Brother in The Closet

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I wanted to do a comedy on coming out of the closest. I tried to make the dialogue as realistic as possible. Someone once told me it would be funny to hide in the closest and jump out at a family reunion and say I'm gay.

Submitted: July 25, 2009

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Submitted: July 25, 2009



The title caught someones attention now dont be afraid to finish reading it it will take only 40 minutes if that.I promise.

Scene One

There is a bed,a dresser, a chair, and a sliding closet with a mirror. Andrew, a teenage boy walks in from the right walking to the left to his youngest brother's room.Andrew opens the closet to find his brother Ryan dressed in womens clothes.

Ryan- (Screaming and attempting to shut the door.) What the hell are you doing in my room? Get out of here. Get out. You don't belong in here.

Alex-(Keeping the door open.) Wow Logan this is quite a site. I think the question is, why are you dressing in women's clothes? (Yelling for Jack.) Jack get the camera.

Ryan- What are you going to do, take pictures of me.

Alex- Looks like we have ourselves a sherlock holmes. Haha my friends are going to love this. This will be perfect for you spreading rumors about me. (Yelling again) Jack, Quick bring the camera.

Ryan- (Starts to take his clothes off.) Well now you wouldn't want to see me naked so you better leave quick.

Alex - I don't care. I've seen you naked before. It's not like it would matter.

Ryan- Your a pervert. You run around and take pictures of me naked and now you want to get a picture of me in a dress to show all of your friends. Who's the one with the problem now?

Alex - I'm your brother remember. Mom made me change your diaper when you were little and you had the smallest little penis.(Using fingers to indicate size.) I never said you had a problem. But, who's the one wearing a dress?

Ryan- Your just jealous.

Alex- (Snotty) Don't get to cocky.

Jack - (Runs in from the right looking at Andrew.) Hey, what did you need me for? I was just outside finishing the lawn when I thought I heard you yell andmy..(Stops mid sentence.)What in the world is going on here?I thought we had a problem, but this is just to funny. Im going to grab the camera. (Exits right.)

Ryan-I guess someone doesn't think me wearing a dress is such a problem. Besides that, I am just trying on this for that play I'm in.

Alex - You just came up with that excuse didn't you.

Ryan- (Putting his hands on his sides.) What excuse?

Alex - (Flicking Logan on his head.) Don't be stupid.

Ryan - I'm not the stupid one who wants to take a picture of his brother wearing a dress.

Alex - So, Why were you wearing a dress again?

Ryan- What are you talking about?

Alex - Told you you made up the excuse. (Chuckling)You can't even remember your own excuse.

Ryan- (Thinking) Oh, I mean umm,Im wearing the dress for the play at school.

Alex - Sure uh huh.

Ryan- (Starts trying to get Andrew to leave by pushing him, bighting, and screaming) It's the truth and you wont believe it because you just want to get pictures so you can play with yourself while you are with your friends again.Let me out. Let me out. (Pusheshimself out of the closet as Andrew begins topush him back in.)Now get out of my room now.

Alex - Not before we get the pictures for your little beughty pagent. (Holding him in the closet.) (Shouting.) Jack, hurry up, I think he is starting to come on to me.

Ryan- (Giving up and growling he puts his hands on his sides and roles his eyes.)rrrrYou guys aren't really going to do it are you. You wouldn't want Mom or Dad to see these pictures.

Jack - (Enters rightwith a camera) I think you mean you don't want Mom or Dadto see these pictures. ButI will have these pictures on Facebook in no time for everyone to see.

Ryan- Yah so you and your boyfriends can get a jolly off them and sell them.

Jack- (Nodding his head) More or less,(Pausing thinking of better words) sooo we can luagh at you and show all your classmates.

Ryan- Well I'm not going to pose. Im going to fight my way out of this.

Alex - Hey let me see that camera. (Reaching to grab it.)

Jack - (Pulling away, stepping back, and jumping on the bed.)(Alex is trying to get it from him.) I was the one that grabbed it.

Ryan- (Quickly shuts the closet.)

Alex - You little, (Trying to open the door but failing.) What did you do put a lock on this?

Ryan- (Luaghing) Who is going to do anything now.

Jack - I guess we will just rummage through your room while you hide in the closet.

Ryan- Go ahead. You won't find anything that interests you. (Ephasizing you.)

Andrew - (Walks over to the dresser and opens it as it makes a noise.)

Logan - (Worried) You didn't open my dresser did you? Shut it now or I'll start screaming.

Jack - (looking under the bed) Why, is your secret stash in there.

