A Hood Story

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic
A Story I wrote in rhyme

Submitted: March 09, 2013

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Submitted: March 09, 2013



It was a cold evening the day was Sunday,

The moon was brighter than a flame,

Money was on my brain my mates the same,

A crack of thunder sounded as it rained,

The time was about eleven,

There was a number of mans that reached seven,

One of them concealed a weapon,

Let me introduce you to the characters present,

There was Alan who was at university,

But had a part time job in burglary,

Dani Boy & Atom who were shotting rock,

Until they went jail, but for now they’d stopped,

There was Jazz and T, younger than the rest,

But was always with elders they wanted to impress,

There was P Man a hustler too the end,

He was the one who was carrying the skeng,

And myself I was there that fateful day,

When certain decisions were made,

We were chatting about how to get paid,

If I knew where it would go I wouldn’t have stayed,

But anyway we smoked, drank and fucked our minds up,

Atom said that he had a move lined up,

Dani passed him a spliff he proceeded 2 light up,

I could smell that it had been mixed with the white dust,

Atom said he knew where there was a yard in Green Lanes,

Were a group of men were shotting Jazz said: “What cocain?”,

Atom replied: “Nah heroin”,

They had keys of the junkies medicine,

I knew it was bad idea right from the beginning,

But we were surrounded by so many jinn,

And in my ear they started whispering about wealth,

They were so skilled one of them must have been Iblis himself,

So we went to our yards to get ballys and weaponry,

I had a butcher knife that I kept with me,

We met up and then reached the house,

Crept round the back as quiet as a mouse,

I was shook my chest was now filled with butterflies,

But hid it as to not look pussy in front of the ova guys,

We kicked in the door what I saw with my troubled eyes,

Was 7 Turks and they seemed a lot more organized,

Than your average shottas the ones mentioned in the plan,

But there was heroin on the table with about a grand,

Of money we quickly filled our rucksacks with the loot,

P Man went to the next room then I heard him shoot,

The men got up and attacked us,

It happed so fast we weren’t prepared but,

I fought with one he was stronger than me,

But I managed to put my knife through his knee,

That’s when P Man shot him, he had already shot 2 more,

All of them were lying dead on the floor,

Til this day I’m still haunted by what I saw,

We ran off, someone would have heard for sure,

Ran til we got to Atom’s yard and started arguing,

Then we calmed and counted the money and weighed the heroin,

We went home slept or least tried too,

All I could think about now was survival,

We would now be hunted like mad by the boy dem,

And the Turks would surely want revenge,

At about five in the morning I was visited by P Man and Atom,

The in their eyes were the looks of madmen,

They said they had 2 kill Danni he was gonna snitch on them,

I was like: “Yo Atom he’s yours best friend”,

But the drugs had fucked up their heads,

And the jinn around them were stronger than their common sense,

They had seen boy dem parked up on his street,

And had put two and two together and had gotten thirteen,

Then in my direction P Man pointed the skeng,

And said: “You’re either with us or against”,

We went round Danny’s early that morning,

We kicked down the door with no warning,

P Man saw him and paused for a second,

But Atom flew at him with his weapon,

Stabbed about a thousand times in the neck,

Then we ran as far from there as we could get,

Then Atom started talking about having T merked,

For no other reason then that he was a Turk,

I was like this whole situation had gone beserk,

I guess they figured it couldn’t get much worse,

Then we heard that Alan had fled the country,

“Oh well” said Atom: “I guess he didn’t care about the money”

We went round T’s but him and Jazz,

Had already got themselves a mash,

The Jinn had told them to keep the cash,

And to shoot us, so there was a shootout it happened so fast,

I managed to escape and ran down the staircase,

I got to the ground floor I saw I a gun in my face,

All I could hear was: “FREEZE”,

I knew right then and there that it was the police,

Atom came from behind me and started firing at the pigs,

I dropped 2 my stomach scared as shit,

Atom hit one of them in the chest,

But received a hundred shots from the rest,

I found out Jazz, P Man and T were all dead afterwards,

I could hear the jinn laugh at us taunting us,

They had been there all along haunting us,

We should have never listened when they talked to us,

See you can blame the jinn or someone else,

But Iblis will say don’t blame me blame yourself,

For it’s you who chose to follow in his footsteps,

Just remember where those footsteps lead after death!

© Copyright 2020 Frenzee Da Rebel. All rights reserved.

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