The Journal of Annabelle Ross- FIRST HALF

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Annabelle Ross is an orphan that gets adopted by a suspicious family. she is desperately trying to get away and find her real mom. Annabelle runs away to find her mother and goes on a exciting adventure. she does all of this while writing in her journal filled with entertaining stories of her life

Submitted: May 08, 2014

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Submitted: May 08, 2014



The journal Annabelle Ross



Overview- an orphan named Annabelle Ross is finally getting adopted! But the only problem is the family is quite shady.  Come along on Annabelle’s new experience in England through the eyes of her journal entries. 



Journal entry 1 – December 14th, 1927



  Today my friend Lucy got adopted. The parents seemed nice, but now im all alone.  All the other girls at the orphanage are mean; they tease me about how I look. They call me albino because im so light. At one time, I believed them, but then I asked Mrs. Janice, our matron, if I was albino and she told me I just have pale skin, but im not albino. My hair is almost a whitish color. The girls tease me about that too. They call me white hair albino. I hate the orphanage. Sometimes I have a silly dream that a magical mom and dad would come and save me from the orphanage. But that dream gets farther and farther away every time I have a birthday at the orphanage. Mrs. Janice told me my mom was a great person, that she was nice and loving. I didn’t believe her. If she was so kind, why did she leave me here?



Journal entry 2- December 25th – 1927


Merry Christmas!  Today is Christmas at the orphanage. Christmas here is never a great one, but I still enjoy all the people coming by the orphanage that are so joyful.  The people bring presents and cookies and Mrs. Janice make hot chocolate.  Ill never forget the one year a myterios women came by in rags and a cloak. She never revealed her face to any of us, not even Mrs. Janice. She brought a small box and said it was just for me.  Inside was a small golden locket shaped like a heart.  None of us could open it to see what was inside, and we still haven’t. All I know is that I’ll never take it off.  It makes me feel special and loved.  Today people brought all sorts of knick-knacks. Bouncy balls, wooden horses, chocolates, and new blankets. Mrs. Penelope, the town baker, brought fresh bread and new dresses. Mr. John, the town shoe polisher, brought new blankets. They were so warm at night, but very itchy.



January 4th, 1928


Today is the 4th day of the New Year it’s also by birthday.  Today I turn 8.  Most of the other girls at the orphanage are 9, and a group of girls is 11.  I feel bad for the older kids. Their chances of ever getting adopted are very slim. To celebrate the occasion, Mrs. Janice baked a cake and she bought me a new doll.  Because my birthday was so close to Christmas, I never get much.  We all got an extra 30 minutes outdoors because it was my birthday.  I wasn’t so glad when bed check came because that meant my birthday was over, the only day anyone ever cared about me. 


January 16th, 1928


I’ve been quite anxious for the past few days. Last week a family came in to look at children to adopt. I saw them looking at me a lot. I have been thinking they might come back to adopt me.  Thought I had seen them before, and decided to ask Mrs. Janice about it. She didn’t say much, except that they have been here before.  Knowing that they had been here before made me cringe for some reason.  Maybe they were going to adopt all the nice kids. Even though I want to leave the orphanage, I don’t want anyone to adopt me. Truthfully, I wish the lady that gave me a locket would come back and adopt me. When she gave me the locket I thought she was my mother but that thought eventually faded away when she never returned. 



January 20th, 1928


Today is going to be a special day. When I awoke from bed, Mrs. Janice came in and told me to pack my bag. At first, I was confused but then I realized what was going on. I was getting adopted! I don’t know what to feel glad to get away from the orphanage or scared to leave. Or maybe I was fascinated they would want to adopt me. I blew the dust of a bag Mrs. Janice gave me, and slowly packed my things. All the girls chanted, “She’s leaving, she’s leaving, the white hair albino is leaving”!  After that, one of the girls came up to me.  She said, “You know, we are going to miss you, miss making fun of you”. Then the other girls started chanting and giggling again. I almost started to cry. I pulled the heavy bag off the bed, wiped my eyes, and then I walked to my new parents. Before I left for good, I whispered to Mrs. Janice that I didn’t want to leave. She softly told me that a better life lies ahead. I nodded my head and walked out the door. All I could think about is al the orphan girls rejoicing inside without me. Outside the people introduced themselves as Mr. and Mrs. Gorge. They told me that’s what I should call them and not mama and papa. They were very rich and their carriage was very fancy. It had gold all over it and red jewels lining the top.  When we arrived at their house, it was very big. As soon as I stepped inside, Mrs. Gorge ordered me to take a shower, and put on brand new clothes. I felt like royalty. That night I got my own room and bed. For the first time I slept the whole night in peace. The blankets were warm and soft, as well as the bed itself.



January 21st, 1928


The next morning I had the biggest breakfast, complete with eggs, bacon, and bread. It was delicious.  Mr. and Mrs. Gorge told me the rules of the house. There was to be no running, yelling, throwing, or jumping inside.  Mrs. Gorge added in that those things were to be done outside.  Then a little boy and girl that looked about my age, walked in. “Good morning Annabelle” they said at the same time. I replied very softly and said good morning. “This is Charles and Emma,” said Mr. Gorge.


January 27th, 1928


Today we are all going to the park. I have become close with Emma. She seems nice. And for the first time in a long time, I actually have a friend and a sister.  We play dolls together and chase Charlie around the yard.  We even have tea parties.  But I feel like she doesn’t tell me everything, like she said she would. Mr. and Mrs. Gorge never talk to any of us. Sometimes I still feel alone here. But I can’t do anything about it now. 


