Day like this

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a poem about depression.

Submitted: August 01, 2009

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Submitted: August 01, 2009



On a day like this I wish for it to rain

Loud roaring thunder that will drain my cries out,

I need to let it all out

But first I shall tell you what this is all about.

The truth about how pain can kill,

How pain can end with your will to live

How pain can make you want to forever leave.

This is what pain causes to me.

The wish of death,

Something not too hard to believe,

This is what pain causes to me.

“She wants to die?! That’s dumb!” you might think.

But in reality that is just a lie,

There’s more than one reason to want to die.

If you were to put your self in my shoes I would like show you what’s what and who’s who

Who the family really is,

Who “friends” really are…

Certainly not someone they claim to be.

Screams of pain and hurt,

My voice running down the hall

Bouncing from wall to wall.

All these feelings roll up into a heavy steel ball

that crawls up my throat.

They stay there until I can’t take it no more.

Until I start yelling and screaming,

Looking for a knife a gun,

Anything, anyway

To take out, shut off

This miserable life and pain

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