this was written for a realization of the horror 9 11 brought to the world. There wasn't a moment to be in peace.


Peaceful in the sunlit harbor among the great skyline

Appraise I did the magnitude I saw before my eyes
I saw two towers there before me magnificent divine
There reflections were obscure among the bright sunrise
As day break became nonexistent and the kids at school
An uproar of the busy people tumbled through the streets
Knew nothing of the damned to come thinking like a fool
Devastation strikes one tower and than the scene repeats
Anxious fearful panic - stricken scared of what to come
Sitting still and motionless watching the TV
Waiting staring maybe fearing what is to become
Those lives taken at an instant turned to memory
Many people marveled at the greatness of despair
Feeling bad for those lives lost there souls may rest in peace
Tear filled Sorrow is for surely felt amongst the air
Thinking of the greatest fortune may the hell soon cease
No the horror has just started the end will not come soon
Cause this is just the first event of the calamitous timeline
The next piece of the horror story is one we can’t attune
The pentagon goes up in flames this has to be a sign
How much can you fit into an hour you just wait and see
As the pentagon is blazing the southern tower crumbles
A tribute to the people of flight number ninety three
Right after that, the last to go, the northern tower tumbles
Now today as you look back take some time to think
Of those who died and those who cried and those who fight for freedom
The smallest hole will always cause the greatest ship to sink
Prevent that hole by being made by speaking words of wisdom

Submitted: July 17, 2009

© Copyright 2023 frog. All rights reserved.

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Brian W

This was an event that changed the way we live in this world in many ways. A nice poem about a devistating event. Well written

Sun, July 26th, 2009 10:46pm


i had to think twice when i named it timeless serenity its all most misguiding but then 9 11 was unexpected and caused many people to feel a little confused

Sun, July 26th, 2009 4:28pm

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