Mr. Yelts and Mr. Johnson are walking down a steep hill talking quietly When disaster hits a battle has broke lose.


Mr. Yelts- We have been walking for hours now and my legs are getting stiff, if you know what I mean.


Mr. Johnson- I really don’t want to know the meaning of what you said, if you know what I mean.


Mr. Yelts- why do we even bother, I highly doubt that any other group of young soldiers, as they call us, are out searching for nazi death camps that probably don’t even exist.


Mr. Johnson- all I know and all I care about is I will be home soon to my wife and kids so kwitchyacomplaining and keep an eye out before you get killed.


Mr. Yelts- its kwitchyabitchin you puss.. (cut off by gunfire and lights flicker)

(yells) take cover call for back up were under enemy fire (as both go sliding tumbling down the hill both are yelling for help.)


Mr. Johnson- (uses walky talky to call for back up) we are under attack do you copy…. (Static)  


Mr. Yelts and Mr. Johnson are laying on ground firing back at the enemies and Waiting for contact with friendlies they are yelling over the noise as they are firing.


Mr. Johnson- we are under fire we don’t know were we are and we aren’t allowed to state our names over…. (Static) silence as mr. yelts looks at him with disgrace.


Mr. Yelts- first off there is no one here to hear you. Plus Im beginning to think it wouldn’t matter if you did make a connection. you catch what im saying. ok Im going to move ahead to see if I can take care of these communist bast…( loud blast) (looks up into sky and shakes his head with his arms up) cover me (gets up and moves forward)


Mr. Johnson- (roles his eyes and shakes his head) no you idiot there to close your going to get killed. get down and stay down……I said get down.


Two Nazis run in and take Mr. Yelts (there Is a cease fire) Mr. Johnson has gotten off stage.


Mr. Yelts- let me go let me go drop me theres more coming in minutes youll be dead.


Nazi 1- there is no way you could of made contact with the allies there isn’t a camp in many miles.


Mr. Johnson- from behind stage were are you yelts. yeeeelts were are you you imbusalt ill be back with back up you here ill be back.


Mr. yelts- im over here follow the sound of my voice im being taken prisoner. don’t leave.


Mr. Johnson ill be back as soon as I can I promise I will not leave you.


Nazi 2- sir should I go get the other


Mr. yelts- no leave him alone you jackahh Gets elbowed in the face by nazi 1


Nazi 1- sounds like your friend is in trouble hmmm you want to know why….did you not hear me I said (Prounouncing words crudely in yeltses face) do you want to know why.


Mr. Yelts- sure why would he be in trouble for any reason.


Nazi 1- there is nothing here for miles.


Nazi 2- (with excitement) so that means I should go get him (Nazi 1 looks over at him and waits) (scared) sir.


Nazi 1- no no no haven’t you been listening I said he will be dead by morning


Mr. yelts and nazi 2- actually you said there was nothing for miles. (nazi 2 stops.) and second I would like to remind you of our training we go 3 days without out food… (nazi 2 almost punches yelts but is stopped by nazi 1 who is surprisingly interested.) (yelts flinches.) and third of all I must remind you we found our way here we are trained to work backwards.


Nazi 1- 3 days why that would kill a man and here you are unless you are lying perhaps to maintain friendly conversation.


Nazi 2- no sir your thinking of oxygen you can only live three seconds without oxygen.


Nazi 1- grabs nazi 2 by throat and counts to three 1 1 thousand 2 1 thousand 3 1 thousand. (sarcastically)it’s a miracle really, your not dead but that is it no more mr. nice guy.


the Two Nazis bring him outside a small building they are trying to get mr. yelts in the building he is resisting, and yelling for help.


Nazi 1- get the hell in here you sun of a bitch (as he pulls Mr. yelts ears, they are bleeding)


Mr. yelts (kicks Nazi in the shin really hard)


Nazi-2 (takes gun and hits Mr. yelts in the head with gun but.)


Mr. yelts- (head begins to bleed) he yells pleases have mercy on these poor merciful souls.


Nazis 1 and 2- (drag Mr. yelts into a building where there is a chair they strap him down roughly into this chair)


Mr. yelts- mumbles a prayer with his eyes close.


Nazi 2- what do you think gods going to save you.


Nazi 1- ( begins to prepare shot) as he says yah he isn’t going to do anything for you now.


