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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

It was the ninth of September.
It was his birthday.
And it was also the first night of his...

It was the ninth of September. It was his birthday.


We have been friends for only a short time but I was known for being the observant type. I can sense when something is happening with just vague details. I can learn so many things just by looking at the surroundings.

These are the reasons why I knew, without being told to, that the ninth of September was his birthday.

The sun was still asleep when I woke up. Instinctively, I grabbed my phone, which always lies beside me so I can hear my alarm. I don’t know how I managed to type the words without making mistakes even though my eyes don’t want to leave the comforting dark world. I call him 'Onii-sama' because it's Japanese for older brother and since we both love anime, it will be kind of special if I address him that way.


To: Onii-sama

Happy birthday, my dearest brother. You are officially older than me now. Enjoy your day. Love, Eula.

Sent 4:30 am


I pressed the send button and was about to cover myself with my blanket for an overtime in dreamland but I realized… I wasn't sleepy any more.

I did my morning rituals and attended my classes for that day. Tuesday goes to Socio-Anthropology, English, History, and Earth Science. I was agitated being the highest on our English midterms but when I learned my Earth Science result; my excitement fell for about 10%. Oh well, as they say, you can’t have it all.


From: Onii-sama

7 PM at my house later.

Received 1:00 pm


To: Onii-sama

Can’t. Have curfew. You can treat me right now, you know.

Sent 1:01 pm


Too bad my house is an hour ride from the school so I can’t go to his party.


From: Onii-sama

I don’t have enough money.

Received 1:01 pm


Great. There goes my only chance for free lunch.

By 1:30 in the afternoon, we were dismissed. I sent a text to Rhian, my co-member on the Anime Club where Onii-sama and I joined at. Rhian borrowed my Psychology book for her exams. I needed the book back to review for our upcoming quiz. She said she was on the second building but before going there to get the book from her, I asked my classmate, Lindy, to accompany me to the cafeteria because our classes was straight six hours; I'm starving.

Together, we went to the ground floor and later on, we were joined by Ashley and Sebastian. We were sitting silently on our table when Onii-sama passed by. It seemed like he was looking for someone. I was about to call him when my phone vibrated. I checked the message and it was from him, asking me where I was. As far as I remember, I’m not that short. How could he not notice me?

“Matt!” I called him, a little blushing because the others were looking at me.

They know I treat Matthew as a brother but of course they couldn't help but think we might have secret feelings for each other. To my dismay, Matt didn’t notice me so I just texted him with one word.


To: Onii-sama


Sent 1:45 pm


I didn't bother to look where he went off after. It was his birthday but that didn't mean I’ll go easy on him. I'm still his cold little sister.

Ashley and I decided to eat lunch so we went to the counter to buy food. There, I saw Matt again by the corner. I purposely didn't look at his way and pretended I wasn't aware that he was there. From my peripheral, I saw him clumsily stepped back and almost tripped. I couldn't help but laugh though it was subtle enough that only Ash heard it.

“You’re crazy,” she said.

My phone vibrated.


From: Onii-sama

Have you chosen what to eat?

Received 1:48 pm


To: Onii-sama

I lose my appetite.

Sent 1:48 pm


I made a face, knowing he’s watching me. I told Ash I don’t want to eat anymore and settle back to my seat.


From: Onii-sama

You’re sitting with two others.

Received 1:49 pm


To: Onii-sama

Oh? Really?

Sent 1:50 pm


From: Onii-sama

Are you coming tonight?

Received 1:50 pm


To: Onii-sama

Told you, I can’t.

Sent 1:52 pm


“So!” Ash was a bit startling that I couldn't help but flinch. “Tell us about this guy.”

“Guy? What guy?” I confusedly asked while putting my phone down.

“You've been searching, girl. Your eyes are wild. You keep on looking at your phone. Is this about… who was that?”

“Matthew,” Lindy reminded Ash. Great. Bullying.

