Here I Be

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This is a collection of poetry i created for my creative writing class i hope you enjoy

Submitted: July 17, 2009

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Submitted: July 17, 2009



What’s a Hippie?
Hippies fighting for peace
In the west to the east
Told they’ll all go to hell
Who really has the right to tell
Purples pinks all a swirl
Now that’s my hippy girl
Religious rituals and song
The boys they all come along
Hippies with there communes
With strong political tribunes
Seen as people without strives
With the message, a million lives
The Love of Frogs
The frogs do not just make noise to date
The frogs usually stay up real late
You may use the frog as northern bait
The frog is green the frog is cool
Frogs freeze in winter really cool
Frogs warm in summer like the pool
Using frogs as shot gun shells
That’s shows your IQ really wells
The frogs have long stories to tells
I like frogs what’s wrong with that
No need to care for like the cat
As for toads there war-ty and fat
(Here I am a Vegetable)
war is incompatible
with the ways of good life
my god grow up and stop abusing your wife
so there I was a vegetable
everything incomprehensible
mostly the unmistakable
and the frustration able
the human being a cannibal
my god its hypocritical
so there I be a vegetable
so weak and lost unmistakable
looking at how funny we our rise of nation
rise of war
no wonder Kenya is so poor
for this unreasonable expense
all it takes is common sense
grow up and smell the coffee and rotten cheese
I yell and cry jees louise
so still I am a vegetable
till we grow invincible
so therefore do the math
no you don’t HAVE to take a bath
duh forever a vegetable I will be
Swamps in spring
The golden landscape
Wet with water mud mixed muck
Often overlooked
The loneliest Forest?
The forest seems so lonely until you get in side of it. Once you are inside of it you know your previous ideas about it are lies. Forests with thousands of trees, broken into many varieties, sink their roots in its fertile ground. Spruce, firs, pines, poplar, willows, and ash make up these woods. The forest isn’t lonely it has too much change and personality. For it flourishes with green in the summer, and oranges, reds, yellows and browns in the fall. It seems the most bear in the winter, except of course for the pines. They remain green. The forest changes as people change. From spring buds to summer leaves and flowers and the small pines are so green in the spring. In the autumn it is beautiful with such variety of color. The birds make noise all year long. The caws of crows and songs of chickadees and robins fill the forest. How can the forest be lonely? With such a variety of sound that for year’s biologists attempt at memorizing there is no way it can be alone. Sometimes you see a flick of yellow, red, orange, or brown, and startle when a partridge/grouse takes off. Squirrels scatter up trees and some years the forest squirms as worms eat at the leaves. How can the forest be lonely with such vibrant smell and quick movement? There are bears, loons in ponds, beavers, and if you search enough you will find streams that are clear and clean. To know the forest isn’t lonely you just need to spend some time being startled by bears and awed at white tail dears and see the grace of a distant wolf standing next to its beauty. Take time to listen for frogs and get to them. Take time to catch them in the swamps. The forest isn’t lonely it is busy with life and me. Alone?
The family was gathered around the fire
The kids drew crank all a tire
The family was gathered around the fire
The uncle he thought he was a satire
The uncle told a real good story
Some tall tales some were gory
Grandpa played his old guitar
The thunder clouds were still a far
The marshmallows drooped
The little kids pooped
The hot dogs smelled the clouds welled
As the young kids went into the tent and felled
The family was gathered around the fire
The kids drew crank all a tire
The family was gathered around the fire
The uncle he thought he was a satire
The stars began to disappear
Mom and dad getting queer
The lightning off was not of the fears
The teens were off with there peers
The kids next door in the camper lots of laughter
No one was expecting a disaster
The rain drops drew pitter patter
The thunder clashed what a clatter
The kids a cry what is the matter
Look at Aunt Bert getting less fatter
Running a scream and with a scamper
The citiots in there RVs are pampered
The family no longer around the fire
The weather man now aint he a liar
There now all in the tent cuddled and wet
There’s Peter and Paul
Todd and Tamara
Mom and dad, dad with his camera
Uncle sue and Aunt Bert
And a skunk eww squirt squirt
The mother dated dad and had a daughter
The daughter was unpredictable
A jump came from the father
The mother dated the dad and had a daughter
Why do you make such a clutter
The daughter was a spectacle
The mother dated dad and had a daughter
The daughter was unpredictable
(The Boy)
One crazy kid
Running around playing
All the time busy day till night
Sleep well
(The Girl)
Is a Barbie doll
But now she wahs cause she fell down
a child
The White Crow
The white crow scares the others away
It caws alone up in the tree
Maybe it belongs over the bay
The white crow scares the others away
A seagull comes up and asks, “Why aren’t you gray”
I’m a mix of a crow and a seagull you see
The white crow scares the others away
it caws alone up in the tree
Take me I dare
There I was stuck in the nut house
Stuck in a room without the lights out
Swaying forward contently listening
The white all around is brightly glistening
They think I’m crazy but I’m not
I told them and I fought and fought
Stab me again push me away
Back and forth I sway I sway
They found me screaming in a shack
They fought and got me on my back
I screamed and hollered what to do
I filled there faces full of poo
They think I’m insane
They think I’m vile
They scan my brain
All the while
I’m listening intently to the voices
Thinking they will make my choices
It all makes sense its right to me
But the men with needles they don’t see
So watch me sway and scratch my head
You always wonder why I can’t bed
Watch those needles and those doctors
What they do will blow your socks off
They bring me in against my will
They prescribe me a nasty pill
They hook me up and jolt me hard
Why does my brain look like lard?
No more memories for me
All that’s left insanity
Fill me up with drug injections
My only problem was rejections
Give me one more now that will do
You took my life now you’ll be through
I was given strength through loss of life
Now I’ve stabbed the doctors with a knife
The poetic poetry project
The assignment took me a lifetime to put together
This life is death
Under the stormy weather
These words begin to take my breath
Working like a busy ant
My rubric is my nasty reff
This poem seems like an endless rant
The type writer goes click click
My head is telling me I can’t
Ugh ugh I’m feeling sick
Tempered teachers telling tall tales to time
This is worse than the dogs and Vick
Time rhyme crime mime lime dime I’m grime
The turkey timidly tinted
Will clearly get me a fine
The teacher than ranted
Because I misused
What the rubric and common sense wanted
For one little poem common sense was abused
Famous writers like Edgar Alan Poe were strange
I hope deluding the rubric I’m not accused
Your thinking sir it’s out of range
I’m really trying to meet what’s required
Hoping an A to be arranged
Its 9:43 I’m really tired
I think I’m done
I might be fired
Your Actions
The chances you take become
the choices you make
which make you act fake
or make you fall in love with a rake
When you make up your choices
from peer pressure voices
remember yourself when you were young
if you even thought of that your neck was sure rung
Experience saying yes no or maybe
So that your life doesn’t turn into gravy
because when your out on your own
your mother wont be there to save ye

