I'll Never Come Out to You Again

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I told my friend I was gay and he treated me like crap for the next month. Though characters and events may be based on non fiction I can assure you that the alteration in character events and plot turns are a complete exaggeration making this piece fiction.

Submitted: July 09, 2010

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Submitted: July 09, 2010



I was sitting inside geography when my friend Jeremy came in. An attractive fellow who once caught me checking him out in Spanish class followed. He had this really bulky body with long blonde hair and blue eyes. Granted Jeremy had a really skinny body. He was tall and a track runner. He also had blue eyes and blonde hair. Regardless they were both attractive and Jesse the jackass who had caught me staring at him was being nothing other than a jackass.

"Jeremy, how was lifting in the gym today?"

Jeremy froze up and if I had noticed correctly he had started blushing. But I didn't really care. I sort of figured he was gay. Perhaps he wasn't. Perhaps he was just getting pissed off because Jess wouldn't leave him alone.

Jesse had this way of making a scene in the room. He raised his voice and looked around at the other students who were now interested in what was going on in the room. Though I sat there perplexed I didn't look at Jesse. He was to hot. I was to damn single. I had been wondering if Jesse was gay because of the older brother theory which suggest the more brothers you have the more likely you are to be gay. Plus he had this deep voice which is scientifically also a sign of homosexuality. All these things went through my head as he continued to bully poor little Jeremy, "Why do you start blushing everytime I talk to you?"

Jeremy continued to ignore him and he walked over to me as if for support. I didn't want to get involved in whatever this arrogant retarded closet case had up his sleeve. Jesse was hot but his rudeness made him unnatractive to me. Jeremy on the other hand seemed to think I was popular. He didn't realize that I was only popular in FFA a farmers program that I am positive only recruits hot gardener girls, a few extremely straight masculine men, and a bunch of hyped up closet cases like I suspected of poor Jeremy.

Jesse finally got the hint and left the room but couldn't keep his mouth shut, "See your getting redder."

Jeremy asked me, "Hey woodsy, whats up?"

I sort of got the hint and ignored what happened previously. I only really paid attention subconciously. I probably looked to others like i was staring off to space in my own little world. I responded, "Nothing much, do you have any clue what the hell we are doing in this class today? I hope it is something interesting."

"I don't know. I will go ask Mrs. Ferrel." He said heading out the door to ask.

I heard her say we were going to the computer lab. I was excited because that meant Jeremy would sit next to me. And he would always tap my hands and say, "Woodsy, look at this." And then he would show me something intellectual or scientific online. Usually pictures of other places in the world. For a squirt like himself he was actually really smart and interesting if you gave him a chance to talk to you. I had always had this knack or curse of getting to well every looser in the schools. I don't know if it was a gift or a curse. I guess it is a gift because had I told a popular person about my sexuality I would have been diluted to my simplest chemical form. If that is possible. I guess it sounds about right. Whatever would happen it had to of been bad. Luckily when I went home after the class Jerermy was online.

He had been particularly annoying in class. He tapped my arm more often and called my name about five or six times every fifteen minutes. I almost told him to stop bugging me. However I had a slight crush on him. I never would ever tell him that though. But I would go so far as to ask through Facebook what the thing in Geography was all about today. When I approached him about it. He ignored the subject and switched it to rubbing against a girl in the pool. I was dissapointed that he switched the subject but found it ironic at how fast he switched. One thing lead to another and somehow I told him I was gay. He told me, "You should seek counseling."

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