Ryan - (Lying) Nooo. What's a secret stash.

Jack - Ha Ha. You are the worst at lying.

Alex - (Imitating logan) Noooooooo. What is a secret stash?

Ryan- Look whatI found in the closet.A brand newI pod touch (Jack and Andrew both look to the closet interested.)

Alex - Hey, when did you find that?

Ryan - I found it in the basement.

Alex- I never bring it to the basement. There is nothing to do down there.

Ryan- You can do laundry down there.

Alex - When was the last time I did laundry?

Ryan - I dont know. But, that's where I found it.

Alex - Why didnt you give it to me?

Ryan - I figured it would come in handy some day. Like right now.

Jack - (Continues to lookthrough the room when between the matress and box spring he finds his journal.)

Alex - You better not ruin it.

Ryan- You better stop looking through my room then.

Alex - Whatever, we already got a picture of you while you weren't paying attention.

Ryan- (Excited) Really, let me see it.

Alex - Were not letting you see it. You'll delete it brilliant one.

Jack- (Shows Andrew what he found and they leave quitely with the journal as Logan keeps talking.)

Ryan- (Dissapointed)I just want to see howI look. You didn't go through my dresser did you? Is anyone there? (Talks obnoctiously loud. Intelegiently)Oh,I see what's happening. Your ignoring me so that whenI come out you can take a picture of me. Well, I can wait longer then you. (Starts singing loudly.) Somewhere over the rainbow way up high somewhere that no ones heard of up in the sky so high, some day I'll wish upon a star and makes no diference who you are behind you and (looses the words but continues the tune) lalalaladahdahdahdah (Stops mid tune) Are you there.

A large clutter comes from the closet.

Ryan - (Startled) Holy cows. I feel very insecure in here. I should really come out of the closet.

The door slowly rolls open andRyan's head pops out. He comes out and looks at himself in the mirror.

Logan - WowI do look good. (He goes for his journal and finds that it's missing.) Hey you guys took my journal. Get back here (He goes running off stage saying.) Give me back my journal you jerks.

Scene two

The three boys are in the living room (There is a glass vase with marbles in it, a couch, a chair, a t.v., and a computer) in a pose of Alex with the journal. Jack holdingRyan as Ryan is trying to get free.

Ryan breaks free as Andrew continues running up and over the furniture in a manner to avoid getting caught by his brother. Jack trips and falls breaking the vase and marbles fly everywhere. (They continue fighting for a minute or two picking up various weapons when the door bell rings) By the end of the fight the living room is trashed when the door bell rings.

They all stop and drop the weapons they have picked up in the process of fighting, remotes scissors stapler etc.

Alex -Hurry quick clean this up randy is home already.(They freezestanding somewhat uprightwhen Randy enters.)

Randy enters and sees the mess - (He looks at Jack saying in a high lispy voice.) We got sugar, (At Alex) saying spice, (Really akward at Ryan.) and everything nice. Isn't this spectacular. (Changing his voice to normal.) What the hell is happening here, the house is a disaster,Ryan isnt sure about his sexuality,Alex and Jack look like they want to kill someone. What a way to say welcome home to your brother. When is mom going to be home?

Jack - In an hour.

Randy - An hour great, (looking at Ryan) I don't even want to ask, but go put some normal clothes on. (Looking atAlex and Jack) You two clean this up. Ah, yes at home this is.

Ryanexits right. While he is gone, Jack andAlex clean up and exit stage when they are done. As Randy sits down on the couch to read a newspaper. It is Quiet as they clean.

Mom enters wearing her work clothes - It has been a hell of a day.

Randy - Well, your hell of a day is going to get longer and more hellish.

Mom - (Taking off her shoes and out her earings.) And why in the world would my day get more difficult, weren't you here watching your other brothers.

Randy - I just got in. The flight was delayed

Mom - Oh let me guess, the house was a disaster. Nothing that can't be fixed.

Randy - Well not only that, but your youngest was in a dress.

Mom- A who what.

Randy-A dress, you know, woman,s clothes. It fit him surprisingly well. He had it all. It was mildly disturbing.

Mom - Well you can go upstairs and get your stuff in order whileI put in place some discipline. (Yelling) Oh children, I have a bone to pick with you.

Boys enter like nothing ever happened Ryan is dressed in normal attire.

Ryan- Whats going on mom?

Jack - How was work?

Andrew - What were you and Randy talking about?

Mom- (Snotty) Your all in trouble. Work sucked today? and you, youwill find out about what we were talking about in a moment.

Ryan- Someones pissed.

