social animals. They stay in groups so they can defend against predators easier. The older penguins normal breed in the place they were born to breed. And they learn things from each other like the locations of food. And living in groups provides better protection for the young penguins. When penguins dive into the water they try to push each other in until one finally goes in to make sure its safe.

As you can see, penguins are very interesting animals. They are so different then most animals that we know of, there habitat, there predators, how social they are, and of course penguins’ issue with flying. A lot of little kids say that penguins are there favorite animals, but do they really know about penguins?

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