The Face In The Crowd/The Smell Of Death

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The first is short, so I'll post two. Enjoy.

Submitted: January 28, 2014

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Submitted: January 28, 2014



The Face In The Crowd

I saw a woman the other day, and I'll never forget her. She wasn't particularly pretty or anything like that. I was putting groceries in the trunk of my car when I looked up and saw her, sitting in the back seat of a car, some feet away. There was a man outside the car, talking on his phone, but I was too far to hear him.

She mouthed something but I couldn't tell what she had said. Not then, at least.

It wasn't until I got home, put away my purchases, and turned on the television that my heart sank. There, on the local news, was the story of a kidnapped woman. She was the woman in the car that I had seen. Thinking back to her I realized what she was trying to say:

"Help me."



The Smell Of Death

Mommy got me Jerry for my birthday. Mommy knows I like hamsters, so why would she get me a fake one? She tried to tell me it was real...even my baby sister Jeanie threw Jerry off the walls like her Cheerios. Jerry never moved. Mommy still insisted he was a real hamster, but I knew better.

I hit Jerry with my scissors over and over and tore him open. I knew it. Just white fluff! While mommy slept I scattered it all over her room and jumped on her bed screaming "TOLD YOU SO!"

I found a real Jerry in the road yesterday. Looked sorta different though. He was definately real; I could see his insides. I felt them. They smelled so good. The smell made me happy...I spread his inside all over my shirt so it wouldn't fade and dragged him to my house by the tail. I liked to trail his open wounds left behind.

Mommy wasn't home. Probably out gardening. I dragged real Jerry through the kitchen and into my room. The smell started to lose it's effect and I got sad...really sad. I ripped Jerry open by the bones in his chest and stuck my face inside him. He was cold, but he smelled so good. I came up for breath and dug my finger deep inside, making sure to get plenty uder my fingernails for later.

The smell was getting old. I needed something else before I got sad again. Something new.

That's when I heard baby Jeanie crying in the next room over.

I smiled. Mommy wasn't gonna like this.


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