“Oh yeah. Matthew. What’s going on with you two?” Ash interrogated. Knowing her, she won’t stop asking until she’s satisfied.


“Hey, Eula, want to come with me? Need to pass this to Prof but… you know how he is to others,” Sebastian cut me off, thank you very much. I'm not that good of a liar.

“Yeah, Eula’s such a teacher’s pet,” Ash teased.

“Shut up. I just so happen to be so respectful,” I said.

“Get out!” Ash said while laughing.

"You three go. I'll look for someone to date here. I don't want to just watch the little girl flirt and all."

"Shut up," I just said.

We made our way to the second floor, still of that building. We hesitated on knocking while the professor was lecturing. I gathered up my courage and sympathy to the pleading boy beside me. I was about to open the door when my phone vibrated.


From: Onii-sama

Where are you?

Received 2:05 pm


So he noticed I was gone?


To: Onii-sama

Going to the second building.

Sent 2:06 pm


“What is it, Ms. Salcedo?” Professor Hernandez opened the door, to my surprise.

“I--uhh, Sebastian wants to pass his late exercises. I’m sorry for disturbing your class, Sir.” He glanced behind me where I assume Sebastian and Lindy were both bowing their heads.

“Okay,” he simply said and took the papers I was holding. He then shut the door.

“Thank you!” Sebastian said while pulling my hair.

“Ouch! You’re very much welcome!” I said and smacked his arm as revenge.

“So, where are you guys going now?” Lindy asked.

“I'm going back to the canteen. I think this one has something else to do. She’s been checking her phone all the time,” Sebastian answered.

“Well, yeah. I have to get my book from my friend. Mind tagging along with me, Linds?”

“Sure, I'm about to go home anyway.”

So we parted ways and Lindy walked me to the second building. She left me by the door and I almost bumped into someone when I entered.


It was my turn to be the snob.

“Hey, wait, where are you going?”

He's following me now. I was planning to pretend that I couldn't hear him since I had my headphone on anyway but then we both run into Trixie, another club co-member.

“Oh, hey! Where are you going?” the doll looking girl asked us.

I smiled at her as I remove my headphones. “Rhian’s on the fourth floor with President Coco. Want to come?”

“Sure!” she said and led the way up. I followed her with Matt behind me.

“You said you were here,” he said.

“I am now.”

“Why are you going to Rhian?”

“To get my book back.”

“Then you’ll go home?”

“I told you, I won’t go to your party. I can’t be out that late.”

At last we reached the fourth floor and unfortunately for Matt, Rhian and the others were hanging out inside the women’s room. There’s a space inside it which serves as dressing room or something and that’s where I found them having a pretty gloomy conversation.

I actually have a pretty convincing conscience so I just couldn't leave the celebrant alone. I just greeted the others, took my book back, and then went out with all their eyes following me. I found Matt, busy with his phone, sitting by the staircase not far from the women's room.

“Hey,” I said.

He looked up to me. His usual bed head made me smile. “You really won’t come? There are others who live farther than you do but they would.”

“Well maybe they’re not as young as I am.”

“There’s even a thirteen year old and you’re what… sixteen?”

“Whatever. I don’t even know why there’s a celebration today.”

“Oh really?”


He took out his phone and browsed it for a while before handing it to me. “Then what is this? How come you’re the first one to greet me early in the morning?”


From: Eulalala

Happy birthday, my dearest brother. You are officially older than me now. Enjoy your day. Love, Eula.

Received 4:30 am


Think Eula, think of something convincing. “Maybe it was wrong number.”

“Just admit it,” he said, taking back his phone. He stared at it for another minute before saying anything else again. “Did you wake up early just to greet me?”

“Don’t be so full of yourself. I was preparing for school when I remembered,” I retorted.

“Oh, I see..” a flicker of sadness came to his eyes.

It started raining outside so even though I wanted to go home, I couldn't. No umbrella. So I decided to just talk to this guy who seemed to be down.

