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When he was a child, Calvin was infatuated with a girl he called Alice. She insisted on creating a zombie potion, but no one believed her, even young Calvin was skeptical. One day, she decides to show him the drug she created, but an accident occurs and Alice dies while Calvin is left seriously wounded in the hospital. Years go by and Calvin obsesses on finding a zombie potion because of a promise he had made with Alice. Then, one day, a new transfer student comes to his class, who not only looks a lot like Alice, but is named Alice! And even though she insists on never having met. What`s he going to do when she turns into a zombie?
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When he was a child, Calvin was infatuated with a girl he called Alice. She insisted on creating a zombie potion, but no one believed her, even young Calvin was skeptical. One day, she decides to show him the drug she created, but an accident occurs and Alice dies while Calvin is left seriously wounded in the hospital. Years go by and Calvin obsesses on finding a zombie potion because of a promise he had made with Alice. Then, one day, a new transfer student comes to his class, who not only looks a lot like Alice, but is named Alice! And even though she insists on never having met. What`s he going to do when she turns into a zombie?

Chapter1 (v.1) - ALICE LIED

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When he was a child, Calvin was infatuated with a girl he called Alice. She insisted on creating a zombie potion, but no one believed her, even young Calvin was skeptical. One day, she decides to show him the drug she created, but an accident occurs and Alice dies while Calvin is left seriously wounded in the hospital. Years go by and Calvin obsesses on finding a zombie potion because of a promise he had made with Alice. Then, one day, a new transfer student comes to his class, who not only looks a lot like Alice, but is named Alice! And even though she insists on never having met. What`s he going to do when she turns into a zombie?

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She walked toward him hunched over. Time itself seemed to stop. He then realized he wasn't breathing, and his eyes opened wider. She let her arms dangle as she walked closer, every step bringing them closer. It’s because of you, that something like this happened. If only you didn’t exist.

[If only if you had stayed dead...]

She then took another step toward him, and then she was there standing in front of him. She was so close he could have reached out and touched her.

[Maybe this could have turned out different...]

She then put her arms around his middle and threw him closer. She buried her face into his chest, almost as if she was trying to feel the warmth in his body that she had none of. "Thank you, Calvin." She said.

The girl who appeared in front of him, a girl who shoulders a sad destiny. Calvin wanted to save her, he wanted to protect her but in the end it didn’t matter... The things he wanted to hold all fell apart. And it was all because of her...

When I was a child, probably no older than ten, when puberty had just kicked in and for the first time I was realizing the girls in my class were cute, I had a friend named Alice. She was a little different than most girls in my class. She was a hard core zombie fan. She even had a journal on what she thought would make a zombie potion.

Everyone called her a liar for saying that she had found one. But I always liked Alice and sometimes at night we would sit on top of a hill and look at stars together though my dad’s old telescope. He would have given me a nice good whack on the head if he found out. And then one day when we were looking up at the stars...

"Hey, why do you keeping saying you found a zombie potion?" I asked.

"Not telling you because you wouldn`t believe me". She replied. But I was making a mistake that would ruin everything I loved, including her.

"No I will, I will believe everything you will say."

"It because I did invent a zombie potion." she said.

Alice was friend who lived nearby. Actually it was across the street. We played together until sunset, when are parents got mad. We didn’t mind spending time together. It was like a dream, even when other kids picked on us. I really liked Alice and pretty much knew everything about her.

However, I was still continuing my mistake, and kept on pushing her to show me the zombie potion. I should have stopped. Looking back, it was my mistake it all happened.

"But it is hard to believe you, if I can’t see it."

She stood there in arms reach, just like she always did. And when she became her... [Calvin]


"Huh?" I wasn't expecting her to agree and stared dumbly at her. She had hair as black as tar that I would never forget. "I will take you to where I hid it tomorrow. Just don't tell anybody."


The next morning I was traveling through a forest outside of town called the Forest of death. For what was really going to happen, the name truly suited it. We were heading to an abandoned cabin where she did all her research. However, since we both had snuck out, we decided to take a short cut across a pipe next massive waterfall on the side of a dam. The pipe was about a meter wide and was still that fateful gray. A fall to the bottom would crack our skulls open for sure.

