Solving Our Problem

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I wrote this because I am sick and tired of everyone complaining about money wah wah wah.

Submitted: July 20, 2009

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Submitted: July 20, 2009



Maybe solving the poor economy and preventing the end of the world Isn't as easy as I am about to describe but whether or not you agree with my basic thinking is up to you. We were cleaning our dorms at college and I chuckled when a girl, who was suppose to be cleaning, was sitting in the computer lab. This is not the part the at made me laugh. The part that made me laugh was when she came to me complaining how she had to be the god damn parents of her roommates otherwise nothing would get cleaned. My room was the first room finished simply because of the communication and effort given to the project. We didn't complain that this task needed to be done. We worked together giving ideas on how the task of cleaning our room should be done. We thought what would be more efficient? Should we clean the toilet before the floor? How should we choose who mops, sweeps, or dusts? How much effort should be put into cleaning the bathroom as to cleaning our windows? After making these imperative decisions, acting upon them, and problem solving along the way, we came to the finished goal of a squeaky clean room. Even though we were finished we still had the one girl down the hall fighting with her roommates with absolutely nothing being accomplished. Now lets apply the same strategy to our economic crisis. Instead of complaining about the task before us, fighting over what should be done, not being able to problem solve, and blaming everybody but yourself, we should try to make these imperative decisions, decide what doesn't work, supply new ideas, and finish the task before us. My understanding of what got us to this position is banks loaned to the wrong people, people quit spending money, and fanny Mack and Freddy May are to blame. Oh and i guess the president is to blame to. The only thing i don't understand is that the president and Freddy who and what Aren't capable of buying everything. The people of the united states still have the control of this country and the only solutions i see is to create jobs and stop being so frugal. If you are able to buy something please i beg of you buy it. I don't care if it is from china because it is a global economy now a days. Another problem with peoples thinking is the laziness and complaining. When I was in entrepreneurship I saw a person get laid off but instead of moping around bitching, complaining, and blaming everyone else, this person created an American business that employed Americans. You are still able to create jobs and you need to get in this group project and communicate. I ask you to learn how to take your idea whatever it is and create business and jobs. We are not out of options and I'm not saying i have the best plan the only thing we can do is try. Luckily what I know doesn't work is the fighting, blaming, and ignorance that causes nothing to get done.

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