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Walking with Philosophy Walking with Philosophy

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Status: Finished

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This is my Multi genre research paper I did on Zoroaster
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This is my Multi genre research paper I did on Zoroaster

Chapter1 (v.1) - Zoraoster's Journey

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This is my Multi genre research paper I did on Zoroaster

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 21, 2009

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 21, 2009




Imagine yourself as a young child being tormented and awed by vivid visions of demons trying to kill you. Imagine that in reality a king tries to kill you. Imagine that you are a genius who has more philosophical knowledge than any of you peers and more importantly, the adults and leaders around you. You are the kid who never stops asking why, how, what, who, and the child that is never bored by receiving more intelligence. You are the child who questions the morals of the day and the adolescent who is abnormal and isn’t understood by others. You grow into an adult deciding earth’s wealth, money, power, and other worldly possessions are useless to your cause. For your quest is to find the meaning of life. You are the one who avoids the traveled road, the less beaten path, and decide that the best way to travel is by creating a new path. Imagine that you go on a spiritual journey meeting god and his archangels. Imagine you are attacked by the devil and become the ruler of demons. Do you have the strength and durability to create a new religion and spread it across your land? Or will you succumb to the monotone ways of the common roads?


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Wednesday May 27, sometime in the 10th,or 7th century before the common era. It seems to me that people are dominated by gold, power, and material things like expensive spices from Greece or Asia. What is it about these things that draw people to them? Shouldn’t people be more concerned about the value of life and its quality? I suppose the quality of life is more commonly measured by the things you have and not the good you accomplish within your lifetime. The quality of life is measured by how much land is acquired, how many kids go on to make a legacy, and how much gold and property one can get there hands on. I once was preoccupied with these ideas of getting my hands on power, gold, and beautiful palaces because those things meant you were successful and were able to control your people in a manner which everyone was happy. As I have observed over the last few years of my life these worldly things mean nothing more than that you receive more than you give. The more power you have the more pressure you have to increase your land control by the destruction of other people. I have become upset that people value money, power, and extravagant living more than the value of just living with the things we need. Could one live without these things? The poor who live amongst the streets and the slaves seem to live such miserable lives with meager diets are surviving. The other day I saw a two people exchange words of kindness even though they were poor, they were able to communicate in such a way that made them seem more powerful than any king I have ever seen. I see kings and knights under them whip people with anger and yell for more power. How is this yelling good? This yelling and urge for more power proves to me that gold, power, and extravagant living is no longer something I can strive for. I must somehow avoid these traps of the mind and seek to improve the quality of all human life whether they are poor or rich. I feel so sorry for those who have fallen for the trap of foolishness; money, power, palaces.

Thursday, May 28th. Gold is a material item and it has value because it is a rare resource like spices, herbs, oils, fur coats, and other valued items. There are a countless numbers of individuals out there. If each person is truly a one and only individual than doesn’t that mean each man is worth more than gold? We used spices today from a foreign country and they made the food delicious. Could we use people to spice up food? I know we couldn’t, but if we truly valued people as we did our spices human potential could soar to an endless amount of possibilities.

Friday, May 29th. One usually receives power by an agreement of the masses. The masses agree that they will do whatever the next person in line says. Sometimes the next person in line gets slaughtered over some disagreement of how to rule the empire and a new line of people takes over. How does the king maintain power? People listen to the king and do as the king says because they receive benefits from the king. Of course, they receive money for doing what the king orders and they can therefore receive worldly pleasures like spices, gold, incense, and myrrh. This is how after thousands of years of human inequalities kings have maintained control and very little has changed. If I were to get rid of these earthly things and quit eating so much luxurious food I would be able to succeed in saving ourselves from self abomination.

Rhetorical Questions

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What is it about money and power that draw people to them?

What about power is good for those who do not have it?

Shouldn’t people be more concerned about the value of life and its quality?

Can the quality of life be objectively measured by the good one does?

Could one live without luxury?

What about dominating another human is good for us, other than the fact we don’t have to change?

How is yelling a good practice?

If each person is truly a one and only individual than doesn’t that mean each man is worth more than gold?

Who created good?

What do poor people and slaves have that rich people don’t?

How does the king maintain power?

Can the quality of life be truly increased by doing good deeds for others?

What defines good doings?

Who is the creator of all things?

Who causes the evil and untruthful things in this world?

What is the meaning of life?

