The Death of King Tut

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You know how no one knows for sure who killed king Tut? Well, this is how i think everything happened in the view of King Tut himself.

Submitted: January 12, 2011

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Submitted: January 12, 2011



Assailants and Betrayers
Good evening,
My name is Tutankhamen and I would like to share with you my life story and my betrayer. This betrayer ruined my life that I had with so much hatred that didn’t truly understand its source. Do not misunderstand what I say, I am no fool. I was always suspicious of them and the more I think about it the more I believe that it was all of them at fault; it was conspiracy that put me in this state. They think that I am dead, but truly it is my body that is dead and my mind and heart strive, yet both suffer.
It all started midday on Sunday. There was a meeting of the staff. We spoke of whether or not we should return to the belief of monotheism because I was starting to think that the Amun priests were getting to powerful and too much in control. Ay was the first to respond to this, which I already anticipated would happen. He went on and on about how the Amun priests deserved the power. The speech got boring about 5 minutes in, I was going to continue the conversation because I thought he was done, but then he went into his whole childhood story and how he came from poverty to fame. This was when everyone sighed at the same time. Since I knew this wasn’t going to end soon, I chose that time to survey my surroundings.
We were in the royal library during the meeting.  The library was large and contained many scriptures, maps, and books limited only to the royals. The book cases and the columns that held up the ceiling were both encrusted with gold. There was my favorite reading chair off in the corner by the window that overlooked the town. The smell of old tomes filled my nostrils along with dust, but I refused to sneeze because that would be considered rude. After I have looked around, I directed my attention once more to Ay.
Horemheb intervened Ay’s childhood stories before it was too late and he proposed that we should move on to a different subject of more concerning matters. We started speaking of the Hittite king and whether or not he would prove as an issue for Egypt in the future. Horemheb was staring at my walking cane during the whole discussion and that drew my attention. I looked to my wife, Anhkesunamun, and she was staring at her stomach, she seemed so distracted. She did always want a child, but both times we tried they were still-born. I know for a fact that she blames me for it. I then looked to Maya, the royal treasurer, who was staring at a pile of coins and some gold pieces with so much focus. I wonder what his true intention was in his position.
With a few last words, the meeting was adjourned. As I watched them walk away I couldn’t help, but feel a deep morose take place in my chest. I grew up around them, I trusted them, but now I’m not so sure anymore. This was too risky and I couldn’t keep still about it any longer, so I took no chances and started the elimination plans. The best order that I should deal with them should be: First – Ay, Second- Horemheb, Third – Maya, and Fourth – Anhkesunamun. I retired to my secret drawing chamber where I initiated the plans.
My first target was the most likely and threatening, Ay. Ay would be a difficult challenge to rid the kingdom of. For example, if I come under suspicion of trying to kill Ay, he has the Amun priests to back him up. It was hard, but the target was both predictable and extremely proud. His movements are easily followed and his whereabouts easily known. His pride is his largest weakness. So to tear down a proud man, you must tear down his pride. It was time to execute the plan. I ordered the guard to bring me a prisoner due for execution. As planned, everyday at noon, Ay would go down an alley, in order to get to the local pub, where he likes to boast about his position in life.
I sent the prisoner to arrive at the alley at noon. The prisoner wasn’t aware of the plan, which made it all the easier. As Ay entered the alley, another man, hired by myself, came from the opposite end. The prisoner was already standing in the middle of the alley. The hired guard was then to run towards the prisoner and stab him with a knife. The hired guard was then to run to Ay place the dagger in his hand and make a run for it. Two soldiers and two guards on patrol were scheduled to show up a few seconds after the hired guard gets away from the opposite end of the alley. Due to Ay’s old age he wasn’t able to escape the guards’ sight in time. Ay was found with a bloody weapon and a dead body. He was immediately placed under arrest and would be sentenced to death the next day by yours truly and that eliminates Ay.

My second target was Horemheb which is also threatening due to his keen senses. The man can smell something amidst a mile away. Horemheb was a tricky one; to deal with him was very risky. The best way to kill a strong man without raising suspicion is to kill him through his loved ones. There is one specific person who I know is willing to kill Horemheb and that would be his wife. His wife always had feelings for the commoner market man from the town. So this would prove to be easy after all. I informed his wife of my plan and she was more than happy to help me carry out Horemheb’s death, as long as I grant her protection from being executed or tried for murder. I gave her my word and we then commenced the action.
When Horemheb arrived home from a long day at work for protecting the pharaoh and the royal subjects, his wife had dinner all ready for him. As he ate, she went back into the kitchen to get her cutting knife and hid it under a piece of cloth. She came up behind him and swiftly, with the knife, slashed at his throat. As he choked to breathe through the blood, guards kicked down the front door and saw Horemheb dying on the floor and his wife with the murder weapon in her hand. I stood behind the guards as they placed under arrest. She seemed so shocked that she couldn’t even say anything. The guards told her that an anonymous source told them that a murder would take place here near that time, she immediately turned to me, but I could only smile at her foolishness. I could not let her live because of the risk later betrayal. I of course was the anonymous source. That takes care of Horemheb.
Next on my list was Maya, our royal treasurer. I found out his true intentions, it seems that even though he has a royal job, that doesn’t mean that, his family is treated like royalty. His family was poor and could barely make a living. Maya was the type of man who would do anything for the well – being of his family, but his family wasn’t the only reason that he was so interested in the position of treasurer. He was also interested because of his own self greed. The question is: “How do you teach a greedy man a lesson?” The answer is: “Lock him up with his riches and nothing else.” This was by far the easiest out of all of them.
Planning this was quite easy because Maya had a knack for gambling. He would gamble with the determination that he would win a lot of money, but he always lost. He won’t lose this time and I made sure of that. At the usual gambling area, Maya is playing against two hired guards. After faking that they were actually in to the game they have their card set up in a losing hand. So in the end Maya would win and he did, which he then demanded a reward. The guards told him that they had no money on them, but they did know where the pharaoh’s secret treasure was. They told him the true area of where it was hidden and Maya wasted no time to get over there.
Once he got there he ran inside with a lop – sided grin plastered on his face. I then ordered the guards to seal the entrance behind Maya permanently. We heard no screams, but we did hear laughter. That rid the world of one greedy man.
Lastly was my dearest Anhkesunamun, my wife. I truly loved her, but I already knew that the feelings were not mutual. Since I loved her so, I let my guard down and everything seemed back to normal. Until one evening, we were drinking the finest wine of Egypt. We looked at only each other and no one else. We stared and stared, I wondered what she was thinking. At that moment I started to feel numb all over my body, I lost feeling everywhere and became immobilized, not even my mouth worked. This was when I realized that she wasn’t thinking of anything, but she was waiting. I could only watch as a smile slowly spread across her face and as another man, a stranger to me, walked in and put a blindfold around my eyes. I then felt myself being lifted up and carried far away.
A familiar smell entered my nostrils; we were in the catacombs of a tomb. I was set down on a hard surface and as far as I knew I was alone.
That is how I ended up here and this is how I will die. My body is dead and my mind and heart slowly dying within me. Thank you for listening to my story and I hope you understand all I had to go through and why.

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