Maybe... maybe he’s thinking about his ex-girlfriend. I remembered when he said he’s planning to break up with her. We’ve met only just a week ago then. I was a bit startled that he opened it to me but then again, I was glad he did.

Speaking of...

“Hey, does Britney know me?” I asked.

His eyebrows furrowed. “What? Why?”

“Oh, I don’t know. I was just a little shocked when I opened my facebook account and my notification was full of her likes. She even commented that I was pretty--gorgeous even, so I thought I’d ask you how she actually noticed me amidst all her FB friends.”

“You know, you speak too fast, I can’t understand you.” One of my defence mechanisms is to say things in speed if I’m not really sure the one I’m talking to would like what I’m implying. Right now, I simply want to ask him if he said anything about me to his ex that’s why that girl suddenly flooded me with likes but of course I can’t say that straight.

“Well, I was wondering why she thinks I’m pretty. I mean, I know I might be good-looking on pictures but I’m not that noticeable for someone to suddenly like my statuses and pictures.”

He thought for a second, hard. Then something flickered on his eyes and his look turned into something I can’t explain. “It was you.”

“Me? What is me?” Okay, that came out wrong.

“You were the reason. You were the one she’s referring to.”

“Referring? Where?” I ask as he started searching for something on his phone. I guess it was a message from that diva.

“She was actually trying to make up with me,” he said, still his eyes on his phone.

“Oh, really?” I was… a bit disgusted, actually. I don’t like girls who seem to be pathetic and desperate.

“Yeah, and then,” he handed me his phone which I reluctantly took, “all of a sudden, she said things about giving up. Something or someone made her seem there’s no hope.”

I read the message on his phone.


From: Brit

Well, there’s nothing I can do but give up. She’s something, I must say. G-

Received September 2


“I don’t understand…” I said and gave back his phone.

“You were the reason. She was probably jealous of you. How did you contact her? Did you text her or chat with her? How did you make her change her mind?”

I couldn’t help but curse. I was a bit offended. So he thought I did something to make that girl stop chasing him?

“Did you just cuss?” he was shocked as I was.

“Did you just accused me?”

“Well, you became friends with my sister even though I don’t remember even mentioning her name to you. Like a stalker. I don’t think it’s impossible that you talked to Brit. What did you say?”

“I’m a stalker? Is this some kind of a joke?” I'm trying really, really hard to control my temper. I can actually debate him with ‘If I'm the stalker then how come she’s the one who’s been viewing my profile. I wasn't the one who liked all her posts. She did that to me.' I could also say 'I was there when you told Pres. Coco that your sister Ruth wants to talk to her so of course I learned that her name is Ruth Manalili.'

But I chose not to. It was his birthday. My silence would serve as a gift to him.

“Then how come she started liking your pictures the same time she said she’s giving up?”

Maybe I should ask you, I thought. If you think about it, she wouldn't have noticed me if someone didn't mention me. If Matt’s theory is correct, how did Britney became jealous of me without even knowing who I am... to Matt?

“I remember when you said we looked alike. Maybe her vision is as blurry as yours,” I managed to come up. Again, I hid my disgust to the thought that we look alike. It’s not that I’m conceited or anything. I just hate it when someone tells me I resemble somebody they know, especially if it’s someone’s ex. It feels like every time they would look at me, they would see no Eula.

“But you do resemble each other,” he insisted and I would’ve reminded him of almost twenty people I asked about that who all answered no but then again-- “And it’s not like I’m planning to get back together with her anyway.”

Wait… so what is this fuss all about then? Why do you have to tell me those if you actually don’t care?

Deep breaths, Eula. Deep and calming breaths.

“I’m gonna buy an ice cream,” I said and took the umbrella beside him.

“Hey, that’s mine,” he said and quickly took my phone from my blouse’s pocket. It was just above the hem, if I may clarify.

“And that’s my phone,” I said and tried to take it back but the guy was too tall for his age.

“Go buy your ice cream and I’ll return this later,” he said. I let him do what he wanted to since there are no games or anything on my phone that he’ll have interest to.