What happens when we die?

If the cause of spirit possessed men is caused by the repetition of similar happenings while trying to seek a different outcome, doesn’t the repetitions of history make us all demon possessed?

How do you stop the natural patterns of life in order to seek enlightenment and a better quality of life?

If a shilop is a shiloop and a shazazzle is a shilop is a shiloop necessarily a shazazzle?

There is this mysterious man who lives amongst the trees and mountains.
I come across him meditating but never see him eat.
He lives in caves and climbs through mountains
Living off springs and pure water fountains
He spoke to me and I was scared, but all he said was evil minds create evil.
He than asked me where does evil come from I said thin air
His face became distraught
As it filled with thought
And I went on my way said have a nice day he replied it is it is
Never again have I seen him and his long white robe
The man who thought his cave was the only abode
I went to my garden watered and sowed
Than twenty years later the king switched religions
The towns people and nobles with there suspicions
The religion taught that evil came from Angra Mainyu
Now into the future there’s only a few
The man that lived in the forest became a prophet created a religion traveled and taught it
Through visions of angels and dangerous quests
He could have snatched me and put me to test
But his message is simple treat all with respect
Short Story
Vohumanah the archangel of good thought and presiding lord of the domestic animals came to Zoroaster in a prophetic vision.

“Come here through the light Zoroaster, do not fear me for I am the lord of domestic animals and the archangel of good thought. I have been sent by Ahura Mazda to lead you to his abode.”

The light was pure white, that of the snow on top of the mountains. A white that was undisturbed. A feeling of religious ecstasy and purity went through Zoroaster as Vohumanah used his celestial powers to direct Zoroaster’s soul out of his body and to Ahura Mazda. Vohumanah lead Zoroaster’s soul through the clouds and into the blue sky which was full of heavenly belongings, that of gold and silver side walks. White buildings with gold edgings and green trees grasses and landscaping that went to the infinite edges of heaven were amongst this space.

“I bring you to meet Ahura Mazda the creator of the earth and of good. He will provide you with knowledge necessary to take on your further prophetic journeys and some dangers you will face.”

Vohumanah brought Zoroaster through the golden gates of Ahura Mazda’s abode and into the white building with climbing vines and metal edgings. Clean water came from the snow capped igneous gray mountains which flowed into a river that supplied Ahura mazda’s abode and the fresh green grass. The grass was consumed by the livestock while golden fields of corn and wheat rolled in the distance as if the mountains were looking over them. The corn was sown willingly by all people of the earth to supply the chickens in front of this white and green Majestrae.

They walked through the doors and Ahura Mazda spoke to Zoroaster as the archangel left to greet those of Ahura Mazda’s abode.

“Come to me.” The voice spoke vibrantly causing feelings of safety, peace, and immortality.

Zoroaster smiled at this, and followed his heart’s feeling as if he were in his caves meditating. He was able to follow this voice through what was now a warm feeling of sun and he was completely surrounded by white purity and a content comfort. This evoked emotions of safety peace and immortality in Zoroaster just as Ahura Mazda’s voice had. Zoroaster listened to Ahura Mazdu’s message and advice.

“For times have forever lead humans into a spiral of two undeniable forces my young cricket.”

Zoroaster asked, “What are the two forces that send people into spirals my Lord?”

“You have always been inquisitive Zoroaster; this is why I have chosen you to go on a spiritual journey and to be a prophet.”

Zoroaster asked, “You have created earth and goodness, what is it that compliments this?”

“For evil compliments earth and its good. For, these are the two things that send human kind into spirals.”

“How do you avoid such evil and what is it that creates evil?”

“For evil minds create evil and my opponent Ahriman controls this evil.”

“Ahriman, who created Ahriman the controller of evil and how can he be stopped, for Ahriman has caused so much destruction through money, power, and human control on earth. He must be stopped right?”

“Full of questions you are, answer you I must not. Though, tell you something of importance I shall.”

“What is it you have to tell me? Please enlighten me.”