Mr. yelts- stops praying and says you guys are going to be sorry for doing this you no good rotten bas…


Nazis 1- takes and shoots a pistol into his leg he says shut up you. (Mr. yelt yells in pain)


Nazi 2- you better shut up if you know what is good for you


Nazi 1 – don’t give him hope he doesn’t half a last bit of hope hes ours now.


Mr. yelts- would you guys hurry up and get this over with. If your going to do whatever just do it.


Nazi 1- stabs needle into Mr. yelts arm he says in German (Ihre Hölle ist über jetzt schließt Ihr Gesicht)


Mr. yelts- grits his teeth do to the pain. Than after three seconds he falls unconscious.


Nazi 2-(Was die Hölle, die jener wasnt annimmt, zu geschehen, was Sie machte, tun unrecht Ihnen idiotisches Stück der Scheiße)


Nazi 1-(Ich sieht Beule, dass Sie irgendetwas machen, das Sie beschäftigen sollten, denkend an porker über hier)


Mr. yelts- gets up and yells fearsomely


Nazis 1 and 2- run yelling in german (Was wir hat, haben wir werden sterben Scheiße gemacht)


Scene 2

The scene is in an army tent jack awakes scared and shaking.


jack- yells sharply he wakes up from his nightmare he is sweaty because he is scared


pork chops- whats the matter with you its 12:00 in the morning


jack- I had this dream that I was my great grandfather Mr. Johnson and his friend and I were in a war and my friend got taken hostage by the Germans I escaped though. I took the the jeep we came in.


pork chops- jack you have one hell of a mind


jack- it was so real I felt everything I was there


pork chops- go back to bed you haven’t slept in 2 days get some sleep


jack- ill try bu..... he is interrupted by sirens


pork chops- this iraq shit is old we better get up before seargent riley comes in


Sergeant riley - everyone return to there beds and no one is seen outside until morning or they will be sent back to America to face charges for disobeying orders.


Everyone- returns to bed


Jack- that was absolutely pointless


Pork chops- this is a bunch of b.s.


Sergeant riley - we all know how you feel, go to bed and get some rest we move in the morning your going to need it because there will be no time to eat.


Jack- I can’t wait to go home to see my wife and kids I have six kids couldn’t keep her off


Pork chops- good for you I cant keep mine on.


Jack- chuckles Trojan man didn’t work for the first two


Pork chops- I heard of a pill that makes it grow if you know what I mean I don’t know if it has come out yet or not Viagra, out of all things it could have been called.


Jack- well you would think we would be talking about a different thing on the last day in Vietnam


Sergeant- you two ready to go home it’s a long ride that I’m willing to take twice I have to come all the way back to deal with another bunch of dings like yourselfs.


Pork chops- really sergeant riley what for


Sergeant riley- to do a bunch of paper work and get things settled.


Pork chops- that really sucks ass


Sergeant riley- you two watch your backs Americas a different world I hear now (chuckles)


Jack- sure thing serge


(Both jack and pork chops salute)


Sergeant riley- salutes back saying good luck to the both of you nice knowing you.

(Walks off stage)


Pork chops- we probably won’t see him again


Jack- probably not, he is a good down to earth person if you know what I mean.


Pork chops- yah well I want to get out of dodge and head home if you know what I mean.


Jack- did you get us a nice place to stay back in New York city.


Pork chops I sure did it’s the best of the best located in the big apple. I have a lot of stress to relieve.


Jack- it better be nice and I don’t even want know what you mean by relieving stress, you know what I mean. (both laugh)


Scene 3

Another one of the dreams are ocuring jex previously known as mr. yelts is in the small building and is ready to revolt.


Mr. yelts the monster will now be referred to as Jex


Scene 3 begins with the two Nazis standing in the dark fierce growling of jex


Nazi 1- look what you did you screwed up the formula now we are going to be dead you you murderer.


nazi 2- I did exactly what I was told besides who stabbed him I don’t know about you but im pretty sure it wasn’t me.


Nazi 1- we wouldn’t even be here if we would of left like I suggested I cant believe that we came from the same parents. pause


Nazi 2- I didn’t think Hitler would go to these extremes I didn’t think our country would come to this and you blame me we must only blame those…those who need to be blamed.


