My Life in Monash South Africa 2: Arrival Night

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The night of my arrival in Monash University

Submitted: August 20, 2012

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Submitted: August 20, 2012



Enrolment day completely drained me of all my energy. I was so tired and hungry that I began to see my fat course advisor as a fluffy matress, and my slim toir guide as a sausage. At least I got to use the toilet just in timee before I exploded. I swear, had I waited one more minute, the whole school would have known me as the 'crappy freshman'.

After a long day of walking and writing, my residence was allocated to me and I got on the bus to Honeypark (which is the name of the off-campus accomodation managed by the school). About 5 kilometres away from the Monash campus, Honey Park is a beautiful and peaceful place with houses of prestige. As you'd expect, beauty isn't cheap. Honey Park, out of the 7 Monash residences is the most expensive of them all. Unlike the residences on campus, electricity is paid for by the students after they exhaust the free units given by the school. There is no room heater provided by the school, and the tap water is heated only when the geyser is turned on (which of course consumes a lot of elctricity).

I arrived at my residence and unpacked my things. A pretty young lady came through the open door and said hello. At first I thought, \"I haven't even settled down yet and girls are already all over me\". Ruvimbo was her name and she introduced herself as my R.A (Residence Adviser). DARN IT!. She outlined the rules and regulations, and gave me her number in case of an emergency or inquiry (But I knew she gave me her number cos she was digging me B) Uh huh). I waved her a good night and she exited my crib. I could see my neighbour marveling at the way I work quickly with the ladies. The story continues...

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