“I shall answer your question about how to stop evil. Only through divine revelations may you learn to counteract the evil in the world. Vohumanah, the archangel of domesticated animals, will teach you to care for the animals. When the animals look at you with fear it is because they fear you and you must break that fear through kindness and patience. The archangel Asha Vahistha, the presiding lord over fire, will teach you how to be righteous and keep your campfires burning. Only through righteousness can you keep your eternal fire alive. Khehathra, the archangel of good royalty and presiding lord over the metals, will give you royalty through the preservation and proper use of metals. Use metals for good and not war and you shall find yourself teaching good ways to the children of the earth. Spenta Armaith, the archangel of modesty presiding lord of earth, will teach you to keep a simple mind like that of a child who has not been destroyed through years of wretched lying and poppycock. For you will learn to be simple and prudent like the earth’s mountains and dirt. Through simplicity you can thrive like that of the trees. Hauravatat, the archangel of health the presiding lord of the waters, will teach you how to be full, buoyant, and swimming with life as the water. Lastly, the archangel of immortality who presides over plants will teach you of the plants, there ability to live for long periods of time, and qualities leading to immortality. There is one last thing I must tell. Only through knowledge and good doing can evil be counteracted. Now leave to earth. I wish you well.”

Zoroaster’s body was laying on a beaten path in the woods with a small village to the west were the sun was rising. Zoroaster awoke in his body and rose in his ragged oily brown clothes only to hear something behind him. The something appeared in a male body and was also wearing ragged oily clothes similar to Zoroaster’s. He looked surprisingly similar to Zoroaster. He was tall, skinny, and had long wavy hair with a beard. The sun hit his eyes causing them to appear red. He also had a donkey that was carrying a sack on its back. The donkey was snorting, stomping, and acting rather skittish. The man spoke to Zoroaster.

“Zoroaster, I heard you were plotting against the king’s power and wealth in order to gain power for yourself.”

“I have done no such thinking, but I believe through the abolishment of wealth and power humans can gain the power of good.”

“You know that the evil of man can not be stopped. For, it has lasted for thousands of centuries and it will never be stopped. The only way to get good in this world is through conquering and wealth. For these things show we are good.”

Zoroaster approached the donkey that was still acting rather skittish and took off the package which had gold silver and spices stored in it.

“Did I say you could fondle my belongings and approach my donkey? For you know it is not right to do these things without proper permission.”

“For when one is in need of help I shall help and when one will misuse an animal for there own selfish gain, I shall intervene.”

The man and donkey vanished after this statement and the feelings of hate, anger, and fury, built inside him as the spikes of thorn bushes penetrated his insides causing internal fires of blood. For what a fool Zoroaster was for not realizing that Ahriman and his evil demon spirits had come to attack him. Screams of children and fires intruded the Zoroaster’s mind. Black and red dancers of men laughed as they lead there armies. Zoroaster screamed a question that instantly brought his misery to an end.

“For why is fire so evil and its colors presented as that when righteousness, eternal life, and wellness can be made with the same fire and colors humans have made so destructive?”

Zoroaster’s soul left his body and was brought to Ahura Mazda’s Abode. With heat and comfort now surrounding Zoroaste,r Ahura Mazda’s voice brought peace to his mind when Ahura Mazda answered, “For life is a balance between good and evil and fire contains both.”


A young child (Zoroaster) enters the stage from the right. The stage is filled with trees and a river pond or spring. The child is humming a non recognizable tune and skipping happily in a circle when he notices a butterfly and tries to catch it. When his attempts fail he bends over to the water and begins to drink when the stage turns blood dark with flashes. The child raises his head and watches.

Demons – (enter left stage laughing and dancing of evilly as they throw fire and stay on the side)

Demon one – What were we sent here for again?

Demon two – We were sent here to kill the child.

Demon three – There is no one here. Are you sure we are to come here?

Demon two – Yes, it was here by the river (Pond or water source) that we were sent to kill him, but not a child to be seen.

Demon one – (Points to the child) There, watching us by the river.

Demons – Get him (They run toward the child as the stage remains red wherever they go.)

Ahura Mazda, Appears from the left uncovering the audience’s blind spot (Use a cloth that disguises him to create an appearing effecting. Make sure the cloth can disappear quickly) He is wearing a white robe, has a white beard, and a staff.

Ahura Mazda – Leave him alone and send someone of equal power to defeat me and the child of Iran.

Ahriman, Appears on the right in a similar fashion as Ahura Mazda. He wears red and black with black horns, he also is carrying a staff. (Both fly into the air coming towards each other.) They have an epic battle with magical forces causing them to slam into side curtains and fall on the floor until Ahriman is defeated as he exits on the left crawling and Ahura Mazda vanishes on the left. As the battle occurs the following is said.

