Boiling on The Back Burner

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An analogy for those who are sometimes forgotten.

Submitted: October 25, 2009

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Submitted: October 25, 2009



Do you know what is the there boiling on the back burner? It has been there for quite some time. I remember when it was first set aflame to cook. The only difference is it was on the front burner than. It was on high and it was being watched closely and stirred constantly. But it got moved back when those things that are cooked so often took that new difficult recipes place. It is apparent we have forgotten, but it will not seize to stop boiling on the back burner.

Whats cooking now is pop culture and Michael Jackson. Even before that we have those daily recipes of cooking, cleaning, and our upfront burning responsibilities. Now the war and those soldiers fighting that battle are in a crock pot because we are to lazy to pay attention to such a concoction of detail. It cooks and we are to scared to guess whats smelling and bringing flies to the table. We set the burner to low and forgot it was even there and we risk the danger of scorching and destroying what was once so important.

It is now just a burden to discuss it because it might be possibly to late. It is the publics executive decisions that will decide to either throw this food out to call it waste or hire Emeril Lagasse to change the seasoning and overcome this cooking obstacle that now sits boiling on the back burner on the back of our minds.

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