Sol and Luna

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She wanted to hear a story about how the sun loved the moon so much, that he died every night so she could breathe.

Sol and Luna

Once there was a man named Sol. He lived in a land high above the world, looking down on life, never speaking,never moving, only watching as his light shines down and brightens the world.He was the center, he was the balance. Everything was shining while he was breathing, and every night, his flames would die, and he would say goodnight to the world below.

There was also a woman, a beautiful woman, in a radiant white dress. Her name, was Luna. Every night, while the light was dim, she would awaken and dance around the world. Her lovely blue hair would glisten in the dim light of Sol. To the lively music of the night she twirled around the people below, but her beauty was never to last. For every morning, she had to die as the light returned to shine the world, and Sol awakened.

For years this continuedarrow-10x10.png\", though they never met. Until one day, when Sols light was dimmest, as Luna passed in front of it, glowing in the light. She was gorgeous, her pale skin shining, her blue hair flowing, and her radiant white dress glistening beautifully in the light. She danced towards him with such grace, and on one cheek, she gave him a kiss, and left, without a word. He watched her as she danced away, unable to speak, unable to move, unable to call her name. All he could do, as she dance beautifully away, and disappeared into nothing, was watch.

  Every year he waited and watched for her to come back to him for one more kiss, but he could never see her, for his light was always too bright. But once, only once every year, when his light shined at its dimmest, she would appear for a brief moment, to give him one last kiss, before she left for another year.

He fell madly in love with her, though he knew not even her name, nor her past. He waited eagerly for her to come back, for his next sleep. He did not sleep, never did he lose his light, for he did not want to miss any chance to see her. For over a year he watched, without rest, but she never came. She could not dance in his light, for it was always too bright. One night, he could not take it, he wept, as he gave up hope of seeing his mysterious love againarrow-10x10.png\", he wept,as he fell, resting his eyes finally, after so long of watching.

That night, Luna finally came, her white dress shining, she danced around the world, frantically looking for her shining light. She could not find him, his light had disappeared. She danced around the world, her eyes filled with tears at the loss of her lovely light. She twirled and danced around the dark world, waiting for the light to return, and her shining love to awaken, but when he did, she must die, for the light was always too bright.

Sol awoke again the next morning, he couldn’t give up his search for his beautiful dancing love. He waited and watched, for another year he sat and watched. Everynight he would rest, then awake, hoping to rise to his dancing beauty in front of him. Until one day, when the light was, again, at its dimmest, and she cametwirling around the world, sparkling in the starlight. She ran to him, for she had missed her kisses in the past, and was ready to make up for them.

This was the story of how the sun, and the moon, fell deeply in love. Though they only saweach other once every year, they treasured each moment they were together. Thesun fell so deeply in love with the moon, that he died every night, so that she could breathe.

Submitted: May 09, 2015

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