Chicken or the Egg

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See where the discussion of the chicken or the egg leads you.

Submitted: November 19, 2009

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Submitted: November 19, 2009



A teenage chick, which was quickly growing up and very observant of his surrounding, asked his mom on a sunny day outside the chicken coup, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”
The mother hen stopped pecking at the ground and turned her head funny at such a curious question. “Well that’s an easy question, the chicken.”, she answered confidently nodding.
The father now bobbing his head into the conversation stated, “No son, your mother here is incorrect. “ Now as the mother and father engaged in eye contact he continued, “Life must start off small, for all things start small, you can’t just magically have a chicken show up, that’s preposterous!”
Buckocking in disagreement the mother pointed out, “Well, so much for getting romantic with you. Where would the egg be if me and you hadn’t, well, you know.”
The couple became completely oblivious and ignorant to the happenings around them. The teenage chick was quickly lost in the details of the conversation and the sun had started going down. The smart chick was smart enough to know that meant danger and decided to head into the coup as the other chickens were.
The chickens were making some pecking and clucking noises as they ruffled their feathers and headed in for the evening. The whites of their feathers puffed about and some flapped their wings passing by the two couple and hinting they should come inside. They however were too involved in there debate and the others just ignored them and went up the ramp and in the coup for safety.
On the edge of the woods outside the fence a wolf sat and drooled.
As the two continued their argument papa chicken rebutted “Had sex! It isn’t that hard to say and again, if the egg hadn’t been created there would no sex to of had. Now I know what you’re gonna to say….Buckock cluck cluck cluck Buck Buckock”
As both Mr. and Mrs. Chicken had gotten so deeply involved in their philosophical discussion about the beginnings of their now to be terminated lives, the wolf had an easy time getting inside the fence and pouncing them.
Both of them uselessly flailed and flapped their wings in the air. White feathers and a loud ruckus continued as they both were eaten alive by the wolf. Into the stomach of a now satisfied carnivore they went as he went off out of the fence into the woods a happy satisfied four legged chicken eater.
Moral – An argument to explain the beginnings of life may end up with the end of yours.

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