Vacuums in my Dreams

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Mom woke me up with the vacuum cleaner. And its a story poem so of course it ends kind of badly.

Submitted: July 22, 2009

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Submitted: July 22, 2009



Wasted away in what was late night dreaming the sunset on the beach was before my eyes

The day was ending the noise was nothing there wasnt a bug nor bother in site

When suddenly arose from no where this hum and scratch against the hardwood floor

I turned and tossed the sunset was lost and in my eyes the opposite

What a way to awake i think its now day break as the hum and scratch hit my bedroom door

My teenage reaction would be not one of satisfaction as I cussed and sweared inside my head

My mom with no idea knew I was whining and moaning there trying to sleep in bed

Suddenly it fell silent and i was able to rest again

My brain went back to dream land where a genie was about to lend

Lend me my wishes of money mansions and such when another sound came

To my life it was a punch

It was a louder hum that got louder and softer as it moved

I could tell it was for the carpet and swing to pissed did my mood

I swore and cussed insead my head as i tried to sleep in bed

I twisted and turned and that noise began to burn

When again it finally turned silent

And no longer was I violent as I fell again to dream land

As I flew away to never land

When something rang my ear wrong

It was something more electric and my head became estatic as the brushes brushed the floor

For I had had enough because the morning was to rough

I came outside my door way

As my mom said good morning

I stood there like the devil staring god right in the eye

I said mom I hate the morning I think its your turn to die

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