Fuck School? I wanna go to Spain!

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On sunday I'm going to Spain..

Submitted: June 22, 2010

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Submitted: June 22, 2010



I'm going to Spain soon.

Well.. not the REALSpain. The fat German/Englishman tourist part of Spain.. with over prize colas and toasts. A beach filled with big white bellies, speedos,crying kids, donut and fruit sellers, milfs, dilfs, skinny white teenagers sitting in the shadows while listening to music, hot sand, cold water, from where you standto the horizon. It's going to be FUNFUNFUN!Besides the fact that I have to sit in a bus for 36 hours to get there.. anyway.. I'm looking forward to it!

So what do we know about Barcelona? which is the closest city with actual spanish culture. Well, besides the movie, and the fact that a big part of the population in Barcelona are homosexuals.. and they have AMAZINGbuildings like:

Casa Vicens, Palau Güell, College of the Teresianas, Church of Colònia Güell, Casa Calvet, Casa Batlló, Casa Milà (La Pedrera), Park Güell, and Sagrada Família.

Check some of them out! It's madness.

I will be looking forward to find some of these tourist traps, while dodging rapists, gypsies and beggars in the small streets of Barcelona.

  • Size Province: 7.728,38 sq. km.
  • Population Capital: 1,673,075
  • Foreigners: Over 268.000 foreigners live in Barcelona currently.
  • €4.32 EUR for a beer!?

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