The Ouija Board

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A young girl who finds a Ouija board in her house

Submitted: June 17, 2013

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Submitted: June 17, 2013





The girl was in the forbidden room. The room inside the enormous mansion. Out of all the other rooms this was the one she was not allowed into. This was what she called the haunted room. I was the highest room on the third and top floor of the house. It was a large attic which contained a hallway with several rooms. She was in the back room.

She did not know why she was not allowed in that room. She was always interested on seeing what was on the other side of that door. And now she had found out. The room was dark and it was late into the night. She was down on her knees on her middle of the room. In front of her was a board with letters of it with a yes and a no on either side of the board. She had her fingertips placed on a triangle shaped piece of wood.

It was a Ouija board. This was what she found in the room. She had heard of these things before but never had she used one before. She did not think it would work. She thought about what question she could ask. The most basic question that anyone would ask came to mind.

She hesitated. “Are there any ghosts in here?” she said.

It was silent for a while. Nothing happened.

“I knew this wouldn't work,” The girl said. Then she felt a cold. Like ice was surrounding her. She felt like she was being watched. Behind her was something. She felt something breathing down her neck behind her. She spun around. No one was there. Her heart was pounding. She felt a presence. Like she was not alone in the room.

She heard something move. She looked back at the board. The wooden triangle had suddenly moved when she was not looking. It was over the word YES on the board. She was now very scared. She stood up. It took her five minutes of pacing around the room for her to finally get the courage to sit back down and put her fingertips back on the triangle. To make herself more comfortable she tried to put the light on but it did not work.

She thought of another question.

“Who are you?”

The triangle did not move. It stayed in the same place. Then it slid over to the letters A. . . R. . . T. . . H. . . U. . . R.

“How did you die?”

Nothing happened for about five to ten minutes and she had given up by then. She went down the stairs to have dinner with the rest of her family in the dining room. That might while they had their dinner the girl thought about whether she should tell her family what had happened or not. But after a long time of thinking she finally decided not to. No one would believe her and they would think she was crazy. What if she was crazy? Maybe it was all in her head. She had to be sure.

And so that night when everyone else was in bed she got up and went into the attic. She tried once more to turn the light on but it did not work.

She sat in front of the Ouija board on her knees. She took a deep breath and placed her fingers on the wooden triangle.

“How did you die?” she said.

The triangle did not move. She was almost convinced that it was not going to work until it moved across the board slowly to the letters: W. . . I. . . N. . . D. . . O. . . W.

“What about the window?”

P. . . U. . . S. . . H. . . E . . . D

“Who pushed you?”

M. . . R. . . O. . . S. . . W. . . A. . . L. . . D

Mr Oswald, she thought. That was her great great uncle, Frank Oswald.

“Why did he push you?”

D. . . O. . . N. . .O. . .T. . . K. . . N. . . O . . .W

“What do you want?”

A. . . F. . . R. . . I. . . E. . . N. . . D

“I’ll be your friend.”

It was cold behind her. She looked over her shoulder and there stood a young girl about the same age as her standing there. The specter’s head was clicking side.

“What is your name?” asked the ghost.


“The doors are locked now. We can be friends forever.”


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