The Journals of Maynard Ray

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Professor Maynard Ray, a late researcher of the supernatural world, left his journals to his son as a guide. This is one of the entries.

Submitted: March 22, 2013

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Submitted: March 22, 2013



A dream, is a fabrication of the mind to decieve the dreamer of its reality. Reality is the state whereby elements of life are actually present. Most times, the mind adopts too many fictitious elements that make dreams evidently unrealistic. But when dreams portray a substantial amount of reality and indistinct amounts of unreality, how then is an individual able to distinguish between what is real and what is unreal? A dream caster is one who infuses one's mind with unrealistic elements which will seem very real to the individual. A victim of a dream caster's hoax falls into a deep state of unconsciousness, only to be broken if the dreamer is able to discern the path to their freedom which lies in the dream world. Dream casters employ the use of magic, which as I have mentioned in my previous journal, is a manipulation of the powers of the dark.The process of casting the dream is called Oneirication(from the greek word 'Oneiro' meaning 'dream'). The process involves a predominance of scientific explicabilities. Firstly, the DMT of the targeted individual is acquired (DMT lies in the blood). Then, the dream caster summons a dream demon which 'scans' the essence of the blood and travels to the individual. The demon creates a link between the target and the dream caster. I also aforementioned in one of my previous jornals that the creation of a link between two humans through a demon is termed daimosyndesmosis (from the Greek words 'daimos' meaning demon, and 'syndesmos' meaning link) The demon fetches memories form the target's mind and sends them to the dream caster's mind. The dream caster formulates a dream by piecing together memories, places, and elements that comprises the target's life experience and knowledge. The dream caster sends the fabricated world to the demon, which then places it in the dreamer's mind. The dream demon also inhabits the dreamer's mind. The spell can only be broken by an exorcism, or by the dreamer defeating the demon in his dream. However, only people with powerful minds are able to defeat a dream demon in a dream world. People with even more powerful minds are impervious to oneirication. Dream casters can be found in all countries of the world. They are however prevalent in the Caribbean regions, especially in Haiti, Barbados, Jamaica and Dominican Republic. Non-Caribbean countries with high populations of dream casters are India, Thailand, Ethiopia and Ghana. ***

Edward closed the journal and exclaimed, \"Well then, I think we need an exorcist.\" He brushed his hair with his hands in despair as he stared at the sleeping lady.

\"We are in the middle of the desert, where the hell would we find one?!\" Allen felt frustrated; she was tired and annoyed at having to carry an unconscious woman - who she disliked - through the desert. She had thought of dumping her there and returning later on for a retrieval if any help was found. But that would be inhuman of her.

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