Nazi 1- wow that was the most intellegient thing you ever said and it was still dumb. To think we could be in a safe area but no here we…(jex runs on stage Nazis both say run and (run)


Jex- in freaky voice yah you better run and tackles them killing them.


short pause as dead leave stage jex takes center stage.


Jex-paces back and forth saying when will he back when will he be back ive been here for days maybe weeks(he stops) he wont be back he he you betray me (looks at audience) Sie und Ihre Familie bessere Uhr aus


Scene 4 pork chops and jack are in the hotel sleeping when jack awakes from the dream.


jack- wakes up in a hotel bedroom yells shortly waking up pork chops


pork chops- what the hell’s your problem jack did you have the dream again


jack- he says in German (Sie und Ihre Familie bessere Uhr aus.) a guy a real person I swear said it at the end of my dream.


pork chops- what is that suppose to mean


jack- I don’t know. But I know its German.. my relatives speak German. (Grabs phone)


pork chops- and your gonna call someone at 5 in the morning.


jack- they live in Spain its a lot later there(phone begins to ring)


Relative- hello


jack- this is William your great nephew and I know this is odd but you use to speak German right.


Relative- yah in fact I still have to speak German a lot today but I was expecting a call from someone so can we make this quick.


jack- sorry mam but what does (Sie und Ihre Familie bessere Uhr aus) mean.


Relative- (pauses for a moment) you and your family better clock out which would be like watch out. Why would you need to know that?


jack- well its nothing important srry for disturbing you, thank you a lot


Relative- ends call by hanging up


jack- (hesitates a little) but than hangs up the phone


pork chops- what wh.. what does it mean?


jack-(looking frightened and hesitates for three seconds)


pork chops- well


jack- my family and I need to watch out


pork chops- weird I think you’re making this up go back to bed.


jack- I cant this is just just to real


pork chops- come to think of it I can’t sleep now I’m to awake to fall back asleep now.


jack- I’m sorry I woke you.

(both begin to get ready for the day washing up and brushing there teeth combing hair etc.)


pork chops – maybe we need to get you to a phyciatrists or counselor are something.


jack- well see I wouldn’t be so worried about this whole nightmare thing but there’s something I need to tell you.


pork chops- well go ahead you know you can tell me its not like were gay or something just save your money by talking to me instead of some freak who makes a lot.


jack- (note to actor speak clearly and loudly important plot point here) yah well my mom has told me story’s about my father when he was over in world war two he was a secret agent.


pork chops- that’s fricken awsome what was he doing as a secret agent?


jack-…he was looking for concentration camps around Berlin or somewhere around there. And he was with his best friend kind of like me and you. But I don’t recall his name. Well he and his friend walked into an area guarded by the German Nazis.


pork chops- oh hell no that ain’t good


jack- well the story goes that his friend abandoned him as he got dragged into a cell and was tortured and killed.


pork chops- what does that have to do with these dreams you talk about.


jack- well not all believed he was tortured and killed some believe he was injected with a potion that made him want to kill the Nazis. And I’ve been dreaming about me being my dad and I killed my friend but I don’t even know him I haven’t met these people in any way shape or form.


pork chops- stop Will, this is beginning to freak me out. I mean were back home in America this is the last thing we need is a freaky horror story of yours now we need to get you some help unless your joking.


Phone rings


Pork chops- (answers) hellow


Pork chops- yah ah he’s right here. Hey its for you it doesn’t sound good


jack- anne anne calm down (looks terrified)


Scene 5




Mother- suppers ready come and get it.


all but cleo and mom- somewhat together they say well be there in a minute in various ways


Mother- ive been slaving over this meal for hours if you don’t get your hineys in here this instance you’ll go hungry for the night, and trust me its hard to sleep on an empty stomach.


all daughters- saying they will be there soon in various ways


Jennifer- where’s Cleo?


Aly- probably writing bout her boyfriend Henry. I read about him in her journal yesterday he sounds like a nerd.


Cleo- (barges in from her bedroom) why were you reading in my diary it’s a diary not a journal just so you know. Your always into my buisness keep your slimy filthy hands off my stuff. If I ever…


Mother- Cleo that’s enough with your bickering shut up


Cleo- starts in again but im..


Mother- enough. now Jane what would your father say about this.


Aly- im sorry mother I wont ever do it again.


Mother- Nicole, Barbara, come to supper I wont say it again.