Even though it’s raining, I bought an ice cream to calm myself. This is my comfort food and I really need comfort right now. I admit that his words hurt. Calling me a stalker is one thing, and then there goes the accusations. I've never felt like this before.

“Eula?” I looked up from my food to the girl who approached me.

“Oh, Sandra,” I recognized. Another co-member. She quickly gave me a hug because that’s how she always greets me.

“Why are you here?” she asked. I noticed that her eyes were a bit red. Maybe she put on contact lenses earlier.

“Oh, nothing. Just thinking,” I shrugged. She gave me a questioning look.

“About my stupid brother.”

“Oh, baby,” she hugged me again.

She knows I'm upset and even though I'm taller than she is, I feel younger and in need of her comfort. “I always thought you two were meant to be.”

“What?” I laughed at her joke.

“That’s incest.”

“Why? It’s not as if you shared the same blood. You looked good together. There was chemistry.”

“Oh, I hate science,” I joked but she just smiled.

“I know you have curfew but I think you should really come later.”

“I really can’t. I don’t want my grandmother scolding me again about how ‘flirt’ I am.”

She grimaced. “Well, I’m sure your grandmother would understand the circumstances.”

“I’ll try, okay?” I said but we both know that was a lie.

When I went back to where I left Matt, I saw him open a folder on my phone, which was supposed to be locked with a password.

“Give me that!” I quickly said but the phone was out of my reach again.

“What? Is there anything I shouldn't see here?” he asked, teasing.

“Nothing! I just want to have that back,” I said, still trying to reach it.

“What’s with the folder with Talent? Good thing I thought of you being such a weirdo, you used ICE CREAM as password.”

“What the hell, how did you know that?” I’m starting to think he’s the stalker here.

“You’re obvious. And there’s nothing to hide from your big brother, okay? You don’t need to be shy.” Great, he only treats me like a younger sister when he wants something.

“No, you can’t--”

We both stopped; me from reaching my phone, him from stepping back so I won’t reach it. We were at the end of the hallway and I was so glad there wasn’t anyone to see me so close to him. We were inches apart, staring at each other. His eyes had always been beautiful light brown while as mine was weirdly maroon-ish.

“Got it,” I said upon reaching my phone finally, taking the chance that he was distracted. I sighed and hugged my phone. That was close.

“So childish. So what if you can sing? Do you have to hide it?”

“WHAT? So you actually--” He put out his tongue. The nerve with this guy. He’s being childish too! Suddenly, my phone vibrated.


From: Otou-sama

Eula, meet me at the mall.

Received 2:48 pm


“I have to go,” I told Matt.


“At the mall. My dad’s waiting for me,” I said as I take my things.

“Then you can ask him to pick you up tonight so you won’t go home alone.” I smiled.

“You really won’t give up, will you?”

“Maybe,” he said with a smile too.

"We'll see." After only two steps, he called me again.

"Yes?" I looked back.

"Thank you..." His eyes were sadder than ever.


As I walk away, I felt like something was fading away. I heard him say another thing but it was so faint so I wasn't sure that I heard it right.



“I hate the rain,” I said to myself as I was walking towards the jeepney station. No umbrella, remember?
“Um, Miss,” I looked to my right where a guy was following my track. “You can share with me.”
“Oh, great, thanks,” I said and moved a little closer. We reached the stop which unfortunately doesn’t have a roof so the stranger needed to bear with me.
“Where are you off to?” he asked.
“Oh, just at the mall,” I said.
“Great, I’m going on that direction too. I can take you there.”
“No, no, it’s okay. I can manage,” I said with a smile though I haven’t really looked at his face. I was never comfortable with guys.
“But it’s raining and you have to cross the overpass to get to the mall,” he insisted.
“I’ll hope the rain stops before the jeepney gets there then,” I said.
“You know, you’re not the first one I shared umbrella with. There was also this girl from the Tourism Department. She’s so pretty. Then I saw her walking under the rain and I was like ‘What is she doing?’.”
I made a courteous laugh at his story though what I really want to say was ‘Really? She’s so pretty? Do you have to tell me that?’
“I’m Rupert, by the way. I’m from the Education Department,” he said and offered a handshake.
“Eula,” I said and shook hands with him. That was also the first time I looked at him. He looks decent, I must say. “Accountancy.”
“Great, I hate Math,” he said.
“Me too.” But I realized, I hate Matt.
“Oh yeah? Then why are you on that program?”
“Mom’s choice.”
The jeepney came then and we went in. We sat opposite each other and when I was about to get off, I made a courteous nod at him. I was a bit startled when I saw him get off too though.
“It’s still raining,” he said with a smile. Such a Good Samaritan.
“Thanks,” I said as we walk again, sharing an umbrella.

