The World At It's Fullest

The World At It's Fullest The World At It's Fullest

Status: Finished

Genre: Mystery and Crime



Status: Finished

Genre: Mystery and Crime



This is about a time when the world is screwed up and the government wants to... well do things.
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This is about a time when the world is screwed up and the government wants to... well do things.

Chapter1 (v.1) - The World At It's Fullest

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This is about a time when the world is screwed up and the government wants to... well do things.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 09, 2011

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 09, 2011



The World at it’s Fullest

By Ben Stuart

Life in America isn’t how it used to be. We all live in small apartments, and everything is tight. Because the world is at it’s fullest. Everything is going wrong in America. Nobody wants to move to any other places because of diseases, except for those brave enough to stand it. Diseases have been going around Asia and Europe, so a lot more people are moving to the Americas. It seems like all of these diseases are planned out for something. They really just have to give them vaccines and stop letting all of these people move here.
My name is Jay Joclin, and this is my story.
It all started one day when my friends Hunter, Cole, George and I were at the movie “The Social Network”. We all thought it was a really good movie until the ending. There was about 10 minutes left in the movie when something went wrong... Well, everything went wrong. The whole movie turned off, and the lights started flashing weirdly. Well, luckily we weren’t actually in the movie. We were just pranking people outside of the movie. But when we saw a guy outside of the movie pass out. That just ruined our shine. So, we went into the theater, and what we saw was horrible. We saw everyone in there seats, but they were all knocked out. What the heck!

“What just happened here?” I said.

“I don’t know, but it’s really weird. I mean look the projector for the movie is still on,” Cole pointed out.

“Well whatever did happen, I don’t wanna be a part of it, so let’s get going,” Hunter said in a terrified way. I needed to tell someone about this. The only person that would really understand was my dad. My dad was a government secretary, and I trusted him more than anyone in the world. My dad was my hero, and nothing could stop that. I left my friends, and rode my bike home.

When I got home I searched for my dad. He should be home right now. Then my cell phone rang... it was my dad. But when I answered it was my dad that I heard, but he wasn’t talking to me. My dad was talking in a shaky voice, he was probably at a meeting.

“What we need to do is set a plague in Asia and Europe. Something that people won’t notice, so they won’t move here. Something that will just suddenly kill them, and we’ll have to stop letting people come to The US.” My dad said. What!?!?!?! My dad would never do something like that. Unless he was threatened or something. I didn’t know what to think, do I hate my dad, or do I have to agree with him, but the weird thing is that I don’t know how I got that call. Why is everything going weird today... especially when it’s my birthday.

I didn’t know what to do, but one thing for sure was that the people that I need to tell are my friends. I went on to a four way call with my friends, and told them everything I heard.

“But your dad is so nice, he would never do something like that,” Is what Cole said, and what I heard like every second.

“It can’t be true. The government isn’t mean enough to do that. It’s better to have a small life than no life at all!” George said.

“They want space for the world, since everything is getting crowded, even those deserted cities,” I said.

“Well, we’re not gonna let that happen. We’re gonna fight for what we stand for, and for what the world stands for!” Hunter screamed into the phone. Now I felt like I was at one of Barack Obama’s phony speeches. We were all talking about this political crap. I still couldn’t believe this, I mean the government isn’t technically turning on us. They’re doing something that we all know is bad. Which is just as bad. I’m gonna stop whatever happens here, and I’m not gonna stop until this whole thing is over.

Washington DC is not a good place to be rebelling against the government. You’ll get arrested on sight if anything happens. I may have connections with my dad, but they don’t care about that. The next day I went to Cole’s house at 3 in the morning.

“Hey! Cole! You awake in there?” I whispered through his window. I saw him slowly waking up. He got out of the bed, walked up to his window, and opened it up to let me in.

“We’re going out dude... to the white house.” I said with a grin on my face. His eyes immediately went from dull black to excited.

“I’m in,” He said with a smile. We hopped out of the unlocked window. We sneaked out of the rest of the neighborhood silently, so no one would see us, and we could get into the government territory.

One thing we all knew is that the white house was heavily guarded with cameras, and people may be seen as terrorists if they do anything too bad. But there was one thing I knew I could do. My dad had the system controls to the cameras. We can’t actually turn them off, but we can reset them which gives us about a second to get in and get going. First, all we have to do is get into the place which will take speed. Then we can hide and get more on our plans. I chose Cole for this plan because he can run FAST. He is the only one of my friends who could get into the place during the reset time.

“Ok, dude let’s go to my house, and get the remote,” I said to Cole.

“Ok,” He replied.

We went into my house recklessly. It’s not like my parents were home. I went into my parent’s room and went to my dad’s “secret” drawer. I opened it up, and found the hidden latch in the back. I pulled it up, and it opened up a new cabinet. I scanned the cabinet, and found what I was looking for... the remote. I took out the security remote, and put it into my pocket. My dad was the secretary of state, so I do have some connections. I knew exactly how to use all of my dad’s gizmos. I told Cole to go hide somewhere by The White House. He did exactly what I said, and I wasn’t sure if he really wanted to.

