That Cruise Ship Feeling - A Love Story.

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What is True Love? or Love at First Sight? Are you really destined to be with someone Forever? Yes. Yes. Yes. I Know the Feeling of Love at First sight and i may never see my Love again. 5 Days and a Cruise Ship is all it Took, to Change my Life Forever.

Listen to: The XX - Stars ( while Reading it brings out the Story more )

Please do not Judge me, Im 17 and have never had any real Girlfriends, only alot of Flings. I Like Sex, NOT RELATIONSHIPS. I dont know what Love is, But i also know that what i felt may have been the beginning of Love. I think I Love Her, and thats All that Matters. I wrote this 6 months after i left the Cruise. Have Fun Reading Please (: Please Comment below on what you think of the Story.

Submitted: August 07, 2012

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Submitted: August 07, 2012



From the First Day i met Her. When she walked in the Teen Club with the Neon Lights illuminating the Room, Her Orange Dress amd Cute Short Hair, I knew she was Perfect. She walked in and Sat right next to me, the Not so Shy me came out, & we talked for Hours. The way she talked, her almost country tone. Unbareable Cuteness, I could feel as though we were two people brought together as one.  We were at the Basketball Court, Nighttime under the Moon, on our first Night Together, we Kissed. When i first kissed her i had a Fast heart beat, worried she would turn me down. When we had stopped my heart was beating even faster. The butterflies flew around my stomach like Bees in a Bee Hive. We hungout everynight of the Cruise after that. Just Joking, Smiling, Flirting, and Eating. I remember Just laying in that Beach chair with Her in my Arms, Feeling the Mid-Night Breeze while watching Phantom of the Opera. Her beautiful blue eyes came out in the Lighting around the pool deck. Touching her feeling her soft warm skin, our hearts beated as one.

When i was around her, nothing mattered. Not the future or past, not girls, money, friends, or even family, Only Us. She Smiled, I Smiled. I could be myself around her, knowing she liked the real me, just as i liked the real her. Now that we arent together, it is somewhat like im not whole. When i was with Her everything i knew was completely Clear, Now being without her, my mind is Lost. I have no Focus, i cannot make up my mind, and Every once in a while like now, Her Smiling face Pops up in my head.

I want us to be together again, but i am hesitant to even attempt to talk to her. I feel as though it is a waste of time, she wants to be a School teacher, & i have no current Ambition to do Anything. Theres nothing im good at that i love to do. She lives across the U.S in a whole other World. Im as Lost as Life is Progressing, Oneday I Hope ill be Found. I want this more than Life, to Turn something Real, that Seems logical to be Fake. Love is somewhere in my heart, & right now its coming out. More than anything i want to see her. Maybe tomorrow, maybe in months, or even years from now, but i want to. Her short brown hair & Cute brown Freckles make me Smile everytime i think about them. And above all things, Every moment we had together i will probably remember Forever. Some of those last few words she said to me before i stopped talking to her. \"You may not be Perfect, but you are Perfect for me\". I smile with tears to the sound of her cute nerdy giggle laugh echoing in my head. I hope to oneday be reunited again with her, maybe not as a Couple, but atleast as Friends, I miss her & may love her. But only Time can Save us now. Life will move on and time will fly by, all im hoping is that it flies me into her. Like the Air we Breathe and Earth we Live, everything has a Purpose, and i think, My purpose, is Her.

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