Both say- yes we’ll be there jees


Mother- why is it always a chore to get all of you together for a meal. Maybe I should give in and not cook at all. Maybe make you girls cook.


Jennifer- no because once when you and dad were gone and you had Nicole cook she poisoned the food.


Cleo- yah I got diarrhea and it was so..


Mother- lets not destroy supper now


Nicole- I did not poison your food it was because because ah


Jennifer- because you’re a horrible cook


Mother- sits down ready to pray with eyes closed and hands folded.


Barabara- I wouldn’t talk Jennifer I rather die than eat your food. (acts like she shoots herself)


Cleo- yah nicole you obviously don’t have moms genes. I mean dad could probably cook better.


Nicole-he could not he doesn’t even know how to make grilled cheese and even Jane could cook grilled cheese.


Cleo- so your trying to say a 10 year old could cook better than a soldier??


Nicole- they don’t have to cook they have those little packet things that are full of carbs and everything that would like totally destroy my diet.


Mother- alright I know where this is going im not going to listen to one of these quarrels again. Alright lets sit down and eat.


All the sisters and mom.- come around the table they are all talking some bickering some having regular conversations. Some saying nothing. All get seated.


Mother- lord thank you for my six wonderful daughters. Even though they can be little brats at time they are a blessing. Please bring jack home all in one piece and undamaged. Thank you lord for all the food you have brought before us through me and thank you for letting me to support my family.


All together-amen


All begin to eat there meals


Mother- guess whos helping with dishes tonight.


Jane- really exicted I am


Barbara- I don’t understand how someone can be excited about cleaning dishes I mean its so nasty and boring.


Jane- well just to let you know I have the most important job


Barbara- so you consider drying the dishes important you don’t even get them dry and guess who gets to fix the mistakes yah I do.


Jane- sticks her tongue out and spits


Mother- looks at Jane with disappointment


Barbara- and remember one time you dried the dishes you broke how many dishes after the fourth one I lost count.


Jane- but that was when I was 4 years old I am now 5 and more sophis.. sophis… sophistica stuttering


Barbara- stop trying to use big words like that if you cant say them don’t say them at all and you just turned 5 not even a week ago.


Mother- well Barbara you can help to.


Other girls and expecially jane- giggle


Barbara- why the hell do I have to do it I did it last week and the week before that and even the damn week before that.


Mother- quick but stern and you’ll being doing it the next two weeks with language like that.


aly- ha ha I haven’t had dishes since dad left thanks to your mouth Barbara.


Mother-don’t push it. She is starting to get upset with all the bickering.


aly- sorry mother ill make it up to you.


Barbara- your such a suck up that’s why. why do you think you get every thing you want you spoiled little brat.


aly- very upset me i am not the one being spoiled and out of your mouth. Little Jane is the most spoiled of them all she gets all her little teddys. And Jennifer .interuppted.


Jennifer- well im always doing the dirty work like cleaning the tables when Aly and Barbara just read there books.


All girls keeping to there arguments begin fighting at once.


Mother- after a while of arguing this ends it. That is enough I have had it with you six torments that is all I can handle supper is over go to your rooms this instant and don’t ever come out ever again unless I say otherwise. You here me.


Jane- everyone silent does this mean I cant wash dishes.


Mother- you and Barbara will help me in the morning.get


Barbara- shit


Mother- Barbara Anne Johnson that is enough of your mouth mother (cracks her across the face)


Barbara- crying I hate my middle name


All return to there rooms.


Scene 6


All the girls are in there rooms. There are 3 rooms one has Barbara and her fraternal twin Nicole. Jane and aly are in another. And in the last bedroom Jennifer and Cleo.


everyone is getting ready for bed they all are talking to there room mate.


Nicole- gees I never thought mom would freak out on us I wasn’t even doing anything


Barabara- well if aly and jane could of kept there mouths shut I wouldn’t be in this mess.


Nicole- it all happened so quickly I couldn’t of even thought about hearing myself think in that mess.


Barbara- this house is such a mess I hate mom


Nicole- dad will have us in shape when he comes home though he always has been strict but kind.


Barabara- Kind? How is he kind when he always targets me?


Nicole- Well you do have a big mouth..barabara is surprised at what her sister said….but in like.. ahh nice way.. of course.


Jane- I want daddy home now I don’t like mom being the boss anymore we don’t have fun at all no more.


Aly- yah I do to but I guess it isn’t to bad.