I went into my dad’s office, and hooked up the “secret” flash drive that was in his drawer, so I could get his camera access. After that I put the flash drive and a new program popped up, and it opened up multiple screens. I could see through all of the white house outside cameras right now, and when I went into the options I could switch and change the cameras I looked into. At the corner of my eye I saw Cole running up into view of the camera. I grabbed my cell phone out of my pocket and dialed his number.

“Hello? I heard a voice through the phone.

“Cole, I’m ready to activate the reset, but for now scoot back a few feet. Your in sight of the cameras.”

“Ok.” Cole replied.

“Ok, I’ll countdown from 10, and you have to run behind the dark green pine tree by the entrance. You’ll be invisible there.” I said in a determined way.

“Ok.” 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...0. I clicked the reset button on the cameras right after I caught a glimpse of Cole sprinting to the tree.

In a few seconds the program turned back on, and Cole wasn’t anywhere to be found. It had worked, at least part 1. Our phone call was still on.

“Ok dude, you made it. The next thing we need to do is get inside. But there’s an alarm, so we’re gonna have to be really careful.” I said unsuringly.

“Are you crazy?!?!?!? I can’t go in there, I’ll get killed. Dude I’m willing to go this far, but sneaking inside of The White House is the craziest thing you’ve ever even thought of doing. I have a new plan though, but we’re gonna need more people. Sorry Jay, I didn’t know I was actually going inside. I never really thought it through that far.” Cole said. I let out a groan, but what he said was true. Going in there was suicide, and I couldn’t let him do that.

“Fine, we’ll get Hunter and George this afternoon, and do what we have to do.” I said back to him. But there was one thing still bothering me.

Two weird events happened yesterday, and what if they were connected. But what would knocking everyone out at a movie do. Cole snuck back into his house, and I just put all my dad’s stuff away and went back to bed. I had to think about this. Yesterday, the two craziest things in my life just happened. Now what will happen today. Right after that thought I fell into a deep sleep. I had a dream that I was in Europe, and a bunch of weird things started happening to people. And all of my family and friends died. I woke up late at about 10 AM that morning. I went out onto the driveway to grab the newspaper, and just looked at the front page.  120 Die from Mysterious Sickness is what the page said. I looked at the list of names of the people who died multiple times to make sure no one I knew was on it. Luckily, no one was, but I was afraid that some will be. Now this was just weirder than ever.

The weird thing is that the movie we went to was full, and that theater only could fit 120 people. We didn’t actually buy tickets of course, it’s not like we were watching. But what if those people died. What if that whole flashing lights case was a big trick. I knew what to do. My dad was probably at one of his meetings, and those offices aren’t covered that much unless the president is in the meeting. I knew the place inside out, and I knew that there were no cameras. Or guards in that case. I hopped onto my bike, and rode out to the building my dad was at.

I put my ear up to the window, and could barely hear there voices whispering in.

“The test was a success. All 120 died, without any symptoms or anything.” I heard a small jumpy voice say.

“Very good, I guess that means that our plan will be as it was planned?” A deep voice said.

“Yes sir,” A light and familiar voice said. Wait a minute, that was my dad. I wanted to know who the other people are, but I couldn’t risk my position. I had to just keep listening.

“The plague will kill all human life in Asia and Europe, and without people to hold onto it will have no way to live, so after a year or two we can move there.” The first voice said.

“B-But what if this disease becomes airborne, and spreads to the US what would happen then. We would all die, and have destroyed the world,” My dad said.

“That won’t happen, he have the germs secured, and we won’t let them go to waste!” The deep voice guys shouted.

“It only works on sleeping targets, so it may take a day or two to get everything working properly.” I heard a totally different voice say. That was why the people at the movie fell asleep! I thought in an excited way like I had figured something out.

Wait a minute, but if that had happened... what if I have it. No No No that’s not possible. I can’t have this disease, I just fell asleep. But wait it doesn’t kill you when your asleep it kills you soon after. But how could I have it. I wanted to think I didn’t have it, but every muscle in my body was telling me opposite.  I thought about how all of my friends might be dead right now without my knowing it. My mind was shaking inside of my head. I didn’t know this at all. I thought about the day before, what had happened at the theater. I grabbed my cell phone and quickly dialed Hunter’s number.

“Hello?” Hunter said.

“Dude, I need to talk to you, but in person. I have something really important I need to tell you,” I spoke.

“Ok,” Hunter said as he yawned. 15 minutes later I heard my doorbell ring, and when I went to the door, it was none other than Hunter. I grabbed his arm, and dragged him into my room.

“What is it?” Hunter asked.