February 1st, 1928


When I woke up this morning, I found a crumbled piece of paper right in the middle of the hallway. I was so anxious to know what it said, I quickly ran picked it up and then ran back to my room. When I read the not e I almost screamed from the terror of what it said. The note said: “you need to save yourself or you will end up like me.” I didn’t know what to do. Was it Emma or Charlie; was it a servant? I have so many questions. Was the note even meant for me?  What did they mean get away?  I didn’t see anything wrong with this family. That’s what I thought until I started looking close. 


February 5th, 1928


After I found that note, I have been very careful of everything. I need to find out who wrote the note. I also could be totally wrong; it could be just a fake note. Emma’s room isn’t up stairs and neither is Charlie’s. In fact, I don’t know where their rooms are. During play time, I asked Emma where her room was. She looked at me very worriedly and ran off. A few moments later Mr. and Mrs. Gorge stormed into the room with all my things in a chest.  They told me to come with them.  We walked down a long hallway to a locked door.  A servant opened the door with a big key.  As Mr. and Mrs. Gorge lead the way, I followed them with Emma close behind.  We walked into a tiny room with 3 beds. “You will sleep down here from now on, and don’t complain else you’ll be outside for the night” said Mrs. Gorge.  I nodded my head and they hurried up stairs, leaving Emma, Charles, and I behind. I almost started to cry.  Emma saw me, she said “oh no! I’m sorry I didn’t mean for this to happen. Mrs. Gorge told me if I ever asked anything suspicious to tell her. If I didn’t she would of whipped me.”  Its alright I said. I didn’t mean it, I felt like I was in the orphanage again. Charles said “you’ll get used to it; it’s where we all have to stay”.  That’s when I said, “What’s going on”? Emma gave me a worried look a started to tell me.


“Oh alright, I’ll tell you, but don’t ell Mr. and Mrs. Gorge, they will whip both of us. Mr. and Mrs. Gorge are thieves.  When Charlie and I became old enough they thought it would be a good idea to use us to help them steal. We steal anything we can get our hands on. Mr. and Mrs. Gorge trained us. I guess you could call us professionals. They keep adopting kids to help them steal.  First, they pamper them, and then they end up down here like us. After we are done with them, we put them back up for adoption.  Soon we will have to start training you whether you like it or not. Don’t tell but our next big job is…ah… we are going to steal from the queen.”

I almost screamed but Emma quickly put her hand over my mouth.

“Shhhh! They could hear you!” said Emma.

Emma went on with her explanation.

“But guess what Annabelle, we never get anything we steal Mrs. And Mrs. Gorge always takes it and keep it or sells it.  That’s why Charlie and I hate it here.  We decided to run away somewhere. You could come with us! We don’t know where we are going yet but we just have to get out of here. 

I didn’t reply I was in too much shock.


February 11th, 1928


Today I start my fifth day of theft training.  I am not very good at it.  When I mess up Mr. Gorge gets mad at me and yells very loud.  He says I need to ready to steal from the queen. He says it will be hard work and will be a very precise plan. At night, I cry myself to sleep wishing I could be back at the orphanage.  I have nightmares from Charlie’s bedtime stories about running away and being on the run after we steal from her.  I dream that I steal from the queen and the capture me. The soldiers put me in the dungeon. Every night I pray to God for him to take me away from here. Then I kiss my locket and go to bed.


February 28th, 1928

Today Emma told me that they were so rich because they stole all the money they had. She said that their family used t be poor and living on the streets. Then she started sobbing. I knew Emma’s pain. It was like when I was in the orphanage, I was all alone and I wasn’t loved by anyone.  Emma told me they would live in the woods once they ran away and eat plants and berries. Charlie said he would miss his hard bed because the ground was harder.  Emma agreed. Charlie and Emma started playing marbles while I went to go practice stealing. Today I did really well but I was not proud of it. I knew it was wrong. That’s when I decided I would run away and live in the woods with Emma and Charlie. 


March 2nd, 1928

Emma, Charlie, and I plan to run away tonight.  We even have our bags packed.  Emma and Charlie decided that the woods were too rough for a girl, so they wanted to go to the abandoned house on Mayriff hill.  I wasn’t sure about going there. The girls at the girls at the orphanage said it was haunted. I heard that if you listen carefully, you can hear the ghost moaning in the building.  I tried to convince them the woods were fine for me, but Emma insisted it was the best place to go.  Nightfall came quickly that night. Luckily, for us Mr. and Mrs. Gorge went to bed quite early. At 9:00 we grabbed our bags a quietly went upstairs and left through the side door.  The door made a loud creak and shut loudly as we exit.  We were sure someone would hear so we darted for the woods. We slept in the woods last night. Charlie brought 2 packs of matches. He lights a fire to keep warm. Each of us slowly dazed off, watching the fire occasionally shooting ambers on the ground. 


March 5th, 1928

The next morning we started our journey to Mayriff hill.  It was about 2 hours away.  Charlie said we would be there by noon.  At half past noon, we reached Mayriff hill.  Emma brought apples for us and we sat in the front lawn and ate crunchy apples for lunch.  It was soon nightfall; we slept on our blankets that we took from our old beds.  I was restless last night, the dead silence of the night made me think of Charlie’s scary bedtimes stories and the haunted house with moaning ghosts.  


March 8th, 1928


It has been 4 days since we have run away. I have barely eaten and I feel dirty from not taking a bath.  Last night Charlie started complaining about missing home.  Emma told him to be quiet and grow up.  After that, Charlie didn’t speak for the rest of the day.  Later that day Emma and I went for a swim. My locket got caught on something and I couldn’t get it off.  Emma helped me and pulled very hard. I felt something release. When I came out the water, I realized what happened. The locket had opened!  Inside was a picture of woman. It might be the woman that gave it to me. I showed Emma and she screamed loud.  Emma said that it was the queen.  I felt a discomfort in my stomach. Was my mom the queen?  


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