Jane- its horr hor I bul


Aly- laughs and says its horrible I agree


Cleo- Dad better be here this week or this house is going to crack


Jennifer- yah the tension is a lot but we will get by he will be home soon because I heard mom talking to him the other day she said have fun in New York on Monday.


Cleo- He is going to be having fun in New York while we stay here and rot until he gets back this is not fair. im sick of fighting with everyone and mom gets more and more stressed and like…


Jennifer- go to bed things will be fine tomorrow we just had a wild night.


Cleo- just a wild night more like the night from the underworld


Jennifer- you think tonight was from hell I bet dad has seen worse in an hour than what we see in this family in a week now I said lets go to bed. (smiles) you know what I mean.


Barbara- I cant believe you said I had a big mouth I went through all that stress and not even my closest sister supports me.


Nicole- gosh I said in a nice kind of way. srry


Barbara- I’ve had it you cant mean those words in a nice way its impossible your such a such a well theres not even curse words to describe what you just did.


Nicole- I said im srry your not going to fake run away again are you. I guess you can humor me again but you scared mom and dad good I cant believe you went and hid in the…


Barbara- I know what I did and this time its going to be for real.


Nicole- last time you came back in because you were afraid of the dark


Barabara- that was like 2 years ago as she gets up and walks off stage.


Nicole- as she leaves she says more like 6 months I think. good luck watch out for the boooogey monster ooooooooo


Barabara- really serious shut up


Nicole- aatttituuude meooow


Scene 7


Barbara is alone in the dark thinking


Barbara-im sick of this life I rather be dead than with them iim sick of it sick of it SICK OF IIIIIIT (kicking jumping on the ground)--(crying) I wish dad were home even though he does pick on me I probably do have a large mouth like Nicole says but im not a bad person that family that family of mine just(looking around nervously) kind of just(more looking around nervous) brings out the worst in me (something cracks)(begins pacing frantically) yells what was that… mom Nicole are you there is anyone there


Jex comes out and stabs girl in her lower left arm she falls dead after screaming for help screams become more and more faint till dead.


Jex leaves stage.


daylight comes the family is searching everyone is yelling for Barbara in various ways.


Nicole- jees I didn’t think she would run away. I cant believe it (Walking towards her body still searching) I cant believe she ran away she was here and now I don’t know where sh..stumbles on body and screams. I I iii I ii I I I I oh nooooo.


Family comes in Nicole is crying next to her. mother sees the body and calls the authorities and a sheriff and a detective come to the house. rest of family realizes Barbara is dead saying things related to the scene.


We will be home soon


Nicole- crying of course says shes she is dead everyone gathers and begins to cry.


Mother keeps strong holding back tears and says- we need to talk to some people lets go home.


Jane- what about Barbara is she coming


Mother- no honey she is home but we just cant see her anymore she is in a better home.


Jane- why


Mother- lets go home ill answer your questions later (half way off stage jane runs back and shakes barabara)


Jane- wake up barabara we have to go home wake up why do you always sleep your always sleepy. begins crying and saying wake up wake up we have to go home.


Nicole- (in distress) she is dead we have to go home (picks her up) and family leaves the stage.


Scene 8


Detective is with mother family is all in living room detective and mother are in private to the side.


Detective- this is a trying time for your family right now but when looking at the scene..


Mother- my daughter dead is not a scene it’s a tradgedy


Detective- im greatly srry do you want to wait for questioning and come to my office at a later time mam


Mother- im srry its just so unexpected my husband was coming home soon continue


Detective when looking at your daughter we found a needle hole in her which suggests to us that she commited suicide with over dose.


Mother- in a solemn death tone- have you met my daughter how do you dare you say what she did or didn’t do I know my daughters and they all know well enough not to go to that extreme.


Detective- I know it seems that way but forgive me for asking but why was she found two miles from home.


Mother- I have raised my kids well and if they bite me I bite twice as hard and when they are good I am twice as good to them I love them and with love comes discipline.


Detective- what exactly are you saying Mrs. Johnson


Mother- Barbara was in rough shape last night actually we have all been in rough shape these last few weeks before jack comes home.


Detective- im assuming Jack is your husband and the father to the kids.


Mother- (Progressively falling apart crying) yes well last night barabara had been swearing and I said enough with it a few times last night. I shouldn’t of blown when she swore but jane was getting upset with her so I slapped her across the face. its my fault im so srry I shouldn’t of.