Alice had already started crossing across the pipe had already gotten a good few feet across the pipe. "Were crossing here"? Said Calvin.

"The other way will take too long. So unless you’re scared". Said Alice

I had always wanting to impress her, so I stepped onto the pipe. One step after another. I made two mistakes that day I could never undo. One was not turning back here. Pretty soon I had caught up to her, and was only a couple of inches away, just giving her enough space to walk. I decided to pick up my pace in order to seem brave and impress her, but I placed my foot on wet spot on the pipe, which I couldn't see. This was my second mistake. Before I realized it, I had lost my balance on the side of the pipe and fell in. Alice spun around and held out her hand. I could see the fear in her eye. "Calvin!"

She caught my hand, I squeezed her hand but the laws of physics didn’t take my side that day and at that time, just why did I take her hand?

And everything happened in slow motion. Just before we hit the ground I saw her lips moving but I didn’t hear what she said with the wind blowing past my ears. To this day, I still wonder what she said.

When I came too I was staring up at white roof of a hospital bed. A nurse told me Alice was fine in another hospital. The entire time I was there I was thinking how I should apologize to Alice. I thought maybe helping her prove she invented a zombie potion that she would feel better.

But that was all a lie...

And then I found out Alice was dead from falling from the dam. I cried, and cried almost to the point I would pass out. My head hurt, I didn’t know what to do. It felt like I could feel my heart beating. I couldn't `t even apologize to Alice anymore...

And since then I spent my days trying to invent a zombie potion so I could convince others that I had found one.

Ten years have passed. I aimed to be a scientist working for the American government. So I could invent a zombie potion in the best way and to keep my promise with her. To this day I still wonder what she said to me while we were falling. After she died I searched the area many times to find that cabin, but I couldn`t find anything. Just what was she trying to show me? But the fact remained that I killed someone. I want to see her again and apologize, no apologizing doesn’t matter. Alice… I just want to see you one more time…

One night I decided to search the area again where Alice wanted to take me. The forest of death had gotten a little smaller due to more people moving into the city. However, what I was doing was repeating my mistake all over again…

It was late out and a rain storm seemed to be coming. The dark clouds that hung over head didn’t let much light out. Calvin Still hadn`t succeeded in making a zombie potion, but the fact remained that Alice had told him she invented one kept his hopes up of it being possible, even though it was blind faith. The dirt road that he walked with her was still there, except some plants had grown over the side. After searching for a few minutes, his last faint hope had vanished. Maybe it wasn’t possible to make a zombie potion. (I`m sorry, Alice. I couldn`t make the zombie potion…) Calvin realized as he walked back along the dirt road, he didn’t want to apologize to her, he just wanted to see her again. Even if it was just one last time. Only then something wet dripped down his face. He was crying, big fat drop of water fell from his eyes. There was just no more point in trying to invent a zombie potion. He saw the image of them falling, just what did she say to him? This saddened him a great deal, he couldn`t even get to hear the last words she said to him. “Alice… Alice… I`m s… Sorry.” He mumbled under his breathe taking small gasp of air as he said them hoping somehow she would hear him. It was only then Calvin remembered how they fell. It was across a pipe over a dam… That was why he never found the cabin; he had always been searching on this side not across the pipe. Suddenly it felt like the hole in his heart was being filled. Almost as if a new strength filled him.

The pipe across the dam was the same as when he last crossed it. Calvin hesitated to look at it. It felt like an eon passed as if stood there horrified just by looking at this pipe again. His teeth gritted as he remembered the mistakes he had done here. But he had to cross over the pipe to make sure it helped her. Calvin forced his right foot forward and then another. Calvin didn’t want to look down but had no choice. And then he was at the spot he fell. Alice had reached out trying to catch him. But he made that mistake of taking her hand. Calvin couldn`t move, his body wouldn`t listen. His feet were glued to the pipe. He just had to move, he had to make the zombie potion she had invented. When suddenly his placed his foot forward, he was losing his balance. He was falling again. He put his foot one step back in hope it would stop him and keep him balanced. He regained his balance and let out a sigh. (I thought I was going to die!) He thought. But he then noticed he had lost his balance again. The wind blew past his ears with a howl just like that last time but he continued to place his foot one step forward. He let a sigh as he reached the other side of the pipe. He never wanted to cross that thing again. As he walked a little deeper into the darkness he came to a sudden halt. There in front of him was a small building that was made of segment and painted over with white paint that was peeling off. The roof was made of the same material there were lines of windows on both floors. A stair case in the front led to a door that was missing. It welcomed him as he walked through. It was an abandoned hotel called Cabin Lodge. This was the place Alice wanted to show him. The lobby front desk was made out of an old oak and a red carpet was laid on the floor. There was a small chandelier hanging from the roof. A brown couch that had the stuffing coming out in the corners and a coffee table made of glass sat in front of it. The place was filled with cob webs and if that wasn’t all dust covered, everything in sight, even a mirror behind the counter was barely visible. Calvin found his way up a stair case and a door, that was painted green came into view.

