Best Naked Time

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My friend and I got bored and went skinny dipping.

Submitted: January 09, 2010

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Submitted: January 09, 2010



Boredom with a lot on our minds* Old enough not to care* I know with her I share the best of times* What would it be like without underwear?``````````````````````````````````` That is the question that brought us away from our fears* The ecstatic of the moment that summer and our young years* Quick grab the towels who cares if its raining* Its summer time near midnight our hearts and minds not maintaining````````` The sound of that truck, the nervous giggles down the dirt road* Turned into the lake not far from our home* Its the country and I hopped quick out* My pants went flying off and my birthday suit out`````````````````````````` The lights blared on my body and me smiling in stride* My friend she was grossed out her hands in front of her eyes* I stepped in the water and muck was on my feet* I didn't step further the water it reeked`````````````````````````````````` No stars shown to light the way* We were left in the misting dark* Like stitches in the making to never fray* Not yet in that water but we will find a way``````````````````````````````` Off further down the road in the forest me wrapped in a towel* Were we out there a minute or out for an hour?* We pulled near the entrance of another lake* Both of our bodies mine naked we quaked```````````````````````````````````` Stepping on dirt and falling in puddles* We walked and we whimpered fought and we stumbled* Up the foot trail lost in the woods* Very determined to feel water without linen goods`````````````````````````` Finally the rocks the rain and small bolts of lightening* For all that we've gone through why would this be frightening* I stared out to the water it was pitch black* But the coolness against our bodies was fun for a fact````````````````````` I stripped off my towel more naked than ever before* And jumped in the water for my privates and I did adore* The freeness the fun the memory forever* My friend said if I saw her naked she would sever`````````````````````````` Though it was impossible for us both not to glance* Forever that coolness of water make this memory dance* We left our fears and poor hearts behind* Yes me and her will remember forever that time`````````````````````````````

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