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Disturbed fry cook.

Submitted: December 22, 2012

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Submitted: December 22, 2012






DOMINIC stands in waiting for the grill top to raise so he can collect the cooked hamburger patties. There are three more people around him; one on the fryer, one on the grill next to him, and another mopping. Both prep lines ate open. both pushing out customer orders as ast as they can. The tensions are high; the crew is in the middle of lunch rush.

Out front all three registers are busy the lines are long, and the lobby is packed. Customers stand around impatently waiting to place orders. Managers run in a rush between the registers and drive thru yelling at employee's as they go. The grill top raises Dominic seasons the hamburger patties and moves them into the holding tray. As he moves from the grill to the warmer another employee bumps into the tray sending the patties to the floor. 

Dominic stands there for a moment staring at the employee and then the mess on the floor. From behind an manager approaches.


What are you doing, whay are you just standing around?

Get this crap picked up and get some more damn burgers

on the grill.

Before Dominic can respond the manager storms off further back into the kitchen. Dominic bends down and picks up the dirty meat . He stands there after throwing them away watching everyone buzzing around the kitchen in a rush. He stands there contemplating.


What the fuck, why am I sitting here doing this crap?

I know there is more than this. It's ok let them keep 

it up, yep I'll show them.

Dominic puts clean gloves on his hands to get more meat for the grill. Two employee's are standing in front of the cooler talking and ignoring his presence. From the front the manager put his head through an opening into the kitchen.


You still don't have those patties on the grill yet? Was 

my reuest to much for you to understand, do I need to 

write it down for you?

Dominic's vision goes red as he tries to silence his inner thoughts at no avail. 


Got to take a breath, just breath. The shift is almost over;

just get the meat and cook it.

Dominic shakes his head a takes a few deep breaths, before addressing the two employee's talking in front of the cooler.


Excuse me I got to get some meat.

The two employee's do not even respond, instead they keep talking as if nothing else matters. Dominic starts to shake,; the rage building inside. He takes another slow deep breath, but the breathing isn't helping. He throws his arms inthe air; takes of his gloves and throws them on the floor. BAM. Dominic slams his fist hard into one of the metal doors of the twin side fry cooler. The two employee's stop talking and shoot him dirty looks. DOminic starts to shake more. A hand touches his shoulder; he turns fast sweat running down his face, breathing hard.


Hey man calm down, chill out. You need a ciggarrette 

or something; I'll watch the grill for you?

Dominic blinks a couple of times calming down from his rage.


Yeah, I need to get the fuck out of here for a minute.

The employee moves out of the way for Dominic to pass. He walks through the kitchen around the front counter trying to weave through the throng of hungry customers. No one moves as he makes his way through the crowd. Over and over again he is bumped; dirty looks everywhere he feels as if everyone is staring at him. He retreats back to his thoughts.


What the fuck move the hell out of the way. Fuck I don't 

know how much more of htis I can take.

After what seems like ages he exits through the side door.


He calmy removes his visor and pulls a pack of cigarettes and lighter from his front pocket. He enters back into thought.


Great rolled cigarettes, yea these taste like crap, but 

hey what else could happen today.

Reluctantly he places the cigarette between his lips and lights it. He stands leaning against the building trying to clear his mind. A few minutes later he flicks his butt out into the parking lot and re-enters the building. The crowd has dies down a bit and he makes his way easily to the restroom. 


Sitting in the restrooms stahl he goes back into thought.


Man I hate this food it always tears my stomach up. Just one

more thing to add to the day, I....

HIs thought is interupted by the restroom door flying open slamming into the wall. Sitting there he sees to black dress shoes  in front of the stalh door.


Break time huh? Well I didn't know that guess I didn't

get that memo. Your just so productive today. I tell you

what when are done come to the office. I'll have a 

write up waiting for you and then you can go enjoy 

the rest of your day at home without pay.

The shoes disapear; Dominic sits there running his fingers through his hair. He closes his eye's and tries to calm his self down. Thought.


Ok, well this isn't working anymore; guess they want to

see me angry. Alright so be it, they win. I am done with

this jsut wait you mother fucker I got something for you.

He flushes the toilet and before standing he raises his left pant leg and removes the pistol concealed in his sock. With the pistol in his hand he double checks that a round is chambered and the safety is off. He stands from the toilet, pulls his pants up, and tucks his shirt back in. Before leaving the restroom he checks himself over in the mirror making sure his uniform looks right. Thought.


ALright what the fuck let's do it. Just go back into the

kitchen shoot the manager,shoot some co-workers,

hell maybe even use the grill as a weapon. Then I think

I'll sit down and wash the day down with a large coke and 

a meal.

After one more look over he cocks the slide back on the pistol and exits the restroom. 


With a big smile on his face he makes his way back through the lobby to the side door and steps outside.


He stands there enoying the frsh air, and smokes one last cigarette before going back inside.


Dominic flips the sign on the door from open to closed, and disappears back into the kitchen.


BANG, BANG. Screams fill the air then silence.


Dominic sits on a bench style seat with his back against the wall. In front of him on the table sits a tray with his meal on it and the pistol laying next to his drink. There are blood splatters on his face and hands; his once blue shirt now looks tie die with blood. WIth a smile on his face he eats his meal. Thought.


Ahh, that's nice no more noise and a damn good meal. What a way to

end the day!


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