Logical Agreements Toward Living by Grace

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A logical guide toward living by grace and love, utilizing the benefits of neuro-plasticity, logic, the wisdom of pious religions, and common sense.

Submitted: October 19, 2012

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Submitted: October 19, 2012




1. You are an awareness, not labels, or self image. Labels, attitudes, thoughts,  beliefs, material possessions, personality, attachments, all are not the true self. The true self is established at conception and lives on after death. You do not need anything, or need to do anything, to be who you are already. Identification with pain, causes pain. Identification with awareness, sets up lifelong identity. If you are somehow less of a person from the bad decisions you have made, then doesnt making a good decision contradict the limitations you placed on your self image? If there was one case or experience in your life that contradicted a limiting belief about who you are or what you are capable of, then doesnt that mean there is a potential you are wrong about who you are?

2. It is insane to pit our self image against the image of other people. No matter what happens, there will always be someone better than us at anything we do. You are no less of a person, just because someone else is superficially superior. More beautiful, less beautiful, more rich, less rich, we are all capable of achieving our inner desires. 

3. Identity attachments to the superficial or material world set you up for upset. Be attached to the body, and as it ages and loses beauty, stress sets in. Attach yourself to ability, and when someone beats you, stress sets in. Attach yourself to being smart, and when you are outsmarted, stress sets in. Be attached to your job, get critisized or mess up, and stress sets in. Be identified with yourself, not in those things in which change, and bliss can be found.

4. Your awareness is in control of thoughts. You are not thoughts, awareness is in control of thoughts. Third person observance of thoughts must be established. Treat your thoughts as if they are an undisciplined child.

5. Contentment is sanity, and hinging contentment in acquisition of reliationship, material possession, self imrpovement, or anything, is psychotic addiction. You do not need anything, or need to do anything, in order to be content. Find contentment in self. Make decisions in order to find more contentment in self, meaning you allow yourself to express yourself as truly as possible. 

6. Personal identity validation can only be done personally. Nothing, and no one will ever give you an identity. You must establish your identity in your awareness, the consciousness that decides what to think and what to do, and in the unlimited potential you have to change anything in your life. 

7. Self worth is passive. There is nothing one can do to acquire worth, all people are capable of equal contribution to society. The capability is what gives people worth as human beings, not their active contribution. Gold doesnt lose wealth simply because it is not being used. People are worth more, for their contribution to people can go far beyond the worth of gold. 

8. Personal belief determines what you allow and disallow in life, including expression of self. To get what you want, you first must believe it is possible. To live the life you want, you must first believe you are capable of living it. 

9. The social contract and the inner desires of people, are reflected in all people, and therefore a gateway to unending empathy. 

10. Judgements of others, and self are finite, for people are capable of change. People are always learning, changing, and living new lives, a judgement today can become a triumph tomorrow. People have infinite potential. Judgement of others changes the image you have of them, limiting them to what they can do, which is translated into judgement of self to as what self can do. People stop being people after you label them, for they become limited in your mind. People are unlimited, and it is logical to forgive people, for they are capable of repentance.

11. No matter what has led upto this moment, you are the only one responsible for making it better.  

12. Obsessing about the past or future is of no use, as we only have the present moment. The past is only good to learn from, the future only good as potentiality. 

13. Identification with the superficial sets you up for suffering. An idea becomes belief after it substantiates itself, even in a limited perspective to true reality. The idea of not being good enough can become very convincing with little evidence, and even when there is substantial evidence in contracition, if there is a deep rooted cause for the originating idea of not being good enough, the belief can take strong hold in the self image of the individual. 

14. There are two paths in life. Grace or Power. You are good enough. You dont need more, you dont need to do anything, to be the great human being you have always been. You are equipped with the right amount of morality and conscience in order to make informed, loving, and responsible decisions for the betterment of all. No matter what happens, you will be loved. You can understand why people become bitter, they get no grace!

Or, you are not good enough, you need more materials, you need to take over the world, just to earn respect and win over friends and love. Its you against the world, your self image against the image of others, your beliefs against the beliefs of others. All false love and respect can be maintained as long as power and image is maintained. Power comes in money, possessions, self image, cars, houses, vanity, superificial qualities, and all bullshit. Power promises happiness, peace, love, and acceptance, but all is superficial happiness, momentary peace, fake love, and attracts only manipulative people.


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