Mom - Would you want to come home after my job to another repeat of what happened in the special ed department today. I dont think so.

Alex - Nothing happened

Mom - (Still pissed) I'm not finished. NowI don't care who did what or why but your all going to sit here and apologize to what you did to Ryan. Dressing him up as a girl who in there right mind would do that. (Logan smiles.)

Ryan- Yah you better apologize.

Mom - Just keep your mouth shut the house was a mess toI heard.

Alex- Wait mom, you don'tunderstand.I went into..(Gets cut off)

Mom - I dont care, now apologize.

Jack - (Laughing saying sorry sarcastically.) I'm sorry.

Alex - I'm not apologizing because he was the one who was dressed like that.

Mom- You have three seconds.

Alex - But mom.

Mom - 1

Alex - I went to his closet to find somethingI lost and when I.

Mom - 2

Alex - Your not listening. I opened up the closet and there he was in girls clothes.

Mom - Three. Your grounded for a week. Now everyone to your room, if you want supper you will have to cook it your self

Ryan- I'm going to make spaghetti anyone want some.

Alex - No

Jack - (Mumbling) Little twirp liar.

Mom - Make me and Randy some. We would love some. (Mom and Logan exit left.)

Alex - I can't believe that little shit.

Jack - What would you do if you were caught wearing a dress.

Alex - I wouldn't be caught wearing one in the first place.

Jack - This is true. Very true.

Alex - He is going to get it tommorow. I'm taking him down and Im going to make him pay for this.

Jack - Are you interested in what happened with the journal. (Pulling itout of his baggy pockets.)

Alex - I don't care about that any more. You should just put that back in his bedroom.

Jack - Do you think he might be gay.

Alex - Your honestly asking. He was wearing a dress and play practice doesn't start for him until three months from now.You know that.

Jack - Your not going to kill him. Are you.

Alex - (Turning his head maniacly)No I'm just going to beat the shit out of him.

Jack - Because he is gay.

Alex- No because he got me grounded remember.

Jack - Yah that's true.

Alex - We better get to our rooms before mom gets back.

Jack - Yah let's go.

Jack and Andrew exit left.

Scene Three

It is dark in the bedroom when Logan enters and grabs his journal and crawls into bed. The spotlight comes on him and he starts writing.

Logan - God, if there is one, please forgive me for my sins. TodayI did some really bad things. I lied about what happened and my brother got into trouble because I didn't want my mom to knowI was wearing a dress. I don't want to be like this but I am so please god help me change. My mom deserves to have Grandchildren and I doubt the others will be able to help. They'll probably die before they grow up. I just hope that I can change and stop sinning by thinking about other boys. But I really am attracted to them. Please help me change. (He begins to cry as he crawls back into the closet.)

Alexenters the room from the right.

Alex- Are you in here.I heard crying.

Ryan- Go awayI want to be alone, and isolated, and dead.

Alex - Oh your in the closet again aren't you. What happened to that brotherI use to know who could deal with anything that came his way. Walking to the closet.

Ryan- You don't understand. You probably think I'm the worst brother ever.

Alex - NoI think that your just trying to hard to hide from me. Isn't it a little hard to think in there. It's all stuffy and crowded and alone. No one is going to be able to support you in there.

Ryan- Go away. I don't want to come out im to ashamed to come out.

Andrew - Ashamed of what.

Jack enters and folds his arms atthe door way.

Jack- Ashamed that someone will look at you a little funny becuase your make up is running.

Alex- This isn't the time for jokes

Jack - Sorry I thought it was funny.

Ryan- I don't even like that type of stuff.

Alex - Why were you in a dress today then.

Ryan- Because I was going to surprise you guys but it all went wrong.

Jack - What were you going to surprise us with.

Ryan- Well you obviously don't want to know.

Alex - Why would we ask if we didn't want to know.

Ryan - Fine I'm gay andI knowI will have to change for god.

Jack and Alex - No surprise.

Alex - We kind of already knew and we accept you.

Jack - When was the last time we went to church andI guess Randy is a sinner because he shaves.

Ryanopening the closet - You guys already knewI was gay.

Jack and Andrew - Uh yah.

Jack - It was really obvious. The dress gave it away or maybe it was when you painted your nails for fun a couple of years ago.

Ryan- Why didn't you guys tell me, I have a right to know these things.

Alex and Jack - laugh

Jack- How do you not know when your hiding in the closet.

Alex - Your still our brother now get over here. (Reaching his arms out.)

Alex and Ryan hug as Jack turns toward the audiencehesitating byscratching his neck. Alex pulls him into the hug and the lights go dark.

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