A Beautiful Christmas.

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I was thinking about Christmas... I can't wait until the 25th!

Submitted: December 02, 2012

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Submitted: December 02, 2012



Christmas, a word with many meanings,

To children, a time where Santa delivers gifts,

To adults, a time where the family comes together.

But for all, a time of joy and happiness.


Eight pointed snowflakes deift from dark clouds,

The natural scent of pine, warms the air,

Lights twinkle on dark nights, decorations glitter.

A time of magic, sparkling stars, a radiant moon.


A cosy home, stockings hang over the fire.

The delicious, wafting smell of Christmas dinner.

Laughing, talking, as familes come together.

Torn wrapping paper, litters the carpet.


Christmas is a beautiful time,

It's magic is not defined by money, or wealth.

It is the people, the happiness of the moment.

It's not simply a day, but a celebration,

Of the good times of the year, and the bad.


So this year,

Don't concern yourself with trivial, material things.

Focus on who you're with, the place, the now.

Have a very merry Christmas,

And have dreams of the new year!


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