“Well, I’ve been thinking about what happened yesterday in the theater, and what we heard my dad talking about. The disease kills you after you fall asleep, it remains dormant in your body before that. I heard one of the conferences, and they really wanna do it. It turns out that the president has been blackmailing my dad, and he made him come up with the idea. He wants to be known as the president who gave the US everything. On the news it said that exactly 120 people died mysteriously. Well in that theater we were pranking by there were exactly 120 people in there. I think it has to do them. I think that was a test to see if it works. Dude I think the disease could’ve spread to us. We saw the theater when it happened, and we might’ve been close enough to catch it.” I explained.

“Dude, your crazy. There is no way that we could’ve caught that disease. Think about it, we probably would’ve gotten knocked out if we got it.” He replied.

“That’s true, I should stop worrying.” I said in an unsure way.

I went out of my room, and grabbed the paper from this morning. I showed him the front page, and he nearly passed out. I told Hunter to tell Cole and George about what I thought.

The next day I invited all three of them over to talk.  But only two came, and I think you can understand the reason. George mysteriously died. It ended out that when Cole and Hunter came over we didn’t end up planning to save the world. We ended up praying, and sobbing in my room. Things weren’t going as planned... at all. If George had gotten it that means not that much longer until we get it. I felt like a flower in the middle of winter. Like I knew I was going to die drearily. I was sadder than I had ever been in my life. One of my best friends just died, and I’m not doing anything about it. I knew what I had to do, and i had to do it soon. I had to stop this on my own. I couldn’t risk any of my other friends lives. The only other person that’s going to die in this is me.

After a few hours Cole and Hunter left crying, and we went to George’s funeral. We all said a few words there about him. He didn’t deserve to die. If the disease can spread than we won’t have long. I know that the government isn’t that dumb. I bet they would keep the US overall safe from this disease. Like we have some plant that other countries don’t have or something like that.

I ditched Cole and Hunter the next day. We didn’t even talk once. I knew I had to do this alone. My dad was home for the first time since, well I can’t even remember the last time he was home when i wasn’t like asleep or something.

“Hey dad?”

“What?” He replied.

“I need to talk to you about something I heard,” I said sadly. My dad gave me a big smile and led me into his room. We talked for hours about this whole dilemma, and it turns out my dad was a victim after all. The president had forced him to do it. Jeff Faxberry was the president’s name.

My dad told me about what had happened, and he wanted to stop it too, but he had no choice. He would lose his job, or worse... his life. I had to do the dirty work in this case, and it wasn’t necessarily easy. My dad told me things that no one except for important people in the government knew. He told me who to trust, and who not to trust. I can trust the vice president the most, his name was Luke Decker. Luke was my dad’s closest friend, and he works with him a lot. I knew not to trust the president, but he gave me some people i had never even heard of, to trust and not to trust.

The next day I headed onto my mission. I went into the white house with authorization of course. My dad let me in, and the vice president supported it. I went in for a meeting with the president. It may seem kind of cheesy to have a meeting with the president when I’m only a teenager, but this was my business too, and I deserved a right to speak.

“Hello Mr. President,” I said in an executive voice.

“Get to the point,” He said like a judge would say after the lawyer was trying to bribe him.

“You can’t do it. You can’t do what your going to do. You can’t set that plague. So what if the world is full, it doesn’t matter. We need our freedom, and everyone in the world needs it. You could do anything else, but you choose to kill millions of people. You could make life on mars. We could live on the moon. There are so many possibilities, and you choose the one that involves millions of people to DIE!” I shouted at him. He gave me an evil grin, and sat down in a sweet lounge chair.

“I don’t care about your foolish teenage games, we are doing what we’re doing, and you can’t stop this. I don’t want you getting in the way of the FUTURE! So what if we kill them, they send terrorists to us! They aren’t Americans!” He said in an angered way.

“That’s all I needed to hear,” I said with a smile.

I let go of the radio emergency signal button. He saw it and gasped.

“You didn’t!” He screamed at me.

“Practically every person in the world just heard that conversation. You let my best friend die from this disease, you don’t deserve to be the president.” As I walked away he cursed at me in many different languages... I think. 10 minutes later almost every citizen of Maryland was gathered around the white house protesting about this thing. Even the vice president was protesting.

“People! People! Listen to this, do you want this crowded world. Well we won’t have it for any lon-” The president was cut off by the mob of people trampling him.

He was Overthrown as president, and everything went back to normal. Luke Decker ended up taking his place because of it. He ended up being an amazing president, and only his best friend could take the place of vice president. My dad was officially the vice president. He got everything he had ever dreamed of. Plus, he got to spend more time with me. I had a permanent pass to go visit him at work in the white house.

The next day Me, Cole, and Hunter met at Cole’s house.

“Jay, you did it. You saved the world practically. Dude, I wanted to be part of it, but you couldn’t have done it any better if we were with you. Good job,” Cole said with a smile.

“Good job,” Hunter said. As most stories like this would end they all lived happily ever after. This one ends practically the same. I’m happy about what I did, and so was everyone I knew. Everything was how it was supposed to be. Except, George was dead. I prayed for him every day after that.

The End

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