“Well, I do hope I’ll see you again, Eula,” he said.
“Yes, thank you. You can search for my name on Facebook so that I can repay your kindness some time.”
“Oh, don’t bother. I was just doing what I should,” he said. “I think I should go before a friend recognizes you and tell your boyfriend you’re with someone else.”
“Don’t be silly, I’ve never had one of those.”
“You don‘t have friends?”
“I don‘t have a boyfriend.”
“No way!”
I laughed at his reaction. “But you really might have to leave. My father’s coming and he won’t like it if I’m with someone I barely know.”
“Oh, I see. Goodbye then. Take care. My cousin met an accident just around that corner so… be careful.”

“You too.”

I had to wait for an hour because my father needed to go overtime. I sat on a waiting area and went over to what happened earlier.
He might’ve said 'I love you' but for sure it was just brotherly.
I looked up from my sulking and saw a familiar face. “Ate Clarissa?”
“Hi,” she said and gave me a big hug. “Are you okay?”
I couldn’t let go of her. For some reasons, her hug gave me so much comfort, I broke apart all of a sudden.
“Eula? Are you crying?” She was patting my head and it made me sob more.
“I don’t know what I’m feeling,” I muffled.
“It’s all right… You can tell me everything. I’ll listen,” she said.
I put my head up but my tears were still falling. “He’s just so unfair you know. I don’t think he ever cares of my feelings at all.”
“Are you talking about Matthew?”
I nodded.
“Don’t be silly! Of course he did. What made you think of that?”
“Well it may sound petty but hearing him call me a stalker, thinking I took away the chance her ex was holding on even though he knows they’re never getting back together anyway, makes me feel hurt. I don’t know why, but I‘m feeling betrayed. Do I make any sense?”
“Baby, we all know how you feel about him. Why don’t you just admit it to yourself? That way, you can understand why you’re in pain right now.”

Why did I make an effort to greet him so early?

Why do they think I feel something towards Matt that is more than platonic?

Why was I absentmindedly looking for him?

Why couldn't I leave him alone?

Why? What was I feeling?

Why do I want to stay in his eyes?

'As I walked away, I felt like something was fading away.'


“I’m in love with him.”
I’ve always thought I’m such a great observant. I can sense when something is happening with just vague details. I can learn so many things just by looking at the surroundings.
But this time, I wasn’t. Or rather, I made myself believe that my observations weren’t true.
“We know. We all know. It’s just you and him who don’t because you build a wall saying you’ll only treat each other as brothers and sisters. A lot of times, we wanted to slap you both to reality but we know it’s not our business so we just let you do what you want. But now, I just have to. I just have to make you realize at least. You can’t say goodbye to him if you’re still unaware why he can hurt or make you smile.”
I looked at Ate Clarissa, a bit confused. “Why would I say goodbye?”
She was troubled upon my reaction. “Eula, are you going to his house later?”
“No, I’ve told Matt earlier. He can celebrate without me.”
“Earlier? Celebrate?”
“Yeah, I met up with him earlier at school.”
All of a sudden, Ate Clarissa teared up. I panicked, “Oh my, what have I said? What’s wrong Ate Clarissa?”
“Oh dear… You really need to come.”
“What? Why?”

