First Day Drama

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a young girl keeps hoping to make her way to a new school.

Submitted: February 22, 2012

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Submitted: February 22, 2012



Blake Waldon
February 16, 2012

First Day Drama

First day of middle school. This is big, new friends, new teachers and a totally new environment. I have to prepare for this, this day has to absolutely perfect. Okay, time to get my uniform out and get ready. Wow, I hope I won’t be nervous all day.

*Getting dressed*

Here comes my mom with her speech, somebody save me from this. I keep telling her I will be absolutely fine, its only middle school.

“But honey I don’t want you to get lost, you have to get on the B train”.
Me, almost being a teenager just tunes her out with the “okay mom” and the typically “I hear you”.

She continues her speech as any worried mom would but as time flies it is time for me to leave. “Have a good day, I love you call me if you need anything”, her final words to me and then I’m off. I secretly felt guilty my mom doesn’t know I’m waiting for my friend at the Frankford Terminal. Some of me wants to tell her, she probably won’t even care she does go to my school. The other half just says my mom is too paranoid, what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her as the old saying says. As I walked through the blocks on the cool September day, my spine shivered. First day of 5th grade, first time being alone, first time really being nervous. Well there’s a first time for everything and I knew this would happen eventually. Pshh, school should be a piece of cake, so I should relax right? Why does it feel like everyone is staring? Do I have a stain? I need to walk a little faster to meet Angela on time.

*Time passes*

Where the heck is Angela? School starts in 30 minutes I don’t want to be late on my first day!! The loud speaker says “B train leaving on track one”, I have been waiting for three trains. Is she coming to school today? Should I leave? I turned around once then back again, there are hardly people out here, I think its time to go. As I walk to the next train coming up, I take a huge breath. The metal doors open and an aroma emerges. Woahh smells like someone died in here. My first two steps on the train. I need to find a good seat and somewhere empty. Ahh there, the perfect seat. “Next train leaving on track two”, that really starts to get annoying. At least I won’t be late but I have a bone to pick with Angela. Oh no this stranger came to sit next to me, I moved here to be alone. Okay, Blake don’t panic its just a person. The train pulls off, first stop: Margaret & Orthodox.

I start to drift off and think about the first time I walked into my new school: Russell Conwell Middle Magnet School. This time I was with my mom, but there were so many people there. I walked through the long hallways, admiring all the beautiful art. The atmosphere was so right, I loved the school. My interview with the principal was very formal. The usual “Why do you want to come here”?, “What can you offer”? and “What are your special skills”? I was not as nervous as I am now, maybe because my mom was right beside me. Now I have butterflies in my stomach.

“Next stop : Somerset” the speaker says. “WHAT”? I accidentally say out loud. I can’t have missed my stop I must have drifted off for three minutes at the most. What do I do???? Right now this is a serious situation and I have to sallow my nerves. “Accuse me sir, do you know how to get to Allegheny train station”? My voice was shaky I know, I just asked a complete stranger for directions. But I think to myself the worst answer he can say is no. Thankfully he says “Your on the wrong train miss, you have to get off and get on the B train, this is the A train. At this next stop, get off walk up the steps and wait for the B train, there will be a sign that says A or B, you better get off now”. After hearing that, I felt like I lifted 1000 pounds off my teeny shoulders. Well, time to get off

*following the directions*

As I wait for the “B train”, I’m still uncontrollably nervous. The train arrives, it says B train; maybe I can still make it to school on time. I step on the train and the next stop says : Allegheny. Thank god for nice gentleman like the man on the train. I’ll be careful not to miss my stop this time, time to get up. Finally, I’m at Allegheny station and school is two blocks away. As I descended down the steps I felt a sense of relief, my morning has been kind of hectic but now things are back on track.

Okay, this is Allegheny Avenue, I remember this main street and I have to walk straight.

*about five minutes later*

Ahhh, Conwell Middle Magnet School, I’m finally here and I have 5 minutes to spare. These people are big to be 5th grade to 8th grade. Let me hurry to the auditorium. “Mastbaum”, what is that? “Welcome to high school new 9th graders and welcome back 10th through 12th, the man in the front said loudly.” OMG not again, I can’t be in the wrong school, this seriously cannot be happening to me right now. I have to go, I have to get to my middle school.

”Excuse me miss, if you try to leave, this will be considered cutting school, the officer at the door said.”

“But sir I’m in the wrong school I am in 5th grade and I belong in Conwell Middle Magnet School”.

“Okay, I’ll take you there in my police car”.

“Thank you Mister, I have no idea how I got lost”.

We start out to the car and I think to myself maybe I should have called my mom. But my mom works so hard, I don’t want her to worry about me. I’m a big girl. In the short car ride, the nice police officer gives me clear, correct directions on how to reach my real school.

“Now, if you past Clearfield Street, you have gone too far, but if you ever end of back here ask for Officer Jones”.

“I will try to follow the directions, thanks alot for helping me out”.

Now, I can finally say I’m here. Uh oh I’m 10 minutes late, let’s see how this day goes :).

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