Politically Grafiti

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I was walking across the bridge when I found graffiti

I was out on a late afternoon walk so I could simply enjoy the pleasures of being outside of town on a local trail in a conservative county when outside of town I came across the bridge that goes over the busy road in order to avoid being hit as I noticed orange and blue spray paint with two duck symbols. The first though that immediately hit me was gang work that has two ducks as there scary symbol. I suppose I could understand if they had a mean looking bear or wolverine, a snake or a dragon, or a saying that represented there inner most feelings..... But no, they decided to use a duck as there symbol to represent themselves on a bridge on a trail. After seeing this I then began to think about the graffiti that i find inside our high school bathrooms usually scraped away paint in some form of a penis or god knows what. Whenever I see these things I think it would be terrible hyprocritacaly funny if I were to right a rant about how graffiti is really rude. My rant would go something like this..... I was going to the bathroom so i could simply take a crap in the over populated carnival down by the lake in an extremely liberal town when i came to grab the toilet paper i noticed there was an etch a sketch glued on to the bathroom wall. The first thought that came to mind.... no but really i would like to give a rant. So anyways back to my original story on the graffiti ducks. Im pretty sure the old people and farmers who run the extremely conservative town in which I live would appreciate if you didnt vandilize the public trail. I would like to suggest to those who vandilized this bridge to continue walking all the way into the twin cities or take a flight to washington where this type of behavior would be considered an art form, and they would take away your gun and give you a spray paint can and tell you to go express yourself because we accept all people eccept those who actually give a rats ass.

Submitted: July 20, 2009

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Felicia Marie

Hahah! This is wonderful!

Thu, July 23rd, 2009 7:02pm


The funny part to me is im actually liberal.

Thu, July 23rd, 2009 7:55pm

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