Out Of The Dark.

Out Of The Dark. Out Of The Dark.

Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry



Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry



Not even death can break the bond of love...
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Not even death can break the bond of love...


Submitted: January 16, 2013

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Submitted: January 16, 2013



My eyes close, the electrical lights blurring into blackness.

Panicked voices fade into a pleasant song.

All is dark, all is silent.

I lie, no longer feeling any pain, just a lightness in my heart.


Then I see a light, more there is a light in my mind,

Then I feel a tugging, and I think I hear a 'snip',

Then I'm free, with languid movements, I turn my head,

I see my pale body lying still, mouth still smiling.


I turn away from the scene, and instead, face the light.

I wasn't just a plain light, it was faceted, like a diamond.

It sparkled, glittered, shone.

With dreamy gestures, I move further into the light.


It's warm and it curls around me.

I can see something ahead, a woman.

She's tall, with golden hair waving down her back,

Her eyes are kind, feathered wings incase her body.

She holds her hand out to me.


I hesiate for reasons I don't yet understand.

For the first time since the light, I feel unsure.

I feel empty, like I'm missing something important.

The woman frowns as I turn away.


Even through the silky light,

I see you.

You're holding my hand, you're crying.

I then feel a violent tugging backwards, away from the light.

You're pulling me back.


I feel your hand around my heart, guiding me back to you.

I follow, glancing back only once, the woman is gone,

But I no longer care, the light holds nothing for me.

I feel like I'm sliding into cool water.


I open my eyes, the light is gone.

All I can see are your eyes, your beautiful clear eyes,

Full of worry and love, deep love.

I feel your hand, wrap around mine.


You lean closer, I feel your breath on my ear,

You whisper tenderly,

'Don't do that to me again.'

I laugh quietly, I wasn't planning on it.

It was your love, your love alone,

That brought me back,

That kept me alive.

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