From Then Til Now

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: July 21, 2014

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Submitted: July 21, 2014



If only you could see the life I was living,

Bought a one way ticket to prison,

Didn’t fear prison for I was in a mental one,

To the point people would say I was too far gone,


If only you could see my own personal jahiliya,

Addicted to smoking weed and drinking beer,

If I didn’t think it would make me weak id shed so many tears,

Stuck in the doldrums for so many years,


All I wanted to be was a gangster then a rapper,

Seemed like the only options within this madness,

Seemed no way for me to escape my sadness,

I was living a life that was tragic as a savage


I still have so many memories in the back of my mind,

So many sad stories and so many crimes,

Some too real to put into these rhymes,

Just know Allah has saved me so many times,




Was a Christian although I gave up on praying,

Because Jesus never heard a word I was saying,

Then one day a Muslim challenged me on my beliefs,

So I decided to read the Qur’an to disprove what it did teach,


So I that night as I lay in bed I decided to start,

And ayat by ayat it grabbed hold of my heart,

I had never read something so pure,

Of the truth I had never before been so sure,


Tried to fight it, I didn’t wanna give up my vices,

And the ayat on the crucifixion made me try to deny it,

But I couldn’t keep away for long I was took,

I knew without a doubt no man could have written this book,


Then one day I collapsed on the floor in my room,

I couldn’t get up, my heart was beating boom boom boom,

I realised I didn’t wanna die without accepting the Islam,

So the next to the masjid and took my shahada with the imam,




First vices were far more easier to quit than I thought,

Gave up alcohol straight away and haram meat and pork,

Took a year for me to give up my weed habit,

And another year after that to give up sex before marriage,


Sometimes it was hard, my friends wanted to go pubs,

Opportunities for money presented themselves with drugs,

Girls would practically throw themselves at me,

And Shaytan knew every trick on how to trap me,


But by the grace of God so many obstacles I overcame,

Til people I grew with were shocked at how much I changed,

 Even old Muslim friends are shocked when I greet them,

With a hand shake and say “Asalamu Aleykum”,


For his new life I am eternally grateful to Allah,

And I hope in the akhira I’m granted jannah,

Every day I wake up feeling so blessed,

Now I study as much as I can to pass this duniyas test

© Copyright 2020 Frenzee Da Rebel. All rights reserved.

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