Earthly Devastation & Meaning

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It is the year 3028 and humanity is dying. There is no hope. There is no god. There is only nothingness. This short read take you through the mind of a dying man and his opinion in life while living in a society destined for nothing but destruction.

Submitted: September 23, 2013

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Submitted: September 23, 2013



It is the year 3028 and humanity is deprived of food, land, and any formal system of 

Conduct. There is no government, there are no countries, there are just 500,000 dying people struggling to survive. I’ve read the books, and I’ve read the fantasies people dreamed a thousand years ago about my time. I wish it was real. And you would consider it logical, technologies advancing as the years go by but people miscalculated. They didn’t take into consideration humanities irresponsibility and ego.


Around 2500, Africa had been completely abandoned by world powers, and within a few years, Africa’s civilization was lost. All of their governments shut down. Literally, quit. No one knew why at that time, although it was quite obvious, and frankly speaking, no one cared. No law, no police, no nothing. It was literally “Survival of the fittest” in the African continent that to this day is still a mystery. Near 2800, the entire world was plummeting. The four elements were becoming scarce. Our air, polluted. Our earth, scarce of any minerals, our water gone, and the oxygen has become so polluted that the flame of a fire is as cold as ice. The necessities of survival were as scarce as the ink in a pencil. From there, humanity plummeted to the deepest pits of hell, Countries nuclearized each other. Do you know why? Not to steal one another’s supplies. No something you couldn’t even dream up in your worst nightmares. They did it to use up their nuclear arsenal which was collecting dust. Simply to go down with a bang. To cause pain. Billions died. Billions.


Years passed, the strong survived, the weak died and then on 2968, the Middle East, and South Asia’s governments stepped down. From there Europe, Russia, and South America followed in their steps. The entire world had its hopes on the last remaining organized government. New world. (Previously known as North America). America had conquered North America, and then renamed it New World. I still remember the date. January, 1st 3000. The day they stepped down. Do you want to know what they said before they stepped down? “We win, we were the last to step down”.  Such idiocy. The earth is rotting and you still cant suck up your god damn pride.


 There is no god either. Scientists had concluded that in 2138. No afterlife. No hope. Just nothingness. It will come one day. It will come soon. The nothingness will ultimately come. And when it does, will everything that humanity has accomplished be for nothing? Will Martin Luther’s speech to free the slaves be for nothing? Will the first man on the moon have walked on lunar soil for nothing? Will the people that die in the wars be meaningless? If you look at life this way then yes. No matter what era you live in, no matter who you lived as, and what you did. It doesn’t matter. You will die and a new soul will replace you.  Soon this planet that is earth will be forgotten. Did you know science also discovered that in ten more millenniums, the universe will completely disappear? At least until another universe is made. Our universe will be forgotten. A new soul will replace us. A new life.


I will die within a few hours. Within a week humanity will likely be no more. So really, if I’ve realized anything in the 34 years I’ve lived, Its that the universe has no meaning. The only thing that has meaning is your life. The life you live. Give your life meaning, or it will perish just like the people on this planet had. Live. Dream. 


~ FT


Thank's for reading :3 This is the first work I've ever posted online. Comment, tell me what I can improve on. 

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