Leaders Need Listeners

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I hate this short story it's a fable.

Submitted: July 21, 2009

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Submitted: July 21, 2009



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One hundred sheep were gathered over fresh grass eating it under the sun. They were forced out from the old worn out land to be put onto fresh land and they needed a new leader. They were talking amongst themselves about whether to choose the cat or the mouse to be their new leader as they munched lazily on the grass.

One sheep said to another – I like the cat because the cat will give us confidence in our kind, I mean have you seen the others and how the whine and complain.

The other sheep said – I want the mouse because the mouse always knows where the fresh grass is and is personable.

The mouse went on top of the hay bail and began a speech. The mouse said hi to the sheep and asked them how they were. The sheep responded good. The mouse said he would tell them where fresh grass is and provide clean running water to everyone. The mouse said he would make the sheep take turns drinking water and eating. The mouse said he would also make the sheep be polite and teach the younger sheep to respect others. The sheep cheered for the mouse. The cat came onto the hay bail and said he would unite the strong sheep and provide the strong sheep with food, water and intelligence. The sheeps will be equal under him and confidence in the sheep would be restored.

The sheep slept through the night and awoke early in the morning to the sun and walked over to the two mud puddles and put their prints in the mud to vote for their new leader. 89 prints were found for the cat and 11 were found for the mouse. The cat immediately took charge leading them to the cleanest pond he knew. The cat was quick and the young sheep were able to keep up. The ones in the back were older and began to fall over from heat stroke.

The mouse was standing under a mushroom and heard the sheep running and came up onto the hill to view the racket. He began to count the sheep and he only got to 89 and wondered where the other sheep were. The mouse was so worried that he ran to and than with the other sheep. He yelled at the top of his voice – where are the others but nobody heard him.

He yelled – why aren’t you listening to me. No reply

He yelled the loudest when he said- Why are we running. No reply

The mouse got trampled by the sheep and woke up to eleven sheep staring at him. They said theywere lost but the mouse recognized where hewas at and lead them to fresh water flowing down the rocks. The sheep began to drink the water and splash in it and some even layed down in it to cool off. The mouse decided to wait there until the other sheep would return.

The 89 sheep continued to run following the cat to a pond which turned out to have sheep hair in it. The sheep were so tired and so displeased at the cat they began to taunt him.

- I thought you said we were getting fresh water

- you made us run all this way for nothing

They became so infuriated they surrounded him and started chanting.

-We want clean water, we want clean water, we want clean water, as they backed the cat off a dock and into the water with a splash and hiss. The cat left his sheep as they stood in the sun without food, water, or a leader.

One of the sheep points out- hey didn’t the mouse try and get our attention.

- yah but that mouse doesn’t know anything he wants to make us share and teach our children blasphemy.

- well, he did try to get us to stop and wait for the others

The mouse begins pacing as he waits for the others to return but when after three days the sheep do not return he decides to leave during the night when he sheep are safe and sound asleep. He followed the beaten path to find 89 half dead sheep looking for a leader. He leads the sheep back to clean water and reunites them with the other 11.

The next week when all the sheep are recovered the mouse gets on the hay bail and spoke about how sheep should listen to everyone no matter what may be distracting them. The mouse ends saying that in order to avoid a dangerous situation sheep must listen to anyone who tries to speak to them even when preoccupied.

- Anyone can be a leader it is just whether or not sheep will listen.

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