Crying Over Spilt Popcorn

There was a kid who wanted popcorn
He went to the cupboard and reach for the bag
Popcorn spilled everywhere and he feared a scorn
He had to hurry and hurry quick
Before mom got home and threw a hissy fit
Why oh why was I ever born
The mess all over his lip he bit
What a catastrophe what a mess
If his mother came home would he confess?
An idea grew and his light bulb lit
The cat the cat she was being a pest
He kept on thinking his mind turning
But he wanted his popcorn his tongue was burning
No more popcorn it was on the floor and there’s no way he’d settle for less
He went threw his options his mind was turning
He knew all a sudden what he had to do
He reached for the broom and the kernels they flew
Dirt and kernels in the dust pan blending
The dog looked with his head turned his name was Roo
The kernels onto a towel he needed to sort
If his mom found out it would be an unfair court
To the left and the right too
The dirt and the kernels to sort
He worked diligently
His mom came in and looked intently
He only has gone through a fourth of quart
She looked at him very contently
And she just shook her head
He went to the store for something to buy
He went to the store for some beer
He couldn’t deal with life’s course
This habit inside him brewed
When all alone no one heard his brays
When becoming sober his body was ail
He drank whiskey and ale
Family frowned upon him when talking by
Mother alone at home to raise and braise
Slowly coming was his bier
At home eating was his brood
Late at night with kids asleep the tensions between came awfully coarse
No one loves me he thought of course
At a party a teen tried ale
It seemed to unknowns a happy brood
The man silently said goodbye
The wife choosing a bier
The children and rest brays
It took her time again to raise and braise
The bumpy road was not smooth it was coarse
Another one faced the bier
For the teen grew to ail
He went to his friend for something to buy
Another death silently brewed
Without knowledge going unknown did the brood
The teen got married and his wife could braise
Soon another to say goodbye
Another life to make a course
The family’s not ready or preparing to ail
Another life to loose to beer
In the night driving under influence of beer
Another teen stat that brewed
Another death caused from ale
The wives left home alone to raise and braise
This is the story of some lives course
When the world isn’t ready to say goodbye
Buying beer leads to the bier
The coarse course of life of course as the tragedy brewed
The braising mother brays as the ale turns to tears of frying ail

© Copyright 2017 frog. All rights reserved.

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