Sibling Tree Tension

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Creative Writing story about a girl a boy and some trees.

Submitted: July 21, 2009

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Submitted: July 21, 2009



The sun came through the trees quickly heating the earth to its humid 80 degree weather. A young boy carried a shotgun as his young black lab circled trampling the ground with excitement as it panted and whined. The teenage boy with green eyes and blond hair raised his sun braised arms with the shotgun aimed at the rackety squirrel. The gun went off and a sharp female scream came from behind him.

Brandy said, “Don’t you look before you shoot? You could hurt someone.”

Brent said, “How the heck could you hurt someone when you are aiming at the trees.” He smiled patiently explaining.

The girl had long black hair and a healthy body. She batted her green eyes as she replied embarrassed, “I guess you’re right, but still you knew I was coming and you know I startle easily.”

Brent answered unempathetically, “Whatever.”

Asking playfully as she bent over petting the hyperactive dog,it continued to pester her. Petting and praising the dog Brandy said, “What did you decide on naming the pup? He is so cute, yes you are, yes you are.”

Brent answers, “Lego.”

Laughing at his name, Brandy insults, “What a dorky name for a dog, you poor thing. What a silly name for a dog. I would never name a dog Lego.”

Brent, getting the dog’s attention, said, “Come here Lego, now go home, pointing toward the house in the distance, kicking the pup lightly as the dog moseyed toward home.

Calling the dog back, Brandy says, “Come here Lego, you’re not bothering anyone.”

Brent raising his voice and pointing back to the house said, “No go home, I do not need my hunting dog turned into a pansy spoiled mutt.”

Putting her arms on her side and turning her head, Brandy said, “A little attention never hurt a dog. Gees, now what tree are we using as our center?”

Pointing to the tree he shot the squirrel out of he said, “This one. The one I shot the squirrel out of. What we are going to do is connect these two trees on the north end to the one I just shot the squirrel out of…”

Butting in, Brandy says, “Why do you…”

Brent said, “Would you let me finish? We are going to connect them with two by fours. Then put two by fours as floor boards on top.”

Brandy asks, “Why do you want the large end on the North? There won’t be any decent sun for the windows or a deck if they want. Plus, wouldn’t we want a larger deck? Are their any other places we could try to build?”

Brent replied, “No, this is the only place we have to build and it is best if we stick to my plans.”

Brandy says, “Of course, we always stick to the male’s plans, because a male can never be wrong. And why in the world would we want sun in a fort we are making for our cousins. We do not need to put any thought into something our parents asked us to do.”

The two by fours were piled up to the two trees to the north and it was just getting past noon. Luckily clouds were taking a bit out of the humidity and heat.

Brent said, “Let’s get started before the rain starts and we have to go inside.” Brent begins to walk over to the two by fours and tells Brandy to come and help. Brandy is sitting down next to the center tree with her arms crossed as she reiterates, “Heck if I am going to help you, I don’t think I am capable of doing any work for you unless of course you take some time to listen to what I suggested.”

I wasn’t going to tell you this because I thought I would be wasting my time, “but the ants decided to nest in those southern trees.”

Walking over to the southern two trees, Brandy said, “I don’t see any ants here. It is all in your head. There are two dirt nests over here, but that does not necessarily mean they have nested in the trees.”

Brent walking over says, “There were carpenter ants here yesterday and I do not want take the stupid chance that you are suggesting that will cause the fort to rot out and crumble.”

Brandy said, “There are clearly no ants here today and there probably weren’t any here yesterday and their probably won’t be any tomorrow. So why don’t you take my suggestion and get some sunlight in the fort and make it so it can have a deck. We could make a cool fort instead of some simple construction from your feeble mindedness.”

Brent goes over and kicks the pile of two by fours over, picks up the hammer flinging it at a tree and says, “Forget it, I will do it tomorrow.”

Brandy begins thinking to herself, “The easiest thing to do is to cut down this middle tree, buy four more two by fours, cut forty five degree angles, connect them to the tress and four sided floor so we can have both a northern and southern end and stable fort because there are clearly no carpenter ants here.”

Brandy walks over to the shack, picks up a chainsaw, and cranks the rope revving the chainsaw as it chokes to start. Walking carefully over to the tree, she revvs the chainsaw fast enough for the teeth of the chainsaw to tear into the bark and swiftly through the soft bark, stopping it half way; taking out the chainsaw to make another undercut allowing the tree to fall away from her. Turning the chainsaw off and turning back to the house she finds Brent with his mouth wide and his hands limply to his side.

Brandy says, “There problem solved.” She throws the chainsaw at Brent as she walks toward the house.

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