Ahura – I will ask you to step down and we can end this without pain.

Ahriman – I could never give up a chance to end your power and I must end the prophet’s life for he is to lead people away from me and to you.

Ahura – The prophet shall not be killed but you on the other hand shall let men choose for themselves if they choose good over evil. For evil only causes more pain and death instead of everlasting life.

Ahriman – Good is overrated. For good is just something that bores people out of their mind. If there was no evil, the world would be boring and no one would learn anything. The meaning of life would be nothing, and that’s a fact.

Ahura – It is that type of thinking that creates the evil mind and one who thinks like this creates more evil by recklessly making decisions without any thought. The evil one goes forth the journey of life without knowledge expecting to learn from the mistakes. The failure is only allowed to happen when one expects to fail.

Ahriman – No, failure is caused by human’s nature. It is human’s nature to fail and that can not be denied.

Ahura – One does at times go without thinking because he or she is to oblivious to think of the consequences to his or her actions. They forget their values and take a turn for the worse. Sometimes they get rewarded for going against there morals. It is only when one is punished for going against their morals that they truly learn from their mistakes.

Ahriman – And who is it that rewards them when they do good?

Ahura – Doing good is the reward that leads to the equality of humans.

Ahriman – Some reward that is. At least I reward my followers with something of immediate value. For I give the men what they want; money, power, pretty women, and palaces. You are clueless to what people want and I provide them with what they want. That’s more then you can say.

Ahura – Giving people what they want is simply pleasurable, but I created what people need not what people want. For I created good and equality, I created water, I created food, I created love and the earth, I created the air, I created the human to live splendidly without these wants of wealth, plainly put lust, and bigotry. Look at what wants cause. When people don’t get what they want they whine and cry poor me. They forget about what is constantly theirs; love, compassion, equality, food, water, and shelter. These things are all good.

Ahriman – Like I said before, I give humans things of value not all that sentimental poppycock you speak of Ahura. See, I allow people to think for them selves and strife for there wants. I don’t just give them what they want. They have to sell their soul to me in order to receive things of value. Yet again I bring up the argument of boooring. Sounds good, just give them what they want and don’t make them work for it. That is exactly what we want to teach are children.

Ahura – It depends on what you supply them with and so that may be.

Act two

The fight comes to an end and the child returns to playing except now it is night and he is humming when a firefly catches his attention. He tries to catch it but fails.

King – Where is this child I am supposed to kill? I can’t wait till I get my hands on him stealing money from the hills in which I own. I can’t imagine the guilt. Maybe I will just lock him up and use him as a servant. No, he will find a way to escape he is to wise. (He spots the child and approaches him kindly. (Clears his throat.) Hi my child. Are you lost and frightened?

Child – No sir, I was wondering what caused the firefly to glow sir, I will leave sir.

King – Don’t be afraid child. Come with me where you can have all the money, chocolate, and space you can imagine. You can sleep in a big bed and bathe in a hot pool to bathe your self.

Child – Chocolate makes my teeth hurt and I already took a bath today. Money is sparse where I come from. I shall be going sir.

King – Nonsense, come with me. (Reaching toward the child to pick him up.)

Ahura voice – You lay a hand on him and you to sir shall have the depths of hell raised upon you.

King – (Angrily) What was that? Was that your master?

Child – (Scared nearly crying) No sir, leave sir, I mean I will go sir. (Leaving stage he is stopped by Ahura.)

Ahura, Appears again - No child, stay here and I shall deal with him. (Chasing king off Stage.) I said leave him alone or I shall spite you.

King – (Scared) Sorry, I will leave. Don’t hurt me. Leave me be. I was just asking the child to come with me.

Extra information, a response to my creative writing experience.
I have always had troubles explaining thoughts and ideas. This was proven to me when I took a personality test that said I have difficulties speaking in ways people can understand. I was shocked when I read this about myself because it hit me like a ton of bricks, this is why people look at me like I don’t know what I am talking about. I originally thought it would be a bad idea to pick Zoroaster for an end of the year project because my mind has been focused on summer for the last month. So first I will provide some clarifying information and topic reasoning.

