My special girl

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Dedicated to all those stuck in the friend zone.

Submitted: May 14, 2013

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Submitted: May 14, 2013



Every time I think of you, I see myself comforting you
Huging you to give you the warmth,and the
comfort you always crave for
Kissing you on your cheeks,to unlock your lovely
smile.. Listening to love songs all day, with your shoulder
in my arms
I wonder sometimes then : ...
Why is that I think these things & bloom more
everytime I think of you?
Why is that I feel like crying or screaming or laughing everytime i see you ?
Why is,seeing your face, bringing tears of joy to my eyes?
Why is it that I see you are special deep inside?
I dont know why ...
and often more wonder... Why do we match.. so much ...our likes, dislikes?
Our thoughts the same,always thinking of the
perfect love?
Why do we both dream the same?
Why do you come so close yet feel so far away?
Why do I see the perfection with you...and me & no one else?
and often remember the times we had..
Do you remember once, when I said you were
You smiled; that smile I love, and told me to say it
again? I refused. Blushing away...
You looked at me like I was special, a jewel you
were saving up to buy
You looked deep in my eyes and showed me,to you, I am unique inside
Even for Eternity I don't think I'll ever know
Whether it is love or friendship that has me so
craving for you and I often wonder, if you feel the same...
and I hope you help me find an answer...
Maybe it's meant to stay..a mystery
But I'll keep my hopes up that you'll me
What you angel..with a spirit free
And know this...
You'll always have a special place in my heart 

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