Teenage Wreck

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
=] Lol. This is my first story on Booksie. Comment and truthful comments please. Go into Trevor's mind about girls and high school. I hope you like it and everything. Well...Let me stop talking and let you guys read. Enjoy.

Submitted: February 20, 2010

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Submitted: February 20, 2010



My name is Trevor.
It's not that I hate life;
It’s just not my thing.
This is my journal.
Since my first day in high school, and to the end.
Unless I lose my journal.
That would suck.
Ha-ha... -_-

Dear journal,

Today was not so great.
I got to school late, and on the way there I tripped into a puddle. Just my luck I guess. I got my new Volvo jeans wet. It sucked.
I got there and they sent me straight to my first class, where they were telling everyone who they were and everything.
I sat down and waited for my turn.
When it got to me I said, "My name is Trevor, and I love to date girls."
Some of the jocks were coughing, "Fag" under their breath. Then they all laughed. It was embarrassing, though i really couldn't understand why.
Then the rest of the day was really boring.

I made one friend. His name is Dylan. I think he is kind of a spaz. But, oh well you can't pick your friends out in high school.

Dear journal,

Nothing really interesting happened at school today, but after school Dylan and I went to, what he calls, "The fucking hang out" ha-ha.
It is behind a tree next to a skate park.
But when we got there, it was filled with posers, and somewhat hot girls. Not really. I could have cared less actually.

Dylan is a retard. He went up to one of the girls and asked if he could make out with her.
They did.
It looked really gross.
And she looked like she hated it.
But he looked like he was having a fucking blast (I guess that's what the whole idea was supposed to turn out)

I just left.
They gave me a bad look.
I knew what they were thinking.
"Emo turd, beat it..."
It scares me. And that was my day; I wondered what would happen to Dylan and that chic, oh well.

Dear journal,
Today was like no other ordinary day.
You're probably wondering what I'm talking about.
A tall red head girl talked to me, during lunch of course.
"I like your shirt" She smiled at me; I noticed she had white teeth.
I knew what was going on, she would maybe compliment me then tell all her friends about the 'gay emo turd' but I wasn't that stupid so I muttered "Thanks" And went about my business.
A week past and everyone started to get used to me. It felt very weird...but nice at the same time.
Got to go..My little sister got her finger stuck in a cookie jar (Wierd)
* **

Dylan and I went to the ' fucking hangout'.
This time there were barely any cute girls there (He probably scared them away)
But the girl that had talked to me a few days ago was there.
I swore I could have caught her laughing at me and Dylan.
She wasn't alone of course...She was with this tall build up guy.

Well that was when I got up and walked around the hangout and overheard her talking about how cute some guy was.
I checked my watch it was about 8:00; Dylan and I said our goodbyes and left.
I hadn't even noticed that the familiar chic Ran up behind me Out of breath.
"Hey, I have been looking for you" She gave me the same smile as she did last time we met.

Journal, I hadn't realized that this girl was totally hot. But I wasn't really interested in girls..Or guys if that's what you’re thinking! My only purpose of living is to become a famous actor.
I ignored her the whole time, dreaming of how my life would be if I had the fame and the girls and the cars.
But I knew that was all a Dream..
Her voice had broken my 15 minutes of fame.
"I guess I’ll see you at school" She giggled, on her toes.
"Whatever" I muttered turning my back to her, before she could grab me, but I was too slow.

"I noticed you for a while and I'm really into your style" She whispered.
I hadn't realized that I was standing in front of her house.
Man I'm such an idiot!
Suddenly her red lips began to get closer to my own.
Then I pulled away as fast as I could, it’s not that I didn't want to kiss her it’s just that....

Your probably wondering why I didn't go to school today.
Well I've told my parents that I had a bad case of the flu.
Guess what...
They bought it.
I really didn't want to go to school because I couldn't face the fact that a hot chic almost kissed me and I avoided it.
If Dylan knew about that, he would kill me.

Over the last few days Dylan and I have shared a code about girls.
1. Never break up with them unless they have nothing to offer you.
2. Blondes are more fun, and wild.
3. Always use sweet words to lure in someone.
I swore to myself that day that I would never listen to him again.
Not all blondes are fun, you know!
Well that's enough writing for me I'm going to sleep since I have the ' flu'.
I may never ever go back to Olson state high school.
I know that's so weird....

© Copyright 2020 FreshDaddySaranx. All rights reserved.

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