Ate Clarissa personally asked my dad to let me come with her to the party. Dad agreed but Ate Clarissa has to take me home before 10 pm. I was feeling nervous as we enter the subdivision where Matt lives.
“Wait here for a moment,” Ate Clarissa told me so I stayed outside the gate as she talks to the security guard. Matt’s house is big; I can’t help but admire it.
“Eula!” I heard someone call me and there goes Adrian, another co-member who I know lives near Matt’s. He hugged me.
“Hey,” I said weakly. I’ve been hugged so many times today.
“I wasn’t really sure you’d come. I thought you might need a little preparation.”
“Why?” I asked. He became confused too. “And what’s with the goodbye Ate Clarissa told me earlier? Is this some kind of a cliché where he‘s about to migrate to another country?”
“Eula?” another one called me and this time, it’s Sandra. Of course, they’re all here. She hugged me again. “Come, they’re waiting for you.”

As I enter the gates, I noticed the lights from the house. If this was my send off/ birthday party, it would’ve been more alive. The cast was simply white, it almost looked as if…


It was a wake.


Everyone from the club was there, looking glumly at the casket. They noticed my arrival and tears flowed from their eyes.
“What’s happening?” I asked, almost a whisper.
“I’m sorry, Eula. I know you might be in denial right now. You two were so close…” I felt Adrian’s arms around me. I leaned to him. My knees felt weak.
Matt's picture was there along with a lot of flowers. He looked so happy there; his perfect teeth shown as he smiles at the camera. Her sister, who was the nearest to it, looked at me. She suddenly cried again even though it seemed like her eyes were already red.
"You're Eula, right?" she asked as she reaches out to hug me.
That was the first time I’ve seen Ate Ruth in person but I know, I just know, that somehow, we have a deep similarity. The same pain.
“How?” I feel so hollow.
“It was an accident. The driver didn’t hit the break fast enough. He was on his way to school and based on the investigation, he was crossing the street while reading a text from his phone.”
It was an accident.
It was an unplanned and unfortunate event that led into a great despair.
It was something that happened completely by chance.
“Wait… what?” I looked at her intently. “Did you just said he was on his way to school?”
“Yes," Adrian answered. "We received her sister’s text by 8 am. We quickly planned to visit him as soon as our classes were dismissed.”
“Wait, wait-- he can’t be… gone before 8 am. I was with him until 3!”
Everyone’s attention was on me then. I took my phone and looked for the messages we’ve been exchanging. Ate Ruth still had one of her arms around me. “I saw him. He was on the canteen. He was texting me, and then we met on the school’s second building. Wait, Trixie was there. Trixie,” I looked for her familiar doll face among the crowd. She was sitting beside President Coco. “You saw me right?”
“Yes,” she answered while wiping another tear.
“See? It's impossi--”
“I saw you, Eula. But you alone.”
“No!” I frustratingly said. “Look here on my inbox--”
But there was nothing to look at. There’s no inbox. I don’t remember deleting it but… there’s no message from him. And as far as I remember the only one who held my phone other than me was… Matt.
“Well, I was with my mates when I saw him. I’ll call them.” My hands were shaking as I dial Ashley’s number.

“Ashley, remember earlier, at the canteen?”
“What about it?”
“You saw Matt right? We were talking about him because you guys saw him, right?”
“What? No, we didn’t see him. I even said you were crazy because you were suddenly laughing out of nowhere. And you’re looking and calling for Matt even though he’s nowhere in sight.”