Calvin had found in a room upstairs a nice leather couch that only had a few tears, and a nice oak table painted black. This was where the first class people had stayed. As Calvin brushed off the leather couch he noticed something lying on the black table. He blew off the dust to find a black book with the edges torn. He picked up the book from the corners hoping not to touch too much of it and flipped open one of the pages. The smell of an old musty book reached his nose causing him to scrunch up. As he flipped through the pages there was pictures of plants, it was all recorded for something in this manuscript. But Calvin found on the first page what it was


The pages in the book were old and would tear easy, and two of the pages of what was needed for the potion were messed up and couldn`t be read. Of course he didn’t believe it would work until he saw who it belonged to.

Alice Angus

This was the potion on how to create the zombie potion she had told him about. Here it was, he was holding it.

Edison Academy was a school for the states brightest students to attend. The school was made out of a brown brick and stood two stories high. Since the amount of people were smaller than a normal school there was less class rooms. Calvin sat in the corner of class flipping through the pages of the book he had just found. The class room had about fifteen kids, and there was a huge glass window on the wall. A white board that was the size of the wall was in front of the class. A friend from class who sat two seats ahead walked over to him as he flipped another page of the book. “Hey, Calvin! Did you see?”

Calvin looked up from the page in his book, his friend Max was a tall kid with sandy brown hair and his shoulders were raised. He had a narrow small face, and his eyes for some unknown reason would change color. “Hear what?” Calvin replied. “You placed first in the states IQ test. You score was better than Isaac newton.”

“That’s still not good enough. Almost everything in the science field has been figured out. I need to be better than better to figure out something new.” Calvin said returning his line of vision to his book he had just found. A girl who sat behind him then joined in on the conversation and said “You also scored a 100% in every academic. You never made a mistake, so that means you’re pretty close to the best in the world.” The girl who had said this was called Teresa. She had light blond hair and a nice long face with green eyes. She was shorter than most girls her age and right now was wearing a Light blue T-shirt with blue jeans. He ignored her and went on back to reading the manuscript on the zombie potion. It seemed to require a lot of math; Calvin figured most of it out thought through trigonometry. Max then said to Teresa “Sorry, Calvin always seemed to hate girls.” It wasn’t that Calvin hated girls; he didn’t know how to handle them. This was most likely the aftershock of Alice. The sound of the door being kicked open by the teacher Mrs. Kullberg crashed through the room. She didn’t really know how to use a handle and always kicked doors open. It was a wonder how she could teach at a school for geniuses. She was a fat woman with a piggish nose and her hair was curled. Her stomach was too big for the shirt she was wearing and her arms were covered in fat rolls. “Let’s start class now.” She snorted. “But first let me introduce the transfer student.” She continued. Someone else walked into the class room through the door. She was thin, but not too small. Maybe five and a half feet tall, from first glance. She looked about the same age as him, seventeen years old and her hair was as black as tar. Her skin was as white as pearls. She was really pretty and cute. More than either of what he just thought, stunning. She had beautiful silky hair, flawless skin, perfect lips, and long legs. Her stunning image left a shock in everyone’s mind. And then the teacher said, “Her name is… Alice Angus.”

