No Fairytale (Stories From The Ummah)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic
The stories of five different characters from different parts of the Muslim world. Starting with Afghanistan, then Indonesia, then Niger, then Palestine and finally ending up in Saudi Arabia. Probably my favourite poem yet, I actually felt really emotional when reading it back the first time.

Submitted: March 11, 2013

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Submitted: March 11, 2013





Once upon a time in Afghanistan lived a boy called Hassan,
Everyday he prayed alone with only his Qur’an,
A good boy who always looked after his fam,
A pious young child, never gambled drank or ate ham,
Lived a peaceful life herding goats and lamb,
Afterwards by the stream he would go and jam,
But when he saw the British forces he longed to use his shank,
After he saw he parents die to a British tank,
The missionaries told him they're in hell cos they weren't Christian,
But only to the words of Allaah, is he listening,
Now his brother's ran to the mountains to join the resistance,
And though Hassan was proud, he still missed him,
He swore when he was ready he’d go join the Taliban,
Cos they’re fighting the invaders to free their land, but his Gran,
Won't let him leave, he's all she's got left,
And she don't want to see another family member meet their death,


Once upon a time in Indonesia,
Lived a girl called Aisha with no parents to feed her,
She lived on the street fending for herself,
Five years old, but not a little girl,
Drug addiction had her in chains,
Saw sniffing glue as the only escape from her pain,
People walking past ignored her and carried on walking,
I guess they forgot our prophet was also an orphan,
She wept before she slept each night,
Because during the day she never had time,
Too busy for crying too busy begging,
Or searching through trash heaps for what she could find,
She should have been a princess like Jazmine,
But instead was a street rat like Aladdin,
But there's no fairytale ending to this scenario,
Yet when she closed her eyes, one she'd try to imagine,


Once upon a time in Niger lived a mum,

Who had nothing but love to give to her son,
She had to feed him water that was dirty,
She knew it was diseased, but he was so thirsty,
No longer did she care about her own wellbeing,
All she cared about now was how to feed him,
The aid came only once in a while with grain,
In the middle of the houses was the open drain,
She was too weak to knock the flies off his face,
She knew there was nothing she could do for his case,
Still when she held him in her embrace he felt peace,
You see heaven lies at a mothers feet,
She kept up hope even if it seemed impossible,
He grew ill, but there was no hospital,
She woke one morning to find him no longer breathing,
And opened her mouth, but was too weak to start screaming,


Once upon a time in Palestine,

There lived a young girl who saw the worst of crimes,

She was only nine and saw her mother dying,

From an israeli bullet which shot straight through her spine,

The scene stayed in her head and wouldn't go away,

She wanted to get revenge, whatever it takes,

So bad was this need, she'd give her own life,

And the militias gave her a bomb led her astray,

She managed to cross the border and onto a train,

The militias brainwashed her but not as much as the pain,

Caused by the israelis when they caused the tragedy,

She looked at the seat across and saw a child with his family,

Then she remembered a line from the Most Divine,

To kill a man it is as if you have killed all of mankind,

She fell to her knees and finally broke down crying,

She allowed the child opposite something she'd been declined,


Once upon a time in Saudi Arabia,
Lived one of the richest men both sides of the equator,
Never worked in his life, got everything from his father,
Who owned the nation’s oil and the keys to the Kaaba!
Bought two dozen expensive sports cars,
Spent millions on football whilst millions starved,
He thought he was untouchable because his wealth was vast,
And he worshipped money like a golden calf,
Yes once upon a time in The Ummah this evil King,
Claimed to represent the Muslims but the only thing,
He represented was inequality and greed,
He threw money around whilst Muslims were in need,
Once upon a time and the time is now,
We need a hero to lead us someway and somehow,
Like Malik El-Shabazz or Salahuddin,
To show a fairytale ending is not just a dream,

© Copyright 2020 Frenzee Da Rebel. All rights reserved.

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