Detective- Other than the incident you just described to me were there any signs of suicidal comments or gestures.


Mother- with all the fighting and cursing I don’t believe so but the one of the girls might of seen something.


Detective- is there a specific one that hangs out with her more than others or is it all even sharing of affection.


Mother- that’s a strange way to ask that question but yes if anyone were to notice more it would be Nicole. she has a knack for small details even though she is a little more in the fog than rest.


Detective- just routine questions mam I know it gets old. May I talk to her?


Mother-Yah sure Nicole you want to come talk to the detective.


Nicole- (nervous) yah sure (comes in) (as mom exits to be with other kids) wispers what does he want


Mother- Just a few (sarcastically quoting with fingers) “routine questions”


Detective- your mom said she wasn’t to happy with Barabara last night and slapped her severly across the face is that correct.


Nicole- yes she was slapped but by severely if you mean she bruised no she didn’t she just cried but she didn’t do that severely either.


Detective- has there ever been evidence of abuse to a specific child in the past or overall abuse.


Nicole- look I know I may seem like a blonde but look I do have brown hair no my mom hasn’t abused us she disciplines us when we do bad things like smoke or drugs but none of us have done that. Is that all you wanted because I feel like I am on a crime show.


Detective- im sorry you feel that way I am just trying to rule out murder as far as me and my people are concerned it was a suicide. Were there any suicidal comments or gestures from Barbara.


Nicole- I strongly don’t agree with your accused asions because she was afraid of the dark let alone holding a weapon or harmful tool. but if its any help last night she said she would rather kill herself than eat jennies food and she did this thing with the fingers and (does the gesture)


Detective- Mrs johnson please come here.


Mother- yes detective what is it


Detective- I want to inform you both that I have dealt with suicide cases before and with the description and with the evidence we have we see a suicide on the other hand I will inform if we find something more or new details come I am terribly sorry for your loss and I hope the best for your family. (exits stage)


Mother- I better get a call back soon


Nicole- do you think were being targeted or did she would she really do that. I should of told her not to run away instead of being so dumb


Mother- its hard to say but it is not anyones fault but hers if she did that. did you here me noyones fault but her owns.


they hug each other lights dim and they exit stage.


Scene 8


Jack- Barbara commited suicide no she couldn’t of I wont believe it tell..the detective said that what type of detectives do you really think we have in the boonies of Nebraska. its not even considered a town were we live..I just cant believe it. I love you tell everyone ill be home in three days bye.


Pork Chops- im so sorry


Jack- (crying) theres no way on gods green earth anyone of my daughters expecially barb would do such a thing.


William- are you going to be able to make it to the funeral.


Jack- No theres just no way with the conditions of the weather I could try but anne would tell me not to because she doesn’t want to risk me. Its all because of those stupid dreams.


William-(picks up phone book and dials)


Jack- what are you doing


William- im getting you help


Jack- (angered) what the hell William its my time of crisis and you (takes phone and punches him) try to call for help so nice of you I don’t need help(holds him against couch crying) im fine ill be fine


William- scared says ok ok im srry


Jack- its that damned dream I cant go on im ok but im not ok. my kid is dead because I didn’t act. but it was fake. I said it was real… it was real but you(points at William) you said it was fake murderer what am I thinking I did it I was my father I ran away I ran away from mr. yelts. yah that’s it that’s the person I ran from that’s jex the pysco mr. yelts pysco me you wait you YOU OH MY GOD (OMG) OH o NOOH yes your last name is is it is it it is


William- (Listening intently almost sarcastically) Mr. William Yelts.


Jack- yes your great grandfather and my great grandfather were friends. (Picks up phone and asks William that number)


William- we are still in the 21st century its called redial take a breather.


Jack- Yes I called earlier well actually (still shooken) actually my friend called for me but the situation got out of hand. no I didn’t kill him I just beat him and threatened him. I know ive gone made or have I always been mad. ok yah I understand ok ill be there at 10:00 thank you. (hangs up)


William- ten today or tomorrow


Jack- …. today yes soon I need food and lots of it I need money to


William- I can cover for it I have a lot of money


Jack- thank you im sorry I freaked out that was not me thanks for the money ill pay you back when the big bucks start coming I am hungry I want to eat.


