Immature Warfare

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Immature Warfare was inspired by my brother leaving for Iraq and me finally realizing the danger he was in.

Submitted: July 21, 2009

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Submitted: July 21, 2009



The cold war as far as some know is based solely on who could have the bigger weapons or the first to space or the most advanced technologies. Personally i have played legos and have had war with legos. And i would fight with my brother. "Well mines bigger and has lasers"  "No yours doesn't have the laser beam power to destroy my ship" But we were kids and that's just how we did. But we have full grown adults having real war literally killing sons brothers sisters. How fucking immature. We need security but when i was young i was always told don't hit back two wrongs don't make a right. But no your wrong two wrongs will make a right. But we as people have decisions. I got hit i can ignore and literally be better. Or, i can hit back and be equal. I can be equal to the son of a bitch who hit me. So if i equal a son of a bitch, have i won? No. So i choose to ignore and be better. So on 9 11 we got attacked. We fight back because we have to look strong and mighty argh were the sleeping giant. How stupid can we be lets think logically. We have a job crisis. I want more security i want more people educated on how to secure our nation. I want connections between nations, we can't just block off countries and say I'm ignoring you. Neeneer neener i'm ignoring you because you made a mistake in the fifties. Grow up. We need people to make connections. How hard is it to organize trash we either hire someone to do it or we can do it ourselves. But no, we shall always continue our immature ways another person dead because of foolishness. A mother of four dead. A father of two dead. A son dead. A friend dead. All for what. So the same thing can happen to the other person were fighting. Another father of two dead. Another mother dead. Another kid dead. All because of our intelligence, no because we are to fucking foolish to wake up and know the difference between right and wrong. Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck the person who is proud to kill. Screw the bitch who says i hate you, anger gets us no where. Nor does me being hypocritical, but come on.

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