I had already done a beginning piece that looked at the things going through Zoroaster’s in a stream of consciousness. The whole piece was mainly to describe what Zoroaster looked like and give a sample of what type of things go through a prophet’s head.I wanted to give a clue to the reader that he was prophet and in his pictures he was portrayed as intelligent and as a god. Anytime there is a sun behind someone in a picture it usually signifies a god like figure or prophet. Than I decided to do a couple of journal entries because writing journals to me come naturally. I was even more surprised when I began reading about Zoroaster because he reminds me of all of the crazy thoughts that go through my head. I would love to ditch reality and go on a prophetic quest for the meaning of life. I often write in my journal how I might some day do it. This is why I decided to write from Zoroaster’s point of view when he was deciding that he should throw out traditional ways of life and go live in the woods. I provided reasoning based off my research as to why he might get up and leave. I also maintained a light comedy in my writing so I could keep interested and hopefully keep the reader interested. You could see this in the questions when it is serious and than I put in, “If a shilop is a shiloop and a shazazzle is a shilop is a shiloop necessarily a shazazzle? It was said that Zoroaster asked a priest a question that was so thought provoking the priest had a heart attack on his way home. This was based on a possible fact but the question is obviously a joke. I put in these questions because Zoroaster was renowned for his rhetorical questions. I did the short story because it was required. I generally dislike writing short stories because there are many details that could be touched upon, for example; taste, smell, emotions, sites, surroundings, and touch. I have difficulties deciding which senses are needed to describe the situation. Luckily once I got started on the short story I found myself enjoying it. I choose the revelations for the short story because what better way to describe a quest for knowledge than through a short story. I decided it would be a cake walk and even made up a new word to describe heaven, Majestrae. It was extremely easy to write. Than I decided to do a play for the attempts on Zoroaster’s life because I felt a sweet battle between flying good and evil powers would be a great drama. People come to see plays for action and comedy instead of having to think. I luckily incorporated both parts because you have both the devil and god of Zoroaster’s religion talking philosophically while managing to fight in the air. It would be dramatic genius in my mind. I generally think all my work is a piece of genius regardless of opinion. If you have not figured it ou,t Zoroaster is a chosen prophet who went on a religious journey to god, Ahura Mazda, and created his own religion. I focused on his prophetic visions and attempts on his lives over emphasizing what he believed. Zoroaster teaches that there is a fight between good and evil and you should do good and not evil. I also incorporated my beliefs throughout the work on the value of children, simplicity, and the evil of wealth and power because the basis for Judaism, Islam, and Christianity is linked nearly undeniably to Zoroaster.

I learned that Zoroaster was a philosopher and a prophet who went on a religious journey and started one of the first monotheistic religions with a dualistic system between good and evil. With such a broad look on Zoroaster I was able to move freely in my work without having to fit facts exactly. I was able to do this because the facts were sparsely available and his date of life could have been anywhere from 7,000 years to 500 years before Christ. My goal really became to become Zoroaster and see life from his point of view. I want people to read this and learn that the idea of good and evil did not originate from what we know today as the bible or torah. It was around for a longer period of time. I want people to see Zoroaster as a thinker and learn that the morals taught by the bible and torah were already taught by Zoroaster and probably even before that. I want people to remember Zoroaster even though his believers are already dwindling in numbers. This dwindling number is referenced in the poem when I say Now into the future there’s only a few. I no longer want people to say who is that when Zoroaster is mentioned. I would actually like to rekindle his existence before his name is lost in time.

Doing research this way has to be the most effective way for me to learn while I can actually enjoy learning. I am generally not a name and date type of person. I am a what happened, why, and what is your opinion on that type of person. If I were to have done this for the banana paper the earth might have exploded because of the amount of creative energy I would have generated would have overcome both forces of good and evil causing all rules of physics to be thrown out in a furious explosion. In other words, I would recommend learning about a topic through a multi genre medium rather than a, In 1894, Jonathon Weasel was assassinated by…

When I was researching my topic a book, A Fight to Be, I had just read came to my attention. Ronald Bassman, the writer of the book and the person I wrote a poem for, was a schizophrenic who reflected on his experience with schizophrenia as a spiritual journey to find him self. In his book he had many thought provoking questions just like Zoroaster the prophet. Call me crazy or rude, but the idea that prophets were just schizophrenics dealing with what we now call madness has been proposed before. Zoroaster had visions, heard voices of another power, and had demons try to kill him. This sounds ironically similar to what schizophrenics experience. Through my experiences, reading, and research I have drawn the teetering conclusion that there is no such thing as madness, and schizophrenics are just prophets on a temporary journey preparing for humans another religion we won’t listen to.

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