Trying is Never enough.

There are not enough people out there who even begin to explore themselves to find what they are truly gifted in and passionate about. Most stop before even taking the first steps. The availability of distractions trumps the ability to even access what we are really made out of. People emphasize importance on nescessity and consisitancy before even realizing they are going to just trip over themselves no matter what they do. Before one even ties their shoes together they end up on social networking sites, late hour parties, or in front of a blaring screen usually full of useless media extending the coverage of bias lies.

In all these places there is a large waste of time that is slowly making the world a more animalistic place. People don't think anymore. If they are not being brainwashed by useless viral links that have no meaning and substance, they are out destroying their minds with alcohol, drugs, and pathetic socialization. Minds become numb with senseless games and movies that focus on need and not thought.

Sex, social attention, money, humor, food, and other things destroy value in what those things truly are and how they should be used to further causes. Popularity is no longer an intelectuall contest. I doubt it ever has been. It has always been a who has the next socially deemed next thing contest. Who is on top of the newest trend? Those people win while truly intellectual people fail at provoking thought simply because people do not think.

When someone actually does take the step to teach and explore, they are standing in front of an audience of stupidity. So you need to create a liar of yourself to generate any attention. You need to swing a certain direction in order to get people in tune with your fake stupidity. Normal doesn't win. Normal people follow the crazy. I just want normal people to understand. So thefore, I am forced to be crazy.

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Submitted: July 23, 2010

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