The Final Words

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A young boy of twelve thinks he was a normal boy until his mentor dies. He goes to the top of a mountain with a friend where he discovers the meaning of the last words of his mentor.I wrote this when i was thirteen. Do you think its worthy enough to be completed? I know there are lot of mistakes but i was young.

Submitted: July 13, 2012

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Submitted: July 13, 2012



He looked at his reflection in the water and remembered his mentor.

Mr.Rein White was not just a mentor to Monty Kreig but a father figure who had guided him in every aspect of his life. He was very old at the time of his death. He had become very weak and could not leave his bed. During his last days he stopped all his activities. He made no sound whatsoever except for occasional coughing.The only thing he said was-
 "You may not be the one who you think you are". 
Monty had no time to look into the meaning of that sentence because Mr.White pulled out a letter from under his pillow and thrust it to Monty's hands and collapsed. That was the end. Monty realized that his only friend in the world had left him. He cried for days. But he knew he must go on and be a man his mentor wanted him to be. He took the letter, hired a coach and left for Wissen Ales- a place where the man it was addressed to could be found.
Now he was standing on the banks of the lake near a lonely cottage. He pondered for a moment whether to knock the door or not. Even though Mr.White had many friends Vermit was not one of them. He wasn't sure if the man was friendly or not. He was alone, scared and wanted to be back in his house. But he wanted to fulfill Mr.White's last wish. Finally he turned and walked towards the cottage. 
He knocked the door thrice before and old man opened it. He was old enough to be Mr.White's friend. He had long white hair and thick beard. He studied him through his glasses and said-
"Who are you son?"
"I am Monty sir and i have a letter addressed to you from Mr.White."
"Oh Rein! Its been long since I heard from him. Come inside son."
Monty went inside and sat on a chair opposite to Mr.Vermit's.
"How is White my boy? What has he got for me?"
Monty couldn't reply. Instead he removed the letter from his pocket and gave it to the Mr.Vermit. the old man read it carefully and became pale. Monty could see tears in the eyes of the man. 
"From this letter may i assume that Rein is no more?" he asked.
Monty did not reply. He wanted to forget everything that reminded him of the death.
Vermit said no more. Instead he got up from his chair and threw the letter to the fire.He looked at the shocked Monty and said-
"Get some rest son. We have a long journey tomorrow." and went to his room.
Monty tried to sleep but was disturbed by many thoughts. He wondered why Mr.Vermit threw the letter in the fire and where were they heading tomorrow. He was barely asleep when he was woken up by Vermit to get ready. 
It was very early in the morning. The coach was kept ready. Mr. Vermit himself drew the coach. The journey was very long. Finally after seven days they reached the place. It was on top of a mountain. Surprisingly Monty did not feel the cold. they got down from the coach and walked to a small cave.
"I want you to believe in me and whatever i am about to show you. This was the wish of Rein. He believed that you have every right to know who you are even though i advised him that it would be very dangerous. I stand by my advise. But I respect his views." he said.
Monty just nodded. He wanted to know the meaning of the last words of Mr.White.
Vermit closed his eyes and murmured something slowly. he held Monty's hand and stepped backwards. At first Monty thought nothing happened. But suddenly a small bluish light appeared in front of him. it started expanding and became a huge golden door in the middle of the cave.
Monty thought he was dreaming.

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