Nothing for Love

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A female I adored.

Submitted: September 16, 2009

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Submitted: September 16, 2009



Sara, a tall blonde with beautiful stature and prestige curved body with gruesome melt water blue eyes stepped out in front of me as I walked into the three story brick walled school down by the band room end. She turned right from the band room and headed away from me to the locker bay. I walked through the door way and passed the large hallway entrance to the band room. Walking up to her by her locker as she was placing her books in her locker I hid my nerves saying, \"Hey Sara, why are you here so early?\"

She turned her head gracefully as her hair twirled gently away from her face while it lit up in a cute smile showing her new braces, \"Oh, hey Jacob how's it going? Mr. Jugavich gave me detention for having gum in his class during the lab yesterday.\"

Laughing at her, \"That's stupid I bet he just wants you in his class to do his dirty work\"

Sara rose and closed her locker holding her books turning towards me. I was slightly embarrassed because she was a couple inches taller than me and I had been crushing on her for nearly three months now. She is so friendly and her smile and fluency in talking makes me blush as I turn my head to cough, caught in her eyes. She spoke with no pause, \"Yah, he'll probably make me correct all the assignments like he did to Tiffany last week. Not to mention how perverted he is, he really needs to get out of this school. Did you hear what happened yesterday to Tiff?\"

Not even interrupting the story I put in a useless, \"No.\", but she continued to explain how Mr. Jugavich, our perverted rectangle headed science and math teacher, threw a piece of gum down Tiffany's cleavage. Poor Tiffany must have been so embarrassed and disturbed to have this towering slim teacher with his professional tie, button up shirt, with cacky pants, and his awfully greasy graying spiked hair toss anything at her let alone her boobs!

I let her continue on about how disgusting and vile Mr. Jugavich is but I didn't want to interrupt her as I stood there admiring her beauty. Her blue tank top showing off her curves were nothing compared to her voice and her personality. I wished I could of stayed listening to her longer but I had some homework to finish from procrastinating the night before.

Stopping her I said, \"That sounds really terrible. Mr. Jugavich is a prick anyways, but I have to go find Simon to do some homework aka cheating because I didn't feel like doing homework last night.\"

Sara said snotty to the idea of homework, \"I never do my homework until I get to school, than me and Tiff just share answers. See you in Science today, to bad we don't have math together too because than class wouldn't be so boring.\"

I said walking toward the stairs on the far end of the locker bay snaking up the right, \" Yah that would be nice, to bad it's to late to change schedules otherwise I totally would. See you in Science.\"

I headed at a quick pompous pace up the three flights of red stairs for I was rather satisfied with myself, even though my backpack had become increasingly heavy on my back talking to Sara. I thought maybe holding my backpack that long was a sign of my strength. I was more pleased that I was able to hide my hots for her by saying good bye to her first. If I had really liked her, which I secretly do, she would of noticed if I had stayed there listening and talking for the whole morning. I'm important because I have things to do and I am definitely her type of guy because I cheat on homework which is really bad to do. I think I have to have a chance with her because she said she wished I had been in her other class. I should just ask her out but not yet I need more proof of her liking me.

Tiffany was Sara's stupid follow along side kick. She had more body than Sara's and was perfect for any of the jackass guys like Tanner that had taken heart for her. She was slightly taller than Sara and had a beach blonde hair which matched her, for better words, lack of intellegience. She was stunning to the looks but frightful to the mind. She walked and talked with Sara all the time.

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