William- no problem your wife would think you were pysco if you went home like that. Are you going to tell her.


Jack- tell her what

 William- about those dreams

Jack- pausing for a moment looking like he is in a daydream. no I don’t need to fool her with that rubbish its foolishness like you said.
Or maybe its real it seems real right.


William- lets go eat you need something to take your pain away and I don’t think advil is going to do it. ill drive you down to the shrinks to.


Jack- a shrink I cant believe it me of all people going to a shrink


William- it wont be that bad my aunt went to the shrink once she was sent to the fifth floor. (Pause) in fact a lot of my family has seen shrinks theres been a lot of success stories just none I can think of off the bat.


Jack- ha ha thanks for your support


William- your welcome just being a friend.


Scene 9


The shrink (Known as Dr. nucker) is with stanley wright a man with basic problems.


Shrink- and how does that make you feel (pause) having your lovely wife break up with you in front of all your so called friends.


Stanely- My so called friends? I said before my relationship with my friends is great its my wife I am having problems with.


Shrink- I never said you had a bad relationship with your friends but I did insinuate that you did. see there is your problem, at least I believe it is your problem you don’t understand the difference of blunt words and leading words. see blunt words are like ugly, fat, hairy, kind etc. whereas leading words are grouped together to describe one word for example I could explain hairy as old curly pubic and black. or I could describe hairy as soft long and straightened.


Stanely- I don’t see what this has to do with my wife or anything relevant.


Shrink- did your wife file for divorce.


Stanely- yes


Shrink- while than she would be your ex wife correct me if im wrong.


Stanely- yes that would be true


Shrink- well see she, pam, wife, And ex wife are blunt words describing the same person right.


Stanely- ok I feel we are getting no where


Shrink- you still don’t understand hmm lets see describe your wife in three adjectives.


Stanely- nasty devious betrayer


Shrink- so you wife is a nasty devious betrayer correct


Stanely- that’s what I said


Shrink- you understand great


Stanely- no not really you want to explain in English


Shrink- don’t get me started on language expecially English. but anyways you get what I was saying before good.


Stanely- no I don’t but I want to so I can get my wife back.


Shrink- well first if you want to get it why don’t you. second I thought you said your wife was a nasty devious betrayer.


Stanely- get what my wife or get what we were talking about before. no I just described her in three words like you told me to.


Shrink- both. yes but you agreed that she was those things.


Stanely- come to think of it I did agree I think.


Shrink- have you changed your mind, do you have other words to describe her?


Stanely- lovely, kind hearted, and generous.


Shrink- so you do get it. Your wife is a lovely, kind hearted, generous, nasty evil betrayer. all those words together describe each of the following words equally follow the distributive property if x=your wife and your wife=a lovely, kind hearted, generous, nasty evil betrayer. Your ex wife must equal your wife. she must equal your wife. If pam equals your ex wife and your ex wife equals your wife, x must equal x and x in this case is your wife so therefore your wife must equal your wife. got it


Stanely- (in confusion listening) I think


Shrink- have you passed algebra after all you are a doctor ha ha im(counts to two on fingers) one two but we are two different variables but we are both variables im y and your z but yet we are both letters, variables, and you think of something we both are.


Stanely- insane


Shrink- im perfectly sane and I think your perfectly sane what do you think you are?


Stanely- im thinking im out have a nice day.


Shrink- sometimes the simplest of concepts are the hardest to get all I said was humans are humans but were all different its really not that complicated. adios amigo bye friend c yah friend. I just said good bye friend good bye friend good bye friend do I need to show my work.


Sophia- Good morning.


Shrink- good morning how are you today.


Sophia- Well I use to think I was normal but now I have depression so my doctor sent me to you so here I am.


Shrink- to get started how has home life been.


Sophia- Home life if you call living at my great aunts house home considering im 19 Home life its not the greatest situation but im moving in with my boyfriend.


Shrink- A boyfriend, what’s his name.


Sophia- Alan


Shrink- How long have you been going out with him?


Sophia- a week tomorrow


Shrink- wow that’s good that you can get out of your Aunt’s finally right.


Sophia- Yah she isn’t that bad.


Shrink- What happened to your parents


Sophia- I have no clue were my mom is and well my dad isn’t much of anyone.


Shrink- were you with your dad before your aunt


Sophia- no

Submitted: July 17, 2009

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