I hate money with a passion I hate it so much i even mention my hate for it in my Fake suicide note.

Money, valued paper of peoples imagination, is a means for anything and everything today's society does, and unfortunately that has been cut short. It is expected that along with this tragic loss that mental disorders will increase, divorce rates will go for their record, and suicide rates will climb. Not to mention the loss of work and I dont think there is a person in America or even the world who doesn't at least know one person who is wiwthout a job right now. I guess without it we are a loss for any productivity. With no jobs available why should we look. With no money available why should we try. Without money the world just simply doesn't operate. Inflation will not be able to be solved and 100 years from now we will be spending 40 bucks to buy popcorn at the movie theatres. Think of all the things money has created in the past. Skyscrapers, Mcdonalds, War, Disney Land, The Goverment, Gas, Cars, Trains, Planes, Things that go boom in the night, Things that sooth us, Wake us, Operate us, and in general run our lives. Hell, there is barely a thing we can do without money. It even keeps us alive. Humans clearly don't have the ability to work without money. Congratulations to god for creating money and therefore us. This is what the lack of money does to us. I can't enjoy myself today it costs to much, I cant buy that house it costs to much, I cant loose weight i dont get paid enough, I need to get surgery but im going to have to deal with it because it costs to much, I cant go to the family reunion because I'll have to dip into my savings, and my personal favorite, I cant because it costs to much. Without money a human is not able to function in our life because of that whisp in the wind that says it can't. Was it the money that built this world  what it is today or was it the choice to do? Was it the cave man that said i cant who created fire i doubt it? Was it the women who said she cant that caused agriculture to start? Was it the slave who said I cant that built the pyrmiads? Was it Edison who said he cant that created light? Was it Lincoln who said he cant that started the civil war? Was it the immigrants who came up with somethin constructive to do that created jobs? Is it you who has the choice to say yes I can? The answer my friend is money. Money is what has done it all. That Whisp in the wind and that tweedle dee bird that says i cant when there is no money is what will run this world and unfortunately there is nothing we can do because we are out of money. So the world will end in 2012 unless by some crazy chance that everyone who ever said I cant is wrong. I doubt it though

Submitted: July 26, 2009

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Brian W

Not a bad essay and many in this world rely on money BUT sadly to many rely completely on it. There are many things we can do where we do not need money. Can not afford bus fare?? Leave earlier and walk. Can not lose weight?? again walk it cost nothing. Popcorn at the movies to expensive?? make your own and hire an old movie to watch at home. No jobs to be had?? Do not sit around and become lazy get out and volanteer or work around the house. Our lives are whar we make them and for the lucky ones like myself who has no money I make the best with what I have. Still not a bad essay

Mon, July 27th, 2009 5:24am


those are the exact comments i want that essay to provoke. I know someone who has made the excuse its to expensive to loose weight.

Mon, July 27th, 2009 8:53am

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