Loony's day out

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126 was a patient in a mental hospital. Sick of the life there, he made use of an opportunity to sneak out for pizza. The trainee nurse, Nina, joins him, believing that 126 is actually like everyone else.

Submitted: June 01, 2012

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Submitted: June 01, 2012



Loony’s day out

A bed and four walls, this is my executive hotel suite that I have been living for the past few years. It’s called room 126, which is also what my visitors call me. I had a name, but I forgot it, because no one actually uses it.

Click… A man in a while coat and a check list comes in.

“Don’t you people have manners? Knock before you enter!” I shouted at him.

“Oh, sorry, I’m your doctor, in case you didn’t notice.” the man said calmly.

“Hey, I know you. You are the curious guy that keeps asking me all sorts of questions.”

“Yes, I do that to know your condition.”

“I’ve been telling you all this while that I am not crazy! Why wouldn’t you believe me?”

“Um, because you aren’t acting the right way.”

“Just because I love laughing and shouting doesn’t mean I’m crazy.”

“Alright, I’ll go see what I can do.” With that the doctor left.

“Didn’t your mama teach you manners? Close the door after you leave! Hey! Hey!” I shouted at the loser, just because he got a nice coat he can act all mighty with me.

Hey, wait, the door is open, usually it is locked. I’m sick of the room service here, at every meal, they will serve some “healthy” stuff that tastes like goo. I am going out for some pizza.

“Yo babe, I’m checking out, give me my bill please.” I told the receptionist.

She gave me a strange look.

“Your room service is terrible, they don’t even have pizza!”

“Are you a patient?” she asked.

“No way am I patient, I’m going out for my pizza right now.”

“It’s free of charge for a charming guy like you. I know a good place; want me to take you there?”

“That’s great! The streets are way too hard to move about in. They don’t even have little arrows telling you which way to go.”

“I’m Nina, a trainee nurse. Nice to meet you.”

“I’m 126. Nice to meet you too.”

“126? Don’t you have a proper name?”

“I had one, but someone took the little card with my name on it. Now I can’t remember it.”

“I’ll call you Ted, because the characters 126 looks like T E D.”

“Nice one. I had a buddy named that too. He was a nice guy, small furry and quiet. He would listen to my stories all day without complaining about how I am not making sense like others do. He told me he was a bear, but there’s no way he’s a bear, he was just sort of furry. He was really short, so I wanted to share my food with him to make help him grow, but the kind little guy refused to open his mouth, thinking that that there wouldn’t be enough for me.”

“Aw, how sweet. I had a friend named that too, but he got lost and never returned.”

“Oh no... He must be really sad alone.”

“Hey, you are quite sensitive for a crazy guy.”

“I am NOT crazy! I just love to laugh and shout, what’s wrong with that?”

“Sorry Ted, let’s go for pizza.”

“Hahahahaha… PIIIIIII ZAAAAAA Ah hahahahahaha!”

“Hahahahaha… PIIIIIII ZAAAAAA Ah hahahahahaha!”

“Hahahahaha… PIIIIIII ZAAAAAA Ah hahahahahaha!” I chanted all the way. There’s nothing wrong with expressing your joy, right?

“Ted, stop that!” Nina screamed.

“Why can’t I say pizza?”

“Most people think that you are crazy, so you got to show them that you are not. Try to act like a sane person should.”

“Okay, my lady.”

“That’s good.”

“By the way, what do sane people do?”

“I don’t know either, I haven’t seen one in ages.”

“Other than little Ted, you and me, everyone is mad. Take the doctor for example, that guy locks us in rooms like animals, and ticks the same list all over again so many times without bothering to think about our sanity.”

“Yeah, I once thought that life was fun, but now everyone moves to the flow of money. You got to do stuff you don’t enjoy doing to get it. Sometimes I wonder if I am really sane.”

“You are certainly sane.”

“Why do you say so?”

“I am Ted. I am never wrong, ahahahahahahahahha…”

Whack, Nina slapped me.

“I told you that you have to act like you are sane. Otherwise they may bring you back to the hospital.”

“I’ll try.” I said, making a serious face.

Make a serious face.

Can’t laugh.

I can’t take it…


Nina gave a sigh.

We took a seat in the restaurant.

“May I take your order please?”


“Which type of pizza do you want?”

“Pizza flavored pizza.” I said politely, trying to act like a sane person.

“Haahahahahaha…” Nina laughed.

“Hey, who was the one telling me to act like a sane person?”

“Oh sorry, we’ll have the Hawaiian flavor. “

After the waitress left, I felt curious about what had happened.

“Nina, the doctor said I was crazy because I kept laughing, you laughed too, and so are you crazy too?” I asked.

“I am not sure. Laughing is a sigh that you are happy, usually people do not laugh as much as you.”

“Is being happy and enjoying yourself bad?”

“No. Not at all.”

“I know I am not that smart, but I sure am not crazy.”

“Hmm, I used to think that you were, but you just have a different way of expressing yourself.”

“Wheeeeeee! At last, another person understands me. Wheeeee hehehehehehhehe!”

Ah pizza. The stringy cheese that feels warm in your mouth. The guy that denied me this taste should be the crazy one instead.

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