Normal Is

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Things that people think are normal.

Submitted: October 25, 2009

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Submitted: October 25, 2009



Normal is a sunny day and waking up to say good morning Normal is a chipper smile a sane and Christian mind For normal is everything that makes us happy not disturbing anything

Normal is a purring kitten A dog who gets a treat Normal is people plugging their nose and pointing at really smelly feat Its when the good guy wins and the bad guy looses every one it suits

For normal is quite definable Its something that is undeniable You won't be embarrassed or slightly odd When your religious believing in, Allah, Buddha, or god.

Normal is food that tastes good like pizza, hot dogs, or frog Wait now yes thats not quite right, who the hell eats frog Normal is a warm bath a warm shower or sauna The feeling that nothing bads going to happen when your sniffing a flower

Its every moment not leaping for joy or running for your life Isn't offensive defensive or crazy like parents killing her kids with knife For thats perfectly normal when theres a circumstance Like being scared and pissing your pants But whats that now that wasn't contemporary Thats out of the normal not really quite ordinary

For normal is that perfect day Grandma's in the garden And normal is the only way No difference to be starting

So the message is this why dontchall just fit in And there will be nothing to loose or nothing to win Cause normal is this crazy place where absolutely nothing happens And normal Simply is, Simply a place that doesn't exist

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