Crazy Me!

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That's just how it is.

Submitted: March 18, 2013

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Submitted: March 18, 2013




Do you remember that time when we first met?

I wrote a comment and said your grammer wasn't delicate.

I made you curious, and then you sent a request

To know who i was, and ask me about the rest.

It started out with you saying "hi" and me saying "hello"

What followed was just a normal enough convo

you'd inbox me, and i would check it out

Read it, Smile, Reply and think what our next conversation is going to be about

But i didn't want to wait around, so i suggested we meet on chat

Around three hours before midnight

You showed up everyday and we talked until we said goodnight

But soon enough, the days you didn't show up began to feel like a snakebite

I yearned for you, craved to see your name through my screen light

The nights without you, were nights that were wasted downright

You caused me the most hurting day of my life

Yet also the most happiest ones i have known

That's the blessing though...Even the pain you cause is full of pleasure

You know....

Both my blessing and my curse, is once i am attached to someone, i can't let go

Its crazy right? How one can feel such feelings over someone they met online?

Well, that's me. Crazy Crazy me.

But i love you. In the most innocent way

And i'm sorry that this verses are the best i could display

just so you know, i'll never ask you for anything in return

And wish you the best life you could ever earn.

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