(Alice?) He saw an image in his head of her face when she was seven. A shock ran down Calvin’s spine. His heart beaded faster with every second. His pulse was going crazy, his head hurt. Without realizing it, he shot up from his chair and everyone suddenly turned toward him to his sudden action. (She looks like her… although she looks slightly different. Is this Alice?) The teacher asked him what was wrong but Calvin`s mind was in a whole different world. (No, Alice is dead. But it’s not like I ever saw her body. I was just told she was dead. But it could be…)

The girl who stood in front of the class was the girl who carries a sad destiny and it was all his fault what would happen would take place. Calvin turned up the volume in his voice so she could hear him from across the class. “You`ve been alive all this time?” He asked.

“This is the first time we met.” She replied.

“What…? We knew each other in the past.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about.”

Calvin sat back down in his seat, and returned his daze back to the book he had found in the abandoned hotel. (I guess I actually can make mistakes…) Or was it really a mistake?

Calvin that night returned to the abandoned hotel. He sat in that leather chair with a lantern, his dad`s telescope with a list of the constellations, the book, his laptop and some bowls to try and make the zombie cure in. He also brought other tools he thought that might help in making the zombie potion. “I guess she really wasn’t Alice.” He said as he plopped down into the seat. He let himself sink into the seat as he sat there. (A mistake… That must be it… she’s already dead. But still… I try and try to give up, but it all so suffocating. I wish these memories would just disappear…)

(But I have to do this for her…)

He mixed the plants he had gathered into a bowl until they made a liquid. But there was two pages he couldn`t make out. Calvin had already tried any form of math or science to figure out what the missing plants might be but he couldn`t figure out what it might be. He didn’t know what type of flower he should use. When suddenly there came the noise of someone walking outside. Calvin ran to the window to see who it was. A figure stood outside the abandoned hotel. Just who would come over here in the middle of nowhere? Calvin watched as she walked into the abandoned hotel.

She stood there at the entrance of the building. It was the new transfer student who looked like his childhood friend. They both looked at each other stunned as, why would she come out here to the middle of nowhere? She sat on the other side of the couch. They both were wondering what the other was doing here. Calvin who couldn`t take any more of this atmosphere tried to break the silence. “Umm... Sorry about today… Please let me explain my actions for today. You um… Look like my dead childhood friend.”

“If she is dead then I am not her.”

“That’s why I was shocked. You know at how someone who’s dead could be standing there.”

“I am not your childhood friend, we have just met.” She replied.

But then after that, this awkward silence returned. Calvin then realized he was actually hoping it would be her. But there was no way the girl here sitting next to him could be the girl from his past. And the last hope of her being “her” faded. Calvin felt a rush of disappointment. What happened next stunned Calvin. She got on all fours and crawled toward him. She put her face so close her could feel her breathe. “I`ll do whatever you want! So please don’t tell anyone what happened here.” She said snatching his hand. She squeezed so hard it hurt his hand. She then intertwined her fingers between each other as if she wanted him to promise. Why did she not want him telling someone what happened here? It would be some time before he found out. She pulled back giving each other some space and let go of his hand. She then turned away as if she was embarrassed by her own sudden action. “Why did I do this?!” She said. She pulled her knees up into her chest and buried her face there. Calvin wished he knew what she was talking about. Looking back maybe he should have left her alone here. “Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone about this, so please stop crying he said. She looked up at him. “So what are you doing here?” she asked. He showed her the book on the resurrection drug he had found. he was expecting her to run away after this. “The friend I mistake you for wrote this. It the only way I can think up of saying how I`m sorry. So I just have to do it. But I get the feeling sometimes she wouldn`t be happy if can’t move on and keep doing this…:” he explained. Suddenly she jumped in front of him and looked down at him. “That’s not true! I am sure she wants you to make the drug she invented, So that in way she can still be with you.” she exclaimed. She then put her hand in front of her lower lip and said “Oh ya, I forgot to ask you for your name.”

“Calvin. But I also have to create the zombie potion first.”

“Then let me assist you.”

Calvin was surprised by her sudden question. “Fine.” For some reason Alice got the feeling she had done this before.

Calvin never imagined the girl who shouldered a sad destiny would ruin everything. But nothing ever made sense back then. And everything was just coming to an end… There was never meant to be a happy ending to what was going to happen to her because of one mistake. And the fact Calvin could never save her…

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