Even the strength on my hand left me. My phone almost broke if only someone wasn’t fast enough to catch it as it drops from my hand.
“Eula!” Adrian caught me since I was about to fall too but when I felt his touch, a sudden wanting of solitude rose inside me.
I didn’t know what happened next but I found myself on Matt’s back garden, crouched on the grass. My feet were aching and my hands were shivering. My eyes felt swollen; my voice hoarse.
He’s gone.
I can’t believe he left me.
“So… you were that Eula,” someone from behind me said. “Matthew used to talk about you a lot. You know, he was not that open with her sister so having someone close to that made him a bit… happier.”
Then how can he be this selfish?
The person sat next to me but since he put a little distance, I didn‘t scream at him to leave me alone. “He told me about you the very first day he met you. He said you don’t really look like Britney but somehow you remind him of what he used to see in her. He broke up with her, not because of the distance and time like he’s claiming, but because he found someone who changed his perspective. Britney is the perfect girl but… he thought she’s not meant for him, not anymore. What he wanted was an imperfect girl--a weird girl, who can talk to him comfortably, share the same likes as he has, who treats him with respect.”
So.. I was really the reason why they broke up? So.. Britney has the right to feel jealous? But wait.. why? Why me? How?
“Was it true that you were with him even after…”
The moments earlier flashed.
“Yes,” I answered. “But who would believe such a desperate dream?”
“I would. I do, actually. I think he’s saying goodbye to you. I don’t want to make you feel guilty or anything but… it was your message he was reading when he got hit by the car.”
I couldn’t help but gasp.


He took his phone and browsed it for a while before handing it to me. “Then what is this? How come you’re the first one to greet me early in the morning?"

'Happy birthday, my dearest brother. You’re officially older than me now. Enjoy your day. Love, Eula.'

Think Eula, think of something convincing. “Maybe it was wrong send.”
“Just admit it,” he said, taking back his phone. He stared at it for another minute before saying anything else again. “Did you wake up early just to greet me?”


“I should’ve said yes,” a tear escaped from my eye, “I should’ve gathered the courage to tell him the truth. That was my only chance and I wasted it.” My tears fell like waterfalls. “Why was I so insensitive? Why was I so childish? Why did I let my temper get in the way?”
“I can’t blame you. You didn’t know it was your last chance to talk to him. And Matt had always been not that vocal with his feelings. There are times when he just wants to say that you’re special but then it would came out wrong. Did you get angry at him?"
"Yes... Well, I wasn't angry. I was just a little hurt when he said I was the reason why that Britney gave up on him because as far as I know, I didn't do anything. I hate that feeling."
"I think he was thanking you, actually."
My forehead wrinkled. "Thanking me?"
"Yes. He wouldn't tell you what happened unless he wants you to realize what you have done. You freed him, Eula. You freed him from a stalker."
"Britney was so clingy that she seemed like Matthew's stalker. Even before you came into his life, they already had fights over how possessive Britney is."
"Matthew also called me a stalker..." my answer didn’t sound that sarcastic because of my groggy voice.
"He had fears. Maybe that's also why he was scared of how he felt for you. He's afraid of doing the same mistakes again. But maybe he realized that he has to confess his feelings for you since for the last time. That's why he chose to appear to you when it could have been to anyone from his family."
Regrets flooded inside me. There I was pitying myself when all along, Matt just wants to say...
"His last words to me…" I realized.


After only two steps, he called me again.

"Yes?" I looked back.
"Thank you..." His eyes were sadder than ever.


"No, I don't think so..." the person beside me said before standing up. "I'm sure he said 'I love you'."


I heard him say another thing but it was so faint so I wasn't sure that I heard it right.


I closed my eyes and let my feelings drown me. He loved me. He did. Until death made us part.
"I love him too. I'll love him always."
I heard the person beside me sigh, probably in relief that I admitted it finally.
"We must go back there. Ate Ruth must be worried. She likes you so much, you know. Even though she haven't met you personally until now. Matthew talks about you as if you're the most lovable person he knew."
“Well, all the stories are true,” he said and stood up.
I did too, a little slower since I hurt my feet from running away and I’m still feeling weak.
“By the way, I said you’re text was the last one he read, right? This was the last one he sent though,” he handed me his phone.


From: Matthew
It will rain.
Received 7:15 am


I looked up for the